Can I hear some diva cup reviews?

Has any mommas tried the “Diva Cup”? I’m a bit scared to try it but sick of always buying tampons


I love it! I use a cheaper version of it that I found on Amazon. The only thing is you need to make sure you put it in properly and get a good seal, otherwise you get a big ole mess. They have lots of YouTube videos about how to get it folded right!

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I would be super skeptical since your body is removing the old tissues and such and like a tampon, the cups sit there and hold all the nastiness inside of you… plus I’ve heard when you do take it out it’s a big mess. Personally I’d stick with pads or tampons but good luck if you do try it

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If you want something reusable, you can try Party In My Pants or PIMPS. They’re washable pads in super fun patterns. They have a FB page and they usually have a sale going.


Yea! Love my diva cup! Try it! You’ll either love it or hate it! There is a bit of a learning curve though so don’t get discouraged in the beginning!

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Tried it and it is great, but check out other cups on amazon. The diva cup is one of the largest and firmest cups out there. But using a cup is so easy and makes you feel so much cleaner. It is great! I just ordered the Lunette and I may try the Lena sensitive as well. I hated tampons, but the cup does not irritate you at all like tampons do. :clap:t2::+1:

Oh, and once I began using mine, cramps were wayyy less painful and my period was a day or two shorter!


My flow was too heavy to use the cup. All it did was overflow after a half hour and stained my undies and pants.

Love, love, love it! Its a bit messy at first and you need to be comfortable with your body. It can be tricky finding the right fold and spot the first few times. My periods were 8-12 days, 4 days really heavy, lots of pain. I’m down to 5-7 days, much less discomfort and lighter.

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I love love love my cup it’s the blossom cup but does the same thing been using it for over 2 years. It’s not messy once you learn how to remove it. Last all day , no leaks if inserted correctly. And when I used tampons the cramps I would get were horrible with the cup I dont get cramps I wouldn’t ever go back to tampons

I got a cheap 5 dollar cup online from walmart just to try it out. It will be trial and error at first. I wore a pad my first couple days, but once you get the suction and placement right it becomes routine. You cant be scared to get your hands dirty either. Totally worth it in my opinion. Never going back!

I saw a post about how all of their PMS symptoms went away after not using pads or tampons!

I hated them. What a mess. Nope. Back to tampons.

Yes! Go for organic BPA free. Well worth it, start with a small cup and size up if it doesn’t fit rather than the other way round (this does not reflect on the size of your vagina, just the fit to your cervix so Please ladies do not get suckered into feeling bad if a small is not for you - it didn’t fit me and i cried for about three weeks :joy::joy::joy: x

Love it!! Don’t have to think about tampons anymore :raised_hands:

I have a Diva cup, but it doesn’t do well on heavy days so it’s kind of pointless for me at the moment. If you’re going to try it, get the Softcup disposable cups first. They’re much easier to insert, but get you used to the process before you spend more on a Diva cup. Just know that it will be messy (as in, you’ll want a nail brush and if you work outside of the house it might not be ideal). The Softcups will give you a nice preview of that business too!

Best decision. Game changer for your period. Shortened mine as well. Only 4 days from 6!