Can baby go to bed with a sippy cup?

My son is one, he will wake up atleast twice at night. He doesn’t went held or anything he just wants a drink of water, after I give him a drink he goes right back to bed. I was thinking about putting a sippy in the crib with him. Does anyone else do that? Is it safe?


Its safe, just make sure to get up and change him through out the night.

I think that would be ok. I just wouldn’t put much in it.

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My daughters been sleeping with a sippy cup of water since she was 7-8 months. Never had an issue


Get up and kiss him at the same time it won’t last forever


Don’t do that. Take it from someone who made the mistake of putting a sippy cup in bed with a toddler. It is absolutely terrible to break. I’ve been trying for months and still nothing.

We put a sippy cup with water in crib as well.

My daughter sleeps with hers every night we fill it with water.

I do it every single night.

There’s absolutely no problem with the sippy cup of water…when your child gets bigger and stages out of having a sippy cup you simply move to a small cup of water on the bedside table… Children are no different than adults, we wake up and get thirsty and pasty mouth just as much as children can. More convenient for a child to have access to water near them then have to worry about getting out of bed in the middle of the night and waking you or grabbing one themselves.


As long as it’s just water I see no problem with it

It’s safe as long as it’s a sippy that he/she can drink while laying down, doesn’t have giant holes in it. Make sure to change the diaper at least once or twice a might otherwise you’re going to wake up to a soaked baby or bed or both.

My son takes a sippy of water to bed every night. He wont sleep unless he has one and it HAS to be water for him. He will not take anything else at night. Which I’m not complaining about lol. I personally have to have a bottle of water throughout the night so I think that’s why he likes a drink at night with him is from seeing myself and his dad do it.

I do it with my toddler. Nothing wrong. I only put water in it.

I let mine have a bottle…helped but gave him an ear infection

My 4 yr old has been a water drinker since 10 months old so I always have water bottles with us and she loves having one in her room. Go for it.

My grandson goes to bed with a sippy cup every night. If it was taken away, his parents would never get any sleep😉

At one I have given a cup to sleep with never had a problem taking it away b4 2nd bday with b9th my boys. Ones 12 the others 4

My sons four and has always woke up throughout the night for a drink of water

Sippy cup of water is fine. I do it with my youngest.

I give mine a sippy at bed every night :upside_down_face:

I’ve done it with all mine, but if you are super worried talk his doctor. Just stick to water though. I made the mistake of letting my oldest have a sippy of milk when she went night night and I gave her some rotten spots on her teeth.

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I always did with my kids. Where theres a concern sleeping with a sippy, is when the sippy has milk or something in it, its bad for their teeth. Totally ok with water tho.

Mine has always had a sippy cup but hasnt ever slept with it in her mouth. She wakes up takes a drink and sits it back down.

I’ve never believed in a bottle or cup in the bed with them. If they walked up thirsty then I handle it and back to bed but it’s never a good idea to have something in the bed.

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When my 2yr old was 1 she did that too. Its fine mama.

I did too, it will be fine

I did it. All my kids are older (6 and up) so idk what “new rules” there are as far as the safety of it. I would think water would be fine. I was always told just not milk or juice because it will ruin teeth

I used to leave a bottle right next to my son when he was a baby, so if he woke up, he’d see the bottle and just grab it.
He’s almost 4 now and he still does it, so now it’s just a comfort thing for him.

I do. I think it’s fine if it’s just water

My kiddos (5 and 2) keep a sippy cup of water beside their bed every night.

A sippy cup with only water is fine. Only water though. I learned the hard way about milk rot with my daughter by giving her milk or juice at bedtime. We finally got all her teeth fixed but if I’d stuck to water, she probably wouldn’t have had to go through that.