Can I give my toddler melatonin?

Is it okay to give melatonin to a toddler who keeps waking up at night?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can I give my toddler melatonin?

Vaccines can cause sleep recession, look into that

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Consult your child’s pediatrician.

I have been wondering the same thing my son wakes up several times a night

As non medical advice, yes you can, they make 1mg gummies for kids. My son was prescribed it at 10 months. The pediatrician is the one to give you the best answer.

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What does the bottle say? Go by dosage / age, if you ever have a question about medication please feel free to contact your pediatrician to confirm to make you feel better

Are you seriously asking medical questions on a mom group? :joy: Call your child’s doctor or make an appointment to make sure it will work for your specific child - none of us know them or their health needs.


My 4 y/o takes 1ml of melatonin every night prescribed by her doctor. It’s perfectly fine and does her no harm😌 she’s also autistic

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My daughter is gonna be 5 in a few months. I have been giving her the children’s melatonin for yrs. I only give it on work nights and then I don’t do the weekends when I’m off because if not she is up all night till the alarm the next which means she is messing with me all night.

Maybe its to quiet. Turn on a fan. It worked with all my kids and my two granddaughters.

I don’t think Melatonin will help is toddler is waking up at night
I took my daughter to pead and he gave us a script for melatonin he also said it won’t keep her asleep it will only assist in getting her to sleep

You can, the body produces it, I would give all my kids some. It started to give my daughter night terrors. So had to stop… then my youngest started getting worse night terrors. Now they are on sleeping meds. They have insomnia like me… Yay. :roll_eyes::expressionless:

No. Toddlers wake up a night its normal. As long as dr has said its okay but i woudnt be giving my child that without consulting with my gp first.

No. They self regulate. It is like people giving beer or nyquil. They need to self regulate.

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Melatonin doesn’t actually keep them asleep according to my pead it only assists in getting them to sleep.

Yes, you can. My son had gone through a rough patch on sleeping for a few weeks and my pediatrician recommended the children’s one. It’s like 1ml. Worked great to get him back on his normal sleep schedule.

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You can when my daughter was younger she wouldn’t sleep or much and dr advised I could give her melatonin.

Welcome to parenthood. Sleep is sketchy for the next few years!

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Melatonin only helps put to sleep not stay asleep, suggest see a paed

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I am not trying to be that person but you are drugging your baby to alleviate your choice to have a child. Drugging a child asleep teaches nothing. A call to insomnia in the future as well. Not cool.


My son gets melatonin occasionally (3 years old, no naps, still too much energy after bed time) and it gave him nightmares the first few times, so we dropped down from the recommended dosage to ¼ of it, and it gets him to sleep and he has no nightmares.

Regardless of dosage though he’s always woken up still in the middle of the night.

It will help put them to sleep, not keep them asleep.

I would ask your doctor because only they know your child’s medical history, height, weight, family history, etc.

Melatonin doesn’t work for my daughter - her doctor had me try a couple different milligrams and it actually made her very irritable the next day.
Another time it gave her night terrors

Yes , you can !! It’s natural and will not cause any harm or addiction.
You can use it until you get him on a night routine

You’re asking about giving drugs to a toddler on the internet??? Umm call the pediatrician


I seen miracles happen with my friend’s Autistic daughter. She would be running through the house screaming fighting sleep. Melatonin and 30 min later wanted hugs goodnight. I have gummies and pills here that I take occasionally. Completely safe and no drug interactions that I am aware of. But may not work for everyone. We all are made different.

My gbaby got nightmares when he took it.


My son has autism and melatonin didn’t really do much for him. He would wake up with nightmares on low dosages and on higher dosages, it wouldn’t keep him asleep.

you can. some doctors recommend it especially when sleep training/trying to get on a schedule.

also, don’t let her nap late, if at all.

Talk to your Pediatrician

Toddlers wake in the night, they are still young mine were atleast 4 before they slept through, I wouldn’t be giving them anything at that age…


She’s a toddler. Is she hungry? Wet? Cold? There may be a lot of reasons why she’s waking up

Well yes you can. But it doesn’t guarantee that your toddler still wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night. It only helps you to fall asleep. It doesn’t keep you asleep.

Sleep tech here! Please use with caution. Sleep docs dont recommend it being used long term. People CAN actually become dependent on it, like any other substance you put in your body. Melatonin is naturally occurring and if you use a supplement too long, the body wont know to produce it. There could be a number for reason your child is waking. If it continues to be an issue, please refer to a Sleep Doctor, not your general pediatrician.

Consult a Pediatric Sleep Physician!

Definitely call the pedi & set up an appointment to discuss it if you think there is an underlying condition that calls for it.

However, Wake ups at night at normal. Adults wake up during the sometimes but we can address our needs, toddlers are still learning how to & need help. Sometimes they just want to cuddle.

Edit to add- most drs will recommend giving any type of meds by weight instead of age.

Please ask your doctor, not a bunch of strangers online regarding something like this. Melatonin doesn’t work for all and really shouldn’t be used in small kids (I don’t care what anyone says), especially for long-term use. It can throw off the body’s natural melatonin production. Also, night wakings are normal in kids up until around 3 or so, but there could be underlying problems that are causing the wake-ups if this is a new thing that would be better to get checked out than just giving melatonin as a quick fix.