Can breastfed babies have formula?

This is my 3rd child, and I want to know what you all think would breastfeeding and feeding the baby formula hurt the baby? Like if I’m out and about or with family, it will be on formula or if I’m out with friends.


That’s what I did with both my kids they are healthy


Lots of people combi feed, start young so she will take it aswell as your breastmilk xx

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I don’t see why not just be careful because of nipple confusion the formula may upset their tummy at first because it’s a lot thicker than your breast milk

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It’s really up to your baby. My kids would never drink the formula when I tried.

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My daughter got both in a bottle.

Not even a little bit

I was breastfeeding and supplementing with formula and shes 2 now it’s just trial and error with formula

Lots of breastfed babies are supplemented with formula too. Some even claim to be more like breast milk. I supplemented with my second and did formula during the day and only breast fed at night

You can, you just have to find one that your baby can tolerate, formula can be rough on the belly of babies, If I ever needed formula I always bought parents choice sensitive from Wal-Mart(orange), because Gerber and similac sensitive caused stomach issues. They also have formula for supplementation for breastfed babies. You just have to find one that baby can tolerate and it’ll be ok

Yes they can definitely

Shouldn’t hurt the baby unless baby has a milk allergy or intolerance. Had one that had to use only similac alimentum and now this one can use similac pro advanced, i breastfed them both. I use formula when I am out or can’t get to a spot to breastfeed or when dad has baby alone, so I don’t have to pump

You definitely can, but you may want to try it a couple times at home to make sure baby doesn’t have a reaction to the formula you chose. Also keep in mind that each feeding you miss with breastfeeding may mess with your supply.

I do both, you just aren’t supposed to mix the formula and breast milk.

I did that with my middle son and he would have tummy troubles so at 11 mos I asked his dr about rice or almond milk instead and he gave me the ok to try whole milk. It just depends on the kid but certainly ok to try it.

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Totally fine. I did half and half for 9 months because I didn’t make enough milk and my child had a milk protein allergy.

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We do both, our baby is fine. Just make sure you use slow flow nipples on your bottle so baby doesn’t get too impatient when they nurse, because that can result in pain and frustration for mama.

No you can do both wont hurt baby but might effect your milk supply


I dont produce enough milk so I did both

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I did both… used breast milk to mix w formula instead of water…

Not at all…many women do both

Hurt the baby?? Absolutely not. It may hurt your supply. Have you considered pumping and bringing it along with you if you’re uncomfortable breastfeeding in public or if you’re leaving babe with someone? But strictly for your question formula is perfectly safe if that’s what you want to use

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I did both. Perfectly ok

I supplemented for all 5 of my babies, breast is best but fed is fed and I would keep premixed sealed bottles in the diaper bag for when it’s needed.

Probably cause tummy troubles.
Can you pump, or are you not responding??

I did both for months because I couldn’t produce enough, my LO is thriving and healthy thank god!

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Formula won’t hurt babies - there are many people who only feed their babies formula. (obviously, every baby may not tolerate every type of formula, and of course some babies have milk allergies etc.)

I breastfed my daughter, but had to supplement a bit with formula - we started doing this the day we got home from the hospital. She never had any nipple confusion or any issues breastfeeding and taking formula bottles. I had no supply issues, until she was about 4 1/2 - 5 months old — but that was related to my hormone issues (I have PCOS). While I was able to breastfeed, she was definitely primarily on breastmilk, she would have a formula bottle if I had an appointment or if my husband and I went out (which was rare) or if my in-laws came over so they could feed her once in a while.

You can do both without any problem.

Half and half is quite common.

I did both my baby was fine, do what is best for you and your family

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No It will not hurt the baby. It may hurt your milk supply though. What I do is I pump breastmilk to give when we are out and about.

formula WILL NOT hurt your baby. I couldn’t breastfeed due to medical issues so all 3 of my boys were bottle-fed with formula. They’re all :100: happy and healthy

As long as baby is eating it does not matter

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In our prenatal class, they suggested that your strictly breastfeed until 8 weeks if possible (some women can’t produce enough and need to supplement) and introduce a bottle after so that they learn to latch properly and do not reject being breastfed in favor of the bottle, which can be easier to drink from. Formula will not hurt the baby. It’s jst that our breastmilk is made for our babies whereas formula is created from other things.

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I know it’s a hard decision mama but a healthy baby is all that matters


It won’t hurt the baby. I had to supplement with all my kids

You can try it…but my son refused. I doubt it will hurt baby if he is willing to drink.

I primarily pump and i always kept formula in the diaper bag just Incase i couldn’t pump

You can give both. You can also mix it.

Do whatever you feel is best. Formula won’t hurt bubba. Don’t feel pressured into anything xx

I supplement when I have to with my baby, her doctor says it’s perfectly fine to do both

When my daughter had her preemies they had both in the NICU. It should be fine.

The baby will be fine to have both. I do agree with the comments about hurting your supply though so pumping is a good idea of you want to continue to breastfeed with a good supply. And in my experience with my babies they would not drink formula. Not from me or anyone else. The people that watched them tried and tried and so did I. Made it tough for me and my husband when it came to dates and stuff. So that’s when I started to stash some breast milk in the freezer.

I gave both to start with my son because I wasn’t producing enough. It came dr recommended. Just don’t switch up formula types. Pick one and stick with it.

No but y can u pump???

Not at all. Women supplement with formula all the time.

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No I did it for both my girls

I would pump and store it but yes breastfed babies can be formula fed, it’s just a lot harder on their stomachs

I found with my babies once I gave them formula or bottles they started weaning themselves!
No it will not hurt baby!
My son had bowel surgery at 2 days old at sickkids in Toronto and the NICU encouraged me to keep pumping even though they had been feeding him formula since birth!

Perfectly fine to do both. Do what’s best for you and baby don’t worry about what others have to say about your decisions. I also had to supplement with my daughter bc the doctor was concerned she wasn’t gaining enough weight in the beginning.

:joy::joy::joy:really?! Are you pulling my leg?! No it won’t hurt your baby, it’s safe to use. Ohh gosh…:blush:I so needed this laugh!

I do both with my son. No issues

I plan to do the same, formula/breastfeeding. No hate, all love🧡

It won’t exactly hurt your baby but can cause an upset belly and diahorea, is pumping an option?

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I started to supplement after about 4 months of exclusively breastfeeding. Tryna work, pump, run errands, and take care of my other kid, it gets busy. So start with a small amount because their stomach will have to adjust but they should be fine. Just make sure your baby is digesting it

Just Express milk put in a bottle and give baby that

I like similac suplimentation it doesnt seem as harsh on little ones

No. My great grandmother was a nanny for decades and always swore by using both.

For some babies the combination is hard on their tummy. So a gentle formula is recommended.

My first loved the bottle so much she would only do formula after 7 months and my second wont touch it.

No it wouldn’t hurt :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some breastfed babies have a hard time with milk based formulas. Soy based or goat’s milk is easier on their stomachs. Any formula you get, make sure it’s for sensitive tummies. I had to supplement with one of mine. I used the already made formula that was soy, dumped it into a breast like nipple bottle. It’s not the taste that puts babies off the breast, it’s how easy most nipples are to suck milk out of. Get a bottle system that is for breastfed babies.

Our first had to have formula to supplement, even though he nursed well, he has a super high metabolism so he needed the extra nutrients. Our twins would have formula if we were out and about and had used up any that I pumped and brought with us. All 3 were just fine and their pediatrician approved. Always discuss feeding with your doctor, but you also have mommy instincts and will do what’s best for your baby :heart:

It won’t hurt anything. However you would need to still pump possibly because your milk supply could be depleted. It’s not for sure going to happen. But part of having enough milk is being used on a regular basis.

I would check with doctor. For my second child I did both, she was so big I couldn’t keep up with just breastfeeding

I did both with both my girls… some times you just cant keep up and I pumped with the first and did both with the 2nd… but I always had formula for back up

I had to supplement when my baby was 5 days old and it really messed up my supply and now he refuses to breastfeed. I would say if you’ve had time to establish breastfeeding it shouldn’t be a problem.

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You could just pump and take the breastmilk with you in a bottle.

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We supplemented with goats milk. I read it was the closest to breastmilk.

It’s not going to hurt the baby.

I did both with my 5kids . As long as they eat it don’t matter.


With my first I did both breast milk and formula

Yep had to supplement with my second

Started supplementing and now my milk had almost dried up. :sob: wouldnt reccomend it

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You can alternate …

Get a breast pump if you do formula it taste different so some babies will prefer that