Can Mirena cause irregular periods?

Hello so i got the Mirena IUD for 10 year so far i had it for 2 and my Cycles have been really off i haven’t had a period for 6 months which i dont get any cramping i just seem to be breaking out around the time i should get my period my question is should i worry about not getting my cycles for that long and has any one been pregnant with the Mirena IUD and thanks :two_hearts:

Its fine but if you are concerned about it you should always ask your doctor not Facebook

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My doctors told me that eventually your period just goes away while on it. Ive only had it for about 3 going on 4 months and still get mine but they are getting lighter and lighter as the months pass.

some with the iud dont get their periods anymore. i wouldnt worry. i havent had mine for a while.

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I’ve had 2 of them and never had a period the whole time I had them

I didnt have mine for 5 years when I had my iud

I havent had mine and going 6 years

I’m pretty sure the Mirena is for 5 years the copper one is 10. And no read about it on the site some people have periods some don’t some get worse. I had mirena 2 times first time I loved it didn’t have periods and this time my son is 19 months I got when 8 weeks and I’m still having periods! I got it so I wouldn’t so now I’m bummed lol

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I havent had a period in 4 almost 5 years with my mirena. It’s part of getting the iud

I’ve got the mirena, and no periods / rare periods.

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I had the mirena for 5, this is year 3. It started out spotty, like the first 6months. Then it dissapeared. My face does tend to break out during the time I should have a period

Had mine for 5 years and only spotted every once in a while

My doctor told me that you eventually stop having your period on mirena iud so it isn’t anything to worry about

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I didn’t have my period for like four years in the five year iud. That’s the best part lol. Your not pregnant, it’s a side effect

I didn’t get a period til my 3rd year with all 3 of the IUDs I have had. Also did not cramp. Broke out a lot though about when I should have started. Never got pregnant with any if the 3 IUDs I have had.

So I too had concerns with the Mirena regarding NOT having my period! I had mine for 5 years & I would very rarely spot or have a very light period, if at all most months. I asked Dr & was reassured that it prevents your body from producing the hormones at the level that cause the effects of a period, so basically its not like your body’s just not getting rid of all the stuff monthly bc its being controlled & not causing the shedding at all. Hope this makes sense!! As far as pregnancy…not ON the IUD HOWEVER…we were trying & just a few months after having removed I got pregnant :wink:

I’m on my second one and never have a period

I had it for 6 years and I can’t have children after it was removed. We have tried for over 3 years now after it came out. I was told I had less than 10% chance of ever getting pregnant again.


I’ve never had one on the iud

Irregular bleeding and no period is very common with IUDs.

Some periods stop on the iud. Im on my second run with mirena (only been in two weeks now which yesterday my period started) i had my period monthly the first time i was on it also the whole 5 years…

I constantly had periods with the mirena. Not just the first year, I had it in for 4 years with constant periods and said forget it and had it removed.

I know a couple people who have gotten pregnant on the IUD. But…i maybe get my period 3x a year…and its just spotting. I have had 2 rounds of the 5 year. Also Mirena doesn’t last for ten years…they have a 3 yr and a 5 yr. Sooo im assuming u have the paragaurd.

I just spot once & a while no periods.

I believe Mirena is only approved for up to 7 years currently since it is a hormonal IUD, and Paraguard which is non hormonal up to 10-12 years . So curious if Mirena is the actual one you are referring to ?

I’m on my 3rd one, no periods the entire time I’ve had it. No problems getting pregnant when i wanted to either.

I had mine for 2.5 years. It wss great. I either didnt have a period or it was very light. Then i got pregnant, was ectopic (but not where ectopics are usually) and i literally almost died. Loved it until then though :upside_down_face:

Yes had my last baby while having the Mirena.

I maybe got a period once after getting it then never had it until I got it removed (no symptoms at all). Now we’re struggling to get pregnant.

I was told it’s normal to not have a period or have a lighter period on the IUD. I’ve only had the 5 yr IUD with the hormones and I’d always have pregnancy symptoms, but was never actually pregnant.