Can kids pee too much?

Today was the first day potty training my daughter. She peed on the potty 15 times is this normal? She only had one accident so altogether 16 pees and 2 poops. Idk if maybe she isn’t finishing when she goes bc she’s so excited that’s she’s going on the ‘big girl potty’ as she calls it or what’s going on. I read 3 yo are only supposed to pee 4 times a day. Every 30 mins she would announce she had to go potty and would go.


I would have her blood sugar tested, at 3 my younger sister was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes and the excessive urination was a huge red flag. Also excessive drinking, and extreme exhaustion. Regardless, I think it is always best to have them checked because that seems like quite a bit for a little one. My sister is now 18 and has tackled Diabetes so I know it sounds scary but it can be managed!


When they first start they are very excited to be going potty on a toilet. They’ll go to the potty as many times as they want even if it’s just a tiny bit that comes out. They’re just excited to be doing a new thing and they love being praised for going. They are proud of themselves as much as you are


I had a little girl go every 5-10 min in my classroom. It’s normal. They are just excited to be on the potty that at any little feeling they say they have to go.


Yes it is, it’s new so she will spend a lot of time there as the newness wears off and she understands her urge to go. They are sure proud to learn something new.


She may be really excited for this new adventure, and happy to please you so she’s going at it hard. Keep track of how much she drinks during the day and remind about 20mins after to potty break.

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She’s excited, and like Alexandrea Daily says, she’s getting to the point where she feels like she needs to understand the urge to go.

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Depends on how much fluid she is getting too.

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Sounds like she is just excited about using the potty. When she goes, is it a lot of pee? Is it a full bladder worth of pee? Is it just a little tinkle? She is probably just not emptying her bladder all the way, and is learning to pay attention to the feeling of needing to potty.


She’s looking for praise- let her have this. It will wind down eventually

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She may not be peeing fully… has she also being drinking for fluids? Totally normal though…

She is excited, if after a week or so she is still going that much then be worried ( is there a lot of pee in the potty ) ? For now be the happiest mom ever that she is doing it !!! Yippee!

I pee at least every hour during the day and every 2 hours on the dot at night, but I’m an uncontrolled diabetic

She’s just excited :joy: think of the last thing you got that you were excited about and how many times you kept looking at it lol

My 2 yr old was like that he always wanted to go on the potty now he holds it to the last min so he can finish whatever he’s doing

First of all, that seems completely normal for a child learning to use the potty lol. My daughter would go about 20 times a day when she was learning lol. But on another note, peeing 4 times a day doesn’t seem right for anyone. I mean, you don’t only change your child’s diaper 4 times a day, so why would you expect them to only pee 4 times a day. A normal small child goes through about 8-10 wet diapers a day, so I would say she should be peeing at least 8-10 times.

Their bladders are tiny and weak. Totally normal.