Can my child get a passport without father consent?

How to apply for a child’s passport if you haven’t seen the father for years. I know they have special circumstances. But what if they cannot be located. Does anyone have any success stories that they were able to get a passport without their father’s consent when they’re on the bc, and there no court order stating you have full custody?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can my child get a passport without father consent?

This is a real question because I am in the same exact situation. Any information helps :blush:

It’s a special process you can go through since it’s abandonment for the other parent it’s explained on the application and on the website…… Good luck :+1:t5:

Get a court order stating you have full custody. Rules like this are in place for a reason.

No unless the father parental rights were removed. But I did have my boyfriend signed the passport as he has been the only father figure in his life for a long time

No you have to have their consent of they are on the birth certificate.

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Yes they can same as me and my son hot his passport takes alittle longer but got it in the end

I got my sons without the father’s consent he was on the birth certificate I just put on the application he hadn’t had contact for years (he last seen him when son was 11 weeks old and applied for the passport when he was 8 years old I had no issues )

I’ve called the post office to ask the same question, they told me that they make you fill out a different paper and they investigate but pretty much give you the pp since it’s been years of him not being around!

Unfortunately yes and lately it’s been Kesha why the fuck lol

You don’t need their consent at all tell them you don’t have contact with him or know his where about I was able to get my sons passport without him because I wanted to take him with me to Mexico and they didn’t question nothing after I told them idk anything about him !!

And he’s also on the birth certificate so yeah you don’t need his consent

You only need one parent’s consent.

You can get a paper from job and family showing you have full custody and then you shouldn’t need him

It depends in the state that you live in…I live in the state of florida and here both parents have to sign. If one parent is absent you have to remove right off the birth certificate and the last name… O yea and you have to pay for everything. If they are teenagers at age 16 only one parent has to sign.


If you have sole custody you don’t need them I got my daughter hers. And he still has his rights idk what these people chatting about. If you don’t have custody he has to sign a form in front of a notary giving consent


Nope. I am currently going through this w my bf son. Mom & dad are in different states & we have to fill out this form.

You can more than likely get a passport for the child, but leaving the country is a whole different question. Passports are just forms of ID. Technically if there is not custody order in place, if you leave the country for an extended period of time and the guy wants to be a jerk, he could press kidnapping charges. Even if he hasn’t seen the father in years

I just did this in April. I had to fill out the form for special circumstances. In the bottom half I explained the situation that my ex has been gone since 2014 with no contact at all, and went and extra step to provide papers from child support enforcement that they had closed the case against my ex because they could not find him anywhere to enforce the child support order. My daughter is 15, and he is on the birth certificate. Her passport was approved and we received it in the mail in May. So the answer is yes it can be done, just depends on the special circumstances and how well you explain it on the form I guess.

I have a 15 and 12 yr old and here in California I have not been able to just RENEW their passport without his consent…

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I went in the end of April and they asked us both for id’s and I think as well for bc. I have need told by many ppl that dad has to be there

In Pa if he is named on the birth certificate he has to be there or you need a notarized paper he signed. Also his drivers license. I just went thru this. Although her father is not on her birth certificate. I would guess there would be extenuating circumstances if you have no idea where he is?? Im not sure about that. I didnt need anything of his since he’s not on her’s.
Your best option is to go to a postoffice that does passports. They will tell you everything you need to know

My niece got her sons but she has sole custody

Just a thought, but did you ever consider contacting the authorities in your state???:woman_facepalming:

Not unless they relinquish rights or a judge signs off on it

Every state is different. NYS if there is a joint custody order or birth certificate has both parents listed unless court order saying you have sole custody then yes both parents have to give consent on passport application.

As a passport agent there’s a form you can fill out showing you of attempted to find the father and are unsuccessful but you actually have to make attempts to locate him and get his permission

You just need to open a custody case and have the judge formally give you sole custody.

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Only If the father is not on the birth certificate I just went this with my son

There is a form… just ask at the po

I had to have permission from a father who had never even laid eyes on my daughter. That was almost 20 years ago in NY. Not sure if the laws have changed.

There is a form you can fill out for an absent parent…Parental rights do not need to be removed.

You can apply through the courts

In my situation the judge said he would take jurisdiction over my son and allow him to get a passport without his fathers information

If you plan on traveling soon, and you plan on going through Family Court, then you should start now, because it will take a while, plus the waiting time for the passport itself. When I went through obtaining full custody, the courts gave the “Father” 3 chances to show up, and there was a 1-3 months of waiting period each time for him to show up.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can my child get a passport without father consent?

Nope you have to have his permission

Nope you have to have the full custody

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If he’s on the birth certificate you need his permission if he’s not then you don’t.


Call the DMV and ask because arent they turning our drivers license into passports in order to fly anyway. So if they’re old enough to procure one of those what does it matter at that point? Just saying.

There is a form you can use if the father can’t be located


Do you have full custody of your son if yes he can, if you don’t and it’s joint custody no
he can’t, if he’s over 18 he doesn’t need eithers approval.

Yes you can as long as he’s not on the birth certificate

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You can’t do that because what’s stopping you from staying out of the country? Sorry but it’s wrong to even try.


If you have sole legal custody you shouldn’t need the father’s signature. Also, if he hasn’t been part of your child’s life for several years you can probably petition the courts. Not sure how it’s wrong to even try. Being a single parent of a now 22 yr old if the father can’t make himself day to day then he doesn’t have the right to make that decision.


Technically a mother has all the parental say so unless stated otherwise by a court. Each state has its own laws though, this is my states take on it :man_shrugging:t3:

no you cannot they ask for both parents signature whatever is on birth certificate

Not unless the child is 17

if you have legal custody of him then no you don’t but if you don’t then sadly yes he will need to be present

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You have to have proof that you tried to get in contact with the father. You need to try as many times as you can. The post office has forms forms getting a passport without the other parents consent but an effort has to be made to contact him

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The courts (don’t know which state you are in) in michigan can issue a temporary passport.
Are you requiring a long term one ? Or just something you can take them on a trip with?

I know in several states after three months it’s considered abandonment by the state well here in California anyway look up your laws from where you live

If there is no court order then you can do whatever.

No, you need the father’s permission in writing. If he refuses you can apply for the courts to over rule his decision due to unreasonable grounds.

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I was successful in getting my son’s passport this year. I was in a similar situation (and I do not have sole custody) and I filled out the special circumstances form and wrote a detailed letter. I got it in 3 weeks. Please feel free to inbox me and I’ll be happy to help you out!

I DID IT i got my 14 yo son a passport without his dad signature in the state of NE you have to fill out a form explaining the special circumstances, is always up to them to approve it or denied it …but is worth the try. He has not seen his dad or recieve any child suppport for 9 years.

I Australia I have gotten my kids passports as proven attempts were made to obtain consent

You really should file for full custody even though you have the child he still has rights and if you leave the Country with that child without a custody statement he can force you to bring the child back…

In Pa, I was able to get a court order for my son to get a passport at 13. My exhusband is on the birth certificate and there is a custody order in place. I filled an emergency petition with the courts, the judge heard me and my exhusband who refused to sign passport. And judge ordered me permission to get a passport for my son, without his fathers approval.

I got one for my 13yo with out consent :woman_shrugging: but I also got sole custody after he took off for 2yrs with no contact. Abandonment law in my case

If he’s in the birth certificate you can’t, unless you have a order from the court saying that he doesn’t have any parental rights.


You can in the uk , I did it


I got my 2 kids without dad’s signature and they just asked if he was ok with it

My friend had to file for divorce and give herself full custody even tho they had never been married. She got copies of the forms , filled them out and it only cost her court cost.

Depends on what country you live in. Look up the laws.

Yes in the UK you can xx

Sorry for jumping on this post… My sons dad has been out of his life for 1 year, seen him a couple of times then not bothered again for 2 years this month, he is on the birth certificate, would I need his signature. Because there is no getting hold of him and apparently he’s moved to Thailand. He has no interest in his son at all, his money and new girlfriend are more important. I live in the uk

I sent a cover note explaining we didn’t know where he was and that he hadn’t been in contact for x amount of years and they gave both my girls passports no problem x

In Ireland you can get a form from a solicitor called an affit davis no fathers signature needed to get a passport if father can’t be located and your legal guardian with full custody

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can my child get a passport without father consent?

Is he on the birth certificate?

I’m just here to follow this in the event my one needs at any point.

If the father is on the birth certificate, you’ll need his consent. If not, then claim to not know who it is and you can get one.

In high school, i needed a passport and had to obtain my dads death certificate to prove he was really dead even though he had been for 15 years🤦‍♀️

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If he isn’t on the birth certificate you don’t need to get permission. If he is on the birth certificate you need consent.


I would call and ask the passport office to be sure.

By law, if he’s on the birth certificate then he need to sign it through county court office documents and notarized too.

If he is on the birth certificate you have to have his consent. He doesn’t have to be there when you turn it all in. He will have to fill out a form and get it notarized and you will need a copy of his ID front and back

There is a form on the website for an absent parent or something along those lines, you have to prove you’ve tried to reach out to him, I haven’t tried it yet but will have to soon for my 8 year old!


If you’ve had no contact with him and don’t know how to reach him, I believe there is a form you fill out in reference to the situation and if you meet the criteria your child will be granted a passport.


So i talked to the passport place a couple of years ago. If the father isn’t involved and you haven’t had contact with him and he’s on the birth certificate you can apply for one. They have you put something in the paper for a certain amount of time giving the father a chance to come forward. If he doesn’t they will give you one.


Nope gotta have fathers signature for it sorry

I went to see about getting my son one his father isn’t on the birth certificate so they told me I would be able to get it with out anything from the father.

You need to get a court order giving you custody. They can do that by setting a court date and posting in the newspaper to try and inform the father of the hearing if you don’t know how to locate the father. When you have that paperwork then u don’t need fathers consent


So I’m in the state of Florida and I was able to get a passport for my daughter. Her dad refused to sign for it and will only do it if I get him off child support. Well I printed those texts proving that he was being petty and I wrote a letter stating why I needed the passport. There’s a form I got online from the clerk of court I submitted everything and I was able to get a 2 year passport for her.


No court order then you should be fine but in general NO, if the courts are involved then you both have to be present when applying so they can verify the other parents consent.

You will have to show that you made attempts to reach out to the father…then if no response then you may be able to get a passport for your child

No you can’t. My parents separated when I was born and he was deported so I was not able to get one. I needed it for a study abroad program and they said that I needed his signature to get a passport. We tried many different ways letting them know that we have no idea where he is and no way to contact him to figure it out. I couldn’t get one until I turned 18


In TN, both parents have to be present for a minor to get a passport. We did our kids’ passports a couple of years ago and we both had to be present.

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Absent parent form but it is no guarantee they will approve it…

I achieved it in Australia but had to jump through some hoops. It was so my eldest could go on a sporting trip overseas when he was 14. I had to fill in paperwork, provide court orders that I had full custody and to be honest it is 10yrs ago now so I can’t recall what else. It wasn’t that hard. I wasn’t travelling with him. That I don’t think mattered as once he had his passport he had it for 5 years so I could have moved him anywhere after that. I don’t have one and my youngest doesn’t have one as travel overseas was not something we could afford at the time.

It depends what state you are in. Please check directly with your state. Find a library or location that issues children’s passports in your area and call to ask.

It’s all on the usps website. Might clear up your questions :heart:

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Both parents need to consent

In the UK only one parent needs to apply & sign the application. However, you do need to fill in fathers details, name address etc Can you call the passport office & have them talk you through your options?? Good luck :blush:

Both need to be present or u need a waiver signed n notarized granting permission by the parent who is not there.

US passports are issued by the federal government, not individual states, so any info that might help couple be found on the US Dept of State or USPS website, there is a form for an absentee parent situation, however you might consider getting a court order stating you have full custody to prevent any issues with things like college financial aid or God forbid something were to happen and you were unable to care for her, you wouldn’t want the state to try and track him down to put her in his care.

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Get an attorney to fill out the passport forms for this. And they will attempt to find him through his last address. He has a certain amount of time to respond. If he doesn’t. Then a judge might approve it.

My two oldest father is on the birth certificate but I filed and won sole custody without consent, so I was able to travel and get their passport without him and I carry my court papers everywhere I go . You would definitely need the fathers consent unless you have court documents

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