Can birth control cause irregular periods?

hello ladies, I am 31 years old female.
had been on birth controls for a year I stopped sometime past year cause I want another baby and ever since I stepped using the birth control I been having irregular periods and this worries me…
I would have my periods like for 18 or 27 days and then I would skip a month I see my doctor had some test done and everything is ok with me, but still, I am scared cause I don’t really know what’s happening and I am scared I might not get pregnant which worries me more. 4 days ago I been having on and off period it came just a little and it stopped then all of a sudden it came down again just a little and it stopped with a little brownish discharge I really need answers I just hope its nothing serious I should be worry about. Thank you.


I am 36 stopped my birth control after being on it since high school had the same issue I now have a beautiful two month old daughter.

Sounds like your body and hormones are trying to regulate! Mine started and stopped and I ended up having to go on the pill for 3 months to regulate my periods and then I was fine!