Can birth control cause irregular periods?

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so yesterday i was prescribed the pill provera for 10 days. I had the mirena iud for a little over a year and got that taken out April 10th. I had a normal period immediately after but I haven’t had any bleeding at all since then. My husband and I are trying for baby number 2 but I have not gotten pregnant yet. Have any other mamas gone through this before? Thank you and have a blessed day!

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I got the mirena after my son was born in July 2017. I got my iud out on June 24 2018 and concieved my daughter on July 23 2018. Just relax and try not to stress. I’ll send baby dust your way!!

I got my mirena out May 2017 and was pregnant June 2017! I’ll send good vibes! :crossed_fingers:t5:

I was prescribed that to stop my period when I had it for 3 months…unsure of other uses for it. But good luck.

Provera usually is perscribed to stop a period. I had to take it for months to no avail before my hysterectomy. Took it to stop the bleeding. I would call and voice my concerns. I also worked in healthcare for years and this is what it was usually perscribed for is excessive or abnormal periods.