Can CPS Remove a Child (Boy) Who Identifies as a Girl?


“Can CPS remove a child (boy) whose mother dresses him as a girl and identifies him as she?”

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“I would think it would depend on if it was what the child wanted. The end of the question is worded in a way to sound like the mother is forcing it, then it could be considered emotional abuse (I’d think) but even then the child would most likely not be taken but required follow up visits and possibly therapy for the mother to address why she would be forcing the child to be a different gender that they didn’t want to be.”

“If the child identifies as a girl and wants to dress as a girl, there would be no reason for cps to even be involved.”

“If the child identities as a little girl then no, it would be petty to call CPS for that but if it’s against the child’s wishes then yes.”

“I highly doubt it. That is not a neglectful or abusive situation. Typically transgender children and families are in therapy to help the child with their transition.”

“I work with CPS. If the child wants to dress as a girl and be identified as she and the mother is helping “her” then kudos to that momma! If the child is in no harm then there’s no reason for the child to be removed.”

“Are you asking if they can remove the child just because they want to be identified as a girl instead of a boy? If so then no they can’t.”

“If you’re a parent to this child then you have nothing to worry about as long as she is safe and healthy. If you are someone wondering if you can report CPS because you don’t understand/agree with it then you should mind your business.”

“Unless the parent is forcefully dressing up the child as the opposite gender, then no. If the child is a willing participant and CPS sees no form of mental, verbal, or physical abuse, no, they cannot.”

“No- kids have the right to identify how they choose.”

“No! They can’t do that! If it is this child’s wish then they can. If they do they would have one heck of a lawsuit. The only way that they could is if the parent was forcing the child. If the child is wanting to then that is different.”

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