Can I recieve SSI payments for my 7-year-old with a speech delay?

I want to remain anonymous. Okay, mamas, I have a question, and please don’t think bad of me for the asking. But do you know if I can receive SSI benefits for my 7-year-old who has a speech problem? It isn’t bad, but it’s noticeable, a couple of people have told me to check into it, but I’m not sure if it’s even worth it. But if so the money would help us out so much I’m a single mom of 2; I work full time only getting a little over minimum wage and currently in college


Have your child been evaluated through the school?

SS benefits are for the truly disabled the disability has to effect daily life by more than 75% and by that I mean they require help eating, dressing, showering ect if your child can function without that and goes to school ect they wont qualify…


Definitely check into with the social security administration. You can at least get better health benefits to pay for therapy. Have him evaluated by a doctor and officially diagnosed is the first step. Don’t feel bad or guilty. You pay for the social security benefits through your paycheck, so you would basically be getting back some of what you are paying in. Social security will probably be broke by the time you retire so take advantage now for your child if you can.

No you can’t, go to the SS website…

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I know ppl who got it for speech but not for long because as soon as a therapist say it’s better then they will cut the child off benefits.


Apply, only thing they can do is deny you…

Speech therapy through school


I help people get SSD and SSI. I’m a paralegal. I’m happy to exchange more information about his condition(s) and explain what is needed to meet criteria for the benefit. PM me if you’re interested.


This might help you.

It never hurts to try who knows you may be eligible. Best to you and your kids.:pray::heart:

That’s crazy. It’s a speech delay. As others have said speech through school. That is not what disability is for. I was a single mom went to school and worked very hard. No I didn’t receive any help whatsoever. Why not consider cleaning houses independently. Work hard and it will pay off. Good luck to you.


Go to the school and ask for an evaluation for speech IEP Meeting , they will go thru the school district , and then your child will see a speech therapist afterwards apply for benefits. If the therapist says does have the speech delay.


Just quit your JOB ( Go on welfare ) And you can go to School Free and can get ssi too. Responding for Friend :skull:

Just know that any diagnosis your child gets it remains with them for the rest of their life.


No he wont qualify. Ssi is for a disability i.e. adhd, hearing loss, autism etc


My daughter with3 autoimmune diseases doesn’t qualify. She has celiac type 1 and psoriasis now 12. It would help with the stuff that’s not covered by my work insurance.

See if she qualifies for speech therapy or a low cost program.

My daughter is diagnosed with speech delay, I went through SSI she qualifies for Medicaid which is free insurance but I don’t qualify for money because I make too much. It goes by income so apply and see you never know

No. Get your child the help they need and stop to trying to live off the system. Sincerely a single mom also in college. This isn’t what disability is for and it takes away from those who really really need it to actually live and function. This is what school is for as well since they should have some kind of speech program. SSI has to affect 75% or more because it’s truly a life altering disability!


My son was born with NF1 and fragile X syndrome. He is now 19 and still has a mind of a middle schooler. He went through a lot of therapies when he was younger and I will tell you that I went through it and they said he was not handicapped enough.

Is he in special needs? Do you have to stop working to care for him? So many people abuse the system & get SSI for nothing. A neighbor of ours collected SSI for her son because one teacher said he had ADHD. She collected for years. He was reevaluated & he did not have it. She was taking his meds for his so called condition!!


the application process for SSI is usually quite long, and a lot of people get turned down with the first applicaton. With appeals it can take a few years of persistence. Do you have a few years to pursue this? I suggest you talk to your family Doctor or Pediatrition to find out if the speech delay has been well documented in medical records, and find out if the Doctor will support an application for SSI. If the Doc isn’t behind you, an application is pointless. Applicatons for disability have to show pretty extreme limitation. There may be other funds that can help your child with tutoring or hearing aid, which may help overcome the delay. Has he been tested for hearing loss or a learning disability? The school should be able to do that, or have a referral. When searching for possible programs to help your child, some cities have 211 Information and Referral. Its like calling 411, only you call 211 and you get an information and referral specialist who hopefully will know how to research programs that may help your son. Good luck

I would say to apply if ur child doesnt get approved then they will at least lead you in a direction for assistance in helping his speech… as a mom of a child with special needs I learned how hard it was fast… my son has speech delays he didnt speech his first word till he was almost 4 he also has epilepsy, 15q deletion and hes missing his left frontal lob of his brain… for all of you who have negative things to say you should be ashamed of urself… no one knows the story of another so unless ur going to invest in all the chapters of a book dont bother reading the cover… I wish you the best of luck…

You could to get him evaluated

No it has to affect your daily life. My child is T1 diabetic. It affects life 24/7. Even having to leave work miss pay to run to her school for problems that come up. Even with that SS has a cut off age of 6 years old for T1. Although I didnt apply. SS is not for low income and struggling

Applying for ssi is the only way to find out

There’s no harm in trying, after all you will use it for the welfare of your family not for some drugs.

No that is not a disability for SSI or SSD


I’m also a single mom with a child who has a speech problem, ADHD and worked to support my 3 kids , never once thought to but my son on disability cause he doesn’t have one to me.

Put him in speech therapy, amazing how much that will help him, it helped me when I needed it and has helped me son.

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Speech therapy through the school and state is available to him for free. You can not get SSI as he is not disabled.

In Fl my son was diagnosed with adhd but ssi said it wouldn’t interfere with him getting job therefore no ssi

No. St can come to the school to do therapy so you wont have to use your resources such as car/gas and wont have to take of work to take him to appointments. State insurance and private insurance will pay for the st to come to school

It would have to be a severe impairment to the point that he cannot be understood by most and as you’ve stated “it’s not bad but noticeable” You can try it of course but I wouldn’t count on that.

I don’t think it’s considered a disability, yes he may need some speech classes but he’s still young, and don’t take this wrong but the money goes for the child not to help you out, all monies has to be accounted for, I should know my daughter is legally blind since the age of 2 and had to report yearly

I had this problem with my son I took him to a speech therapist at the public hospital they found a minor problem and fixed it. He is a very good salesman today so sure fixed his speach.
No you are not entitled to any payment for this and by the way I too was a single parent of 3at that time.

My step kid has brain damage and multi other issues. Took 4 years and a ton of specialist to prove he was disabled and not going to be able to care for himself in the long run for him to get SSI. I think if he isn’t reciving anything from department of disablity first that SSI isn’t going to happen.

Iep and speech therapy helped my child. And if its very serious if therapy or a doctor says they won’t grow out of it then… The only thing for that would be ssdi not ssi. I’ve been on ssi for 16 yrs. Ssdi is a little different from ssi. But usually it has to be a severe case also. Getting disability is very hard anymore. So best of wishes… But please talk to your children’s or child’s school and see if they can get him or her enrolled in speech therapy.

Not unless he’s considered disabled, if they determined he was and you where income eligible then he would be approved. I doubt a speech delay would qualify however.

SSI is not easy to get
My daughter has severe ocd and anxiety and depressive disorder and still was denied. I highly doubt a speech delay will allow ssi.


They will send u to a speech therapists and they will determine if he can get it or not

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Featured snippet from the web
To qualify for SSI benefits for a speech or language disorder: A child must be from a family living in poverty. A child must present with speech and language delays that are more than 2–3 standard deviations below the mean. The disorders must persistently affect the child’s ability to function and learn.
Found this online


I doubt a speech delay will qualify for SSI. Quit trying to use a speech delay for free money when there’s kids who have serious issues and still can’t get help.


I dont think you can get ssi for speech delay. I had patients who had autism and they wouldnt qualify. Ask your child speech therapist. They should be able to give you more information.

Its for the kid… Not for you… Js


All of you said what I was thinking

They turn my son down and he’s on a iep

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SSI is for disabled people


I’d imagine no- often you can get free services for a child with a speech delay. If this was the case I’m “owed” a lot back money bc all three of my kids have gone through speech and 2 still are.


I would say no. My son is autistic and he was recently approved. That was after TONS of tests the SS office put us thru and submitting medical records from birth until we applied. You only get SSI for permanent disabilities. Speech delay is not one of those. However, it doesn’t hurt to try.


I’d vote no. Insurance would likely pay for speech thearpy


Unfortunately I doubt it, I’m deaf and don’t even get disability cause I’m not deaf enough (two hearing aids). So is my daughter and she doesn’t qualify.

I think it depends if she falls under the autism spectrum or if she just needs extra attention in speech and can correct it.

IDK who runs this page but they def need to be doing some deleting of all these rude fucks.

Your son wont qualify with a speech delay . My son doesn’t qualify and he has a diag of PTSD still denied after the appeals

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Y’all are some rude people. Didn’t your mama ever teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say to not say anything at all? I mean damn. Just scroll on past the question. It doesn’t make the OP lazy or a leech to ask a simple question.

Probably not. SSI is for disabilities. Like cerebral palsy or something really debilitating to basic functionalities.

SSI is for autisitc children not for a speech impediment.

Talk with the doctor
Sometimes speech can be fixed
But I highly doubt you’ll get SSI for that

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I used to do apps for adults and children. Social Security will most likely not approve it.

Its so hard to get SSI! And they base the check off your income .

No that’s not a disability it’s delayed.The school provides free speech therapy you could possibly get Medicaid if you qualify Which will also pay for the therapy needed.


No. Speech issue is not a “disability”

No… speech therapy… also remember there is still stigmas surrounding those who get such checks unfortunately

Mmmm probably not… im sorry your struggling. But thats not the way to end up on top. Keep going to school and pushing threw. This situation is only temporary.


Why don’t you try signing them up for welfare while you’re at it :roll_eyes:


If people got benefits for a delay in development… many many parents would become super lazy and for sure there would be no ss when we retire.


No because it doesn’t causes you hardships work his care and with help his speech through school for free. My niece has a server speech problem and has long as she does improvement with her speech therapist then she doesn’t get it and hers is some what a medical issue. Just work with him more at home at get him help at school if he doesn’t already have it.

U say “it’s not even worth” getting some type of help, yet u want financial help… Ok then…


If it’s not bad then why use the system ? Single mom or not.


I looked into it years ago and it wasn’t worth it because you could only have up to $4000 total assets for a family of two. You can kiss any chance if saving for your future goodbye. You would be better off checking with your local department of aging and disability dept. to see if there are any programs she would qualify for.

Not for speech delay

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No. Now i have seen people get it for kids with slight learning disability. I don’t really see the point in needing it for a child unless they are disabled to the point the parent needs to leave their job to care for them. Speech is something that can be corrected or at least improved with an IEP in school and speech therapy. My 6 year old had a speech problem from the time he started talking. He is now in 1st grade and with speech help and and IEP at school, you wouldn’t even know it. Almost completely corrected. If you are worried about it talk with the childs school. They will help you get it all setup. Not to be mean but disability is for those that can’t work or support themselves because of a disability. It’s not for parents who need help and have a child with minor trouble.


My 3yr old is in speech therapy through our school district. We’ve been the program since he was 2. They cover transportation and everything.

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My son had a speech delay and learning delay and I didn’t have him on ssi …no need. I took him to speech therapy and had him help at school. He had multiple ear surgeries. Now he’s doing great and smart as a whip

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I would say no. My mom had permanent aphasia after a stroke and didn’t qualify. Um, there aren’t many jobs you can work if you can’t speak.

Your going to get a ton of advice on this post negative and positive bottom line is until you apply noone realy knows the outcome.anyone can apply doesnt meen it will be granted.


I dont think so. I think it has to be a legitimate disability

Stop trying to use your kids to get a check this is insane


Check it out won’t hurt the illegals are getting it


You are going to college and you are not sure if it worth helping his speech or helping his speech only if there is money involved in helping the speech.

Do you realize the richest part of being a parent is seeing your kids be successful in life?

Next time you have sex with another man think is he going to help me raise a child? Maybe try sex ed class before helping your childs speech.

Single and going to college… You dont seem to have a problem getting pregant maybe try a man who has a job so you can get child support. Just a thought. Why arent you collecting child support or do you not know who the dads are?


SSI isn’t meant to help you and your other child. It’s for that child that has been identified as disabled. Appointments, co-pays, special requirements, equipment not covered.
Making minimum wage and raising two kids was a personal choice. Wanting the money more for your benefit than that of the child is selfish.


Probably not. My mom got a little, and she was a single mom of 3, one having mild cerebral palsy. But I know people whose kids have speech delays, and it doesn’t qualify.

My son is in special education for a learning disability, he has a motor function disability, and he also has a sensory issue that we are currently trying to figure out. I wouldn’t sign him up for SSI because I feel like SSI is for severely disabled people who can’t work. Im hoping one day my son will be able to hold down a job. My brother on the other hand is who SSI is made for. He’s severly disabled, cerebral palsy, in an electric wheelchair, can’t walk, has had 12 major spinal surgeries and they still make him jump through hoops to qualify. Don’t use the system you make it hard for people like my brother. He had to prove he was disabled :neutral_face:


No. SSI is for a permanent diaablity. My child has ADHD. I am not running to put her on SSI. I am teaching her how to deal with the world. The world isn’t gonna adapt for her. She has to adapt to the world. How about getting you child. Speech therapy? Read books and poems together at home. It isn’t the government’s job to fund your life. Speech delays isn’t a disability.

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No ssi is for serious issues.

I am almost certain you should qualify for free/low cost assistance for your child. However, I don’t think you’d qualify for income assistance because it’s not that severe and it’s not that much of a hardship. There’s so many programs out there that help single moms, you should be looking into those if you aren’t already using those benefits. Bottom line- you should definitely be able to find a way to get therapy or whatever is needed covered for your child but I doubt you’d get money.

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My brother has autism and gets it but in doubtful about speech delay being enough

My nephew gets a ssi for his speech it is a learning disability according to the speech specialist. My youngest daughter is in speech and is worse off then my nephew and the speech teacher just told me to apply for it for her as well. She is also 7 yrs old. We are waiting to hear back about it now. Good luck. I know it is frustrating bc of everything just keep your head high and remind your child everyday it doesn’t define who they are! I have to remind my daughter of that everyday!

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A speech delay that is “not that bad” definitely doesn’t qualify. I also feel like you know he shouldn’t qualify but want the money anyhow.
If he’s having speech issues he should be getting speech therapy through school. Our son had early intervention until preschool, then the school speech therapist until he was released after 1st grade.
I would focus on helping his speech rather than profiting off of it.


Why? Are you unable to work? Does it cause you to miss work?

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My son had many more problems than that and so do other people’s. Don’t waste SSI just because


Can we delete the bitchy comments please? Maybe she needs to money to help him pay for speech therapy and being a single mom of two and going to college she wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise? And questioning who the fathers are and how many men she’s slept with is none of anyone business


Yes. It would depend on the seriousness of the delay. So if she has gone through years of therapy and still hasn’t progressed she could qualify.


You know labeling your child as disabled is really a selfish move that is a label that will stick with him all because you refuse to work harder.


I would get him speech therapy . a lot of kids have speech delay I dont think this is really something you should be getting ssi for .

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It varies case to case on how severe it is. My son is heavily speech delayed and has SPD and does get SSI. It doesn’t hurt to apply. Just make sure you have all the paperwork from evaluations to the child’s current IEP. My son is getting speech, OT and has a special education teacher to support him, soon a para. You have no chance at getting benefits if the child is not receiving any types of services to help with speech.

My 2 year old is in speech therapy. It goes based off of income and insurance but we only pay $14/month. That includes 1 lady coming once a week (4x/month) and another lady coming twice a month. I wouldn’t get SSI for something that’s “not that bad”. If you still want to try I would actually call and find out from someone who actually works with SSI instead of asking random people on fb. Just my thoughts.

So many of you “mom’s” are so quick to judge everyone else! She’s not saying she’s trying to get money from the state for shits and giggles if she was she wouldn’t have came to a mom group to simply ASK A QUESTION! She would have just went and filed instead of taking the chance of asking before just doing. she needs help to support her child who had a setback it may not seem like a problem for you people who have spouses or other people who throw u money whenever u want or need until your a single mother with noone to help or turn to you won’t understand and if you are one and still are being judgy assholes then u need some help yourself shame on you all that are trying to degrade her or trying to make her feel like any less of a mother for trying to get help and asking a damn question I hope yalls world never is hard cause got knows y’all wouldn’t be able to handle it. As mom’s were supposed to be here to pick eachother up not put eachother down that’s why these mom groups suck cause y’all are here just to fight and be rude instead of helping one another. SMH Judgy bitches I swear.

Please ignore the people who are perfect here.

You can try, basically. Every case is different but there’s no harm in trying.
You can also look into other kinds of assistance.
Good luck to you, momma.