Can I Sue The Doctor?

I have two autistic children both born via C-section. I was 18 when I had my first csection, it was a planned C-section at 39 weeks. Autism doesn’t run in my family or my partners family so it wasn’t even in our radar before their diagnosis. We were completely taken by surprise.
The only thing that I can find a link to my children’s autism is csections. Csection babies are 33.6% more likely to be diagnosed autistic. Had I known this I would’ve waited up to 42 weeks to try and get my son to flip to avoid the C-section and risk factor. Autism was never once mentioned to me by my obgyn. I strongly feel this all could have been avoided had I had natural vaginal births and was able to do direct skin to skin for bonding after birth but no I couldn’t do that they forced me into an early csection all because my son was breeched and they made me have a repeat csection with my daughter since I was only 14 months post first csection.
I don’t think it’s coincidental that the only children in our families to have autism were both born via csection all of our relatives giving vaginal birth don’t have any neurodiverse children. Can I sue for medical malpractice since they failed to inform me of this risk? Studies have shown a link between autism and csection correlations for over two decades this should’ve been mentioned! Now I’m 20 raising two autistic children I just don’t know what to do I want answers

You can sue anyone for almost anything but having the proof to win on suit is hard. Consult a lawyer.