Can anyone suggest some unique baby girl names?

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I totally have a unique name and it was horrible for me ( teachers couldn’t say it or spell it, kids kept making fun of me) I had to give myself a nickname, save your child the time


I have a friend that wrote the book on unique names. She had a lot of kids. She started with Chisholm Trale for her first girl. Then came Cassiopeia. Then Persophne… Then came Prairie Frier. Her girls ended with Malibu and Sky Blue. Many boys too.

Mabel…Mother’s Always Bring Extra Love


Shy children tend to hate unique names because it causes some attention they may resent. Bold children may enjoy them. Good luck.


Riley is a great baby, teen and adult name.
Fun and sweet for 0-21 and professional and serious 21+
And seriously fun too👍🏼

I named my daughter after 3 people. My grandmother Carrie, my husbands (at the time) sister Ellen and his grandmother Amy. I combined nicknames. Her full name is Cariel Amy. Like Ariel with a C.
I grew up being one of 4 Patti’s in every class and hated it.

My grandmothers name was Zonia Elizabeth I always thought it was so beautiful and dignified

Have a look at Welsh names. They are beautiful !

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My name is unique and stands the test of time…Feel free to use it: Naomi Elizabeth​:relaxed::yellow_heart:

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Why unique??? Pick a name that’s easy to spell, easy to remember, easy to say…you will be doing your child a huge favor in life.


Alize…pronounced Ala zA.

Always loved my moms name. Mary Adeline.


Give the child a name people can spell and say ,It’s not about U but your child who has to carry the name .


Scout, Claire, Summer

Iris Jean (my mom’s name) Shirley, Faye, Nelda, Wyvetta (her sister’s names)
I love the name Natalie. My name is Roseila which is a combination of my grandmother’s names…Rose and Ila. Very pretty. I go by Rosie.

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Autumn …I’m unique


Alaska, Canada, Delaney, Havana, Jet, Mallory, Nova, Oriel , Peyton, Geneva, Raven, Sahara, Savannah, Solitaire, Tiffany, Trilby, Waverly and Ziva.

Ayla is pretty or Harper


As a female named Shawn - I have dealt with close to 61 years of being referred to as Mr. Do your child a favor and pick a name that doesn’t cause her to have to correct everyone.


My daughter’s name is Macyn (Mason) just spelled it to make more girly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My granddaughter name is Esme x

They have lots of books for this in libraries.

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My name is unique. Save them the headache and call them something easy to pronounce and write like Emma or Sarah.

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My mother was Afton Louise and her sister, my Aunt, was Cora Dean. They were born in the 20’s.


Oakley Lyric paisley Biloxi

My nephew named his grand daughter, Everleigh


Marya, (ma-rya) Julee, Marsee, Joelle,

Tegan, Everleigh Hadlyn, Mia


Adele. Evie. Hunter. Grace. I just like beautiful names for little girls. Good luck :bouquet:

Look up names of your ancestors.


I have granddaughters named Dayanara(Daya) and Aristala(Aris) and a grandson named Zephrym.

Malia. It’s Hawaiian for Marie


My kids are Xander (boy) and Lennox (girl)

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My daughter’s name is Kaavia

Lorelai,Rory, Lottie, Jewel,Lyra, Paisley,Paris,Jontae,

Jacque, America,Ophelia,Omega,Merilia…to name a few

Peyton, Paisley, Kennedy, Tallulah, Jules

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Mine are Mable and Martha

Willow Abigail Maya. Ivy rose

Raina, Ruby, Rayshell, Cheridan,

Noname sounded as
no nah me

Sue, Dylan, Hank, Joan,

Charis it means beautiful golden eagle

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Tessanne, Lena, Brenna, Mirabella, Cristabelle, Robyn, Dana

Sage, Taya, stevie Taja

Ruby-Jene, Viann-Cecil, Starla-Mae

My daughters are Liberty Bell and Paxton “Paxi” Maryse

My daughter’s name is from the Bible, DANIELLE ANNE (Prophet Daniel and St. Anne- Mama Mary’s mother😊

Nevayah, Ahrya, Kaylee, Harlei, Kenzee Marie, Amara,

My name …
There are very few
I’ve only met 1 other in my life
I’m told I’m very unique !!!

Meridah or Renesme

Brooke Alison, Peyton Rose, Parker Grace

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Aurora, Lucaria, Flora

Eophomia… Effie for short

My mom was named Fredericka Wilhelmina and hated it. My grandfather wanted s boy. My name’s are Dawn Heather Louise. Dawn because I was born at daybreak. Heather was my dad’s girlfriend on the 2nd world war. And Louise is a family name from both sides

names carry a spirit in them. If it fits the personality the name will support the named and if not the name will cause bring the named into loss. So chose a name carefully considering your family .

I named my youngest daughter Edonia Sue. She says nobody can say her name right.

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I loved my nans name it was Christable Moon

I planned on naming my oldest Heather,but when she was born she had a headful of dark hair. She wasn’t a Heather, so we named her Hedi unique we thought. She still says people call her Heddie

I also have a name no one can spell or say and was subject to a lot of teasing! I think it has helped me become an individual but I did not choose to give my kids an unusual name—however people still screw up their simple names!

One of my great-grandmothers was Hattie Valeria. I’ve always thought that was a beautiful name.

I had 2 names picked out for my daughter. Freedom Marie and tokeyna Marie I went with tokens she is going on 45 and she loves her name

My sons name is D’Artagnan Jakob he’s always liked having a unique name I wanted another boy to name Aramis Michael but god only blessed me with 1 son

Reading Class Grade Honor Rolls in the newspaper, it looks like some parents jotted some letters down and called it what they could make out! Poor kids today!

Tanoa pronounced Ta (short a) no a (short a) I have always loved my name.

I think my daughters name is unique

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My oldest is jena but it pronounced Gina

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in 2021 any female name that has no made up multi combos from parents and relatives names or automobiles or hard to spell concoctions would be unique… ie, Sara or Sarah or Sarazahh or Sarcedesqxsixlexusfiniti Mazdnissyotaimpalabac but I think the best unique name is the name selected by the lovely new mother… congratulations on your graduation Class of 2039 Miss Covidda-Stimulusia Washingtondcia😂


My son is CLAYTON. but works for girls too

Willow is so pretty, Marielle, Autumn and Sebring!

Grace is a nice name or violet is a nice name or iris or Gladys my grandma was that and hubby’s was iris

Nevaeh Pronounced ne va ah heaven backwards


Don’t do unique, as a kid that only means you will never find your name on anything and nobody will say or spell your name correctly


I wanted to name my Daughter Heaven Lee but husband said no


Why? They’re already unique :hugs:

My little girl is named Avie after my great grandmother.

Unique is a good name

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My name is Leota Sue after my Choctaw grandmother. I don’t like it I’ve always wanted to be a Susan.

My one friend named her son Nevada

I love the name Sara Faith.

My daughter name is Gwendalise I wanted to name her Jsandra

Adaya is my granddaughter name adaya Jade

Don’t do that to the poor kid.

My daughter is Lyla Rose

Sienna Emira Harmarnie Cery,'s Harriot Savannah

My sisters name was Raewyn Jennifer…

I like Stevie for a girl

My grandfather’s name with Gift Hope…seems more like a girl’s name to me.

I like Laurel Rose & Cassandra, Aaliyah & Karrie it’s different people think I’m saying Terri… Ruthaleen, Gwen and Nina it can either be Nina or mean Neena :slightly_smiling_face:

Moonlit and Diamond and daisy

Aja (pronounced Asia)

Know a lady named Montez…different :woman_shrugging:

Summer, Riley,Lizbeth, Auston

Josslyn, Adelynn, Meliea, Kyrie

Why, r u having one? Ellie

Eden Carys Cerys Kayleigh Eloise

Ila, Eltha, Gladys, and Marion

Ella…Emma…my favorites…

Tyler. Emerson. Elena