Can anyone suggest some good card games for 4 year olds?

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I kind of made up a card game when my kids were little from something I saw once. We called it Horsey Racing since we used plastic horses but you can call it whatever.
2-4 people can play and everyone will need a small token of some sort. As I said, we generally used small plastic horses but once my son grabbed a Lego guy instead. On a table, mark out a starting and ending point (tape or string work well but salt/pepper shakers do too). Everyone chooses a suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) and picks one card from the deck with that suit. Place it just behind the starting line with your token on top. From there, we had two versions. The version when they were really little was draw a card and place it in front of the matching suit. That player gets to move forward onto the new card. The version when they got older was draw a card and you can only play it if it matches your suit and move your marker forward. You can also ask age appropriate questions to bring in a bit of math. (What is that number? What does that card and your last card add up to? Ect) For either version, first token to cross the finish line wins.
I set up a mock game in progress to give you an idea. We don’t have the plastic horses anymore, hence the cat toys.


Go fish if the 4 year old knows his numbers.
Old maid.
You can find age appropriate card games at Walmart, Target or even some of the dollar stores

The snake game i believe from hasboro. Its a matching game where you build snakes. Longest snake wins. My daughter uses to love it!

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Maybe go fish but just the face cards. Or we would turn them face down in a grid and play memory, but not the whole deck, gets overwhelming for them lol

War. Uno. Go fish. Old maid. Crazy 8s. Slap Jack. Candyland. Mancala. The fishing game. Dont break the ice. Skip bo. Uno.

Definitely helps them learn numbers. Turn taking. And slowly but surely “strategy”


Rummy… teaches them to match and place numbers in the correct order … taught both my kids at that age to play , also monopoly a good one to teach young — we use to pay the Pokémon monopoly lol…

Go fish and matching games are primarily what we play with my 4 year old. We tried old maid and uno, but it was a bit much


Memory! My daughter was so good at that game at that age. It builds their memorization skills

Memory card games are good for kids that age! Or uno is good one to play also for kids!

Garbage!!! My son loved playing it!

This would be a perfect time to start checking out TCG’s such as Pokemon, Magic and Yugioh for future investment :slight_smile:


Slap jack. They see a j they get to slap! Still my daughters favorite game and she’s now 7 lol.

Any match games , animal, letters , numbers, old maid , go fish ,

War is pretty easy for young kids to understand. Match games

Apples to apples junior Disney edition

Memory game, gold fish

UNO, Go Fish, Crazy 8’s, Memory.

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Go fish
Slap jack

Old maid, go fish, uno, matching games.

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how about candy land board game

My 4 year old loves slap Jack and war

Memory, Uno, go fish, war

I taught my kids how to count playing 21…

matching card games!

Uno,trouble,candy land,chutes and ladders

Uno, go fish, slap Jack, war

Happy families, snap

I would get them started on simple Pokémon understandings and see if they get hooked enough to take off w it

Match up? I think you can play with a regular deck, not sure.


Go fish Old maid. Then war. It’s what I taught my kids

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Matching card games. Go fish.

Crazy eights, old maid basically both have the same rules, I played this a lot when my granddaughter was this age

I played old maid, go fish and slap Jack with my granddaughter.


I play count to 10. Have them line up in order then Jack Queen king

We use to play slap jack.

My grandkids loved old maid. Slap the ace sniff the deuce, good evening King, good morning Jack and bow to the queen. It’s callled Slap The Ace. Careful not to break the child’s hand when slapping the ace. You’ll never see or hear a kid laugh so much in their life. All you do is share the pack with people playing and discard a card face up in the center of table and follow the instructions above. Lots of arguing, laughing. bawling, goes with this game.Enjoy.

teach them shuffling skills

Go fish, old maids, slap jack.

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Color and shape bingo.go fish and old maid .

All mentioned, but match, I think is the best.

Fish, war, slap jack

Memories game very good

Old Maid. Matching games

Old maid go fish You can buy a hand that is made of plastic to put there cards in so it is easier to play. Little hands have a hard time holding them. Got ours at WAllmart by the cards.

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My 4yo loves playing memory lol

Not necessarily a card game, although you do get a card!! Bingo is always a hit in that age group!

TX Hold ‘em. You’re never too young


Old Maid, Go Fish, War, Uno

Uno is fun n easy n helps them with their colors

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Not really a card game
But match game
You can place the same pics side by side or spread them apart depending on the development level

Go fish, war, Uno for kids. Memory, slap jack

Black Jack teaches them to add upto 21

Dealers choice poker!!

My little guy love UNO!

War. if they can count.

Go fish. Slap jack memory games

We love the classics, Snap, Happy Families, Pairs and then move onto Uno and Top Trumps x

My mum used to drive us a couple of Ks up the road and let us walk home.

Uno teaches numbers and colors…don’t use the word cards

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Hide and seek. They hide. You count to five thousand and then go look for them…

My kid played all their traditional children’s games and by the time she was five she was away is it cribbage because we started are very young

Apples to apples uno phase 10 spot it all card games

Slap jack. At that age, let them slap any face card.

We used uno to help learn colors and numbers

Top trump’s are really fun and they have many different themes. You will certainly find something that interests him :ok_hand:t4:

Memory, but maybe just use 2 suits from the deck