Can my kids father file for sole custody b/c I'm dating a felon?

My boyfriend of almost 8 months is a felon actively on probation. He used to be on drugs and made some mistakes while he was using. He’s been clean for over a year now and is a good, good man.

My kid’s father, on the other hand, is Not a good man. He is not a deadbeat dad, but he is so bitter that I left him (6 years ago) that he has been trying to make my life as complicated as possible in every way he can. We are constantly in and out of court, mediation, etc. He has so much more money to burn than I do, so I do my best to keep things civil. He’s even joked about how his attorney is his best friend b/c he’s there in her office almost weekly. He and his attorney are both very dishonest people. Just to give you an idea of the kind of person he is… when our youngest was 18 months old, he served me with papers to try and legally make me stop breast feeding; saying that I was brainwashing and forcing our toddler to do it, and damaging her mentally and emotionally. I couldn’t even make this shit up!!

B/c he is so pathetically ridiculous, and b/c I carry so much baggage due to him, it’s just been easier to not date. I assumed that no real man would be accepting or want to deal with it.

I finally met someone who was kind of destined to be b/c of the way we met. We started off as only friends and that friendship blossomed into something I never expected. My bf is seriously the best man I’ve ever known.

I have not come out to my kids about our relationship yet. My bf is also my neighbor, so my kids know him and like him a lot.

B/c we see my bf daily, my kids have talked about him to their dad. Their dad is pissed that I would even have them around a felon at all. Their dad doesn’t even know we’re in a relationship. He’s already threatening to take me to court based off that I would let our kids be around a felon. He says that his attorney thinks he could get sole custody to get them away from a living environment where they are around “a criminal”.

I do not believe he can do that, but if he finds out that our neighbor is actually my bf and that we’re in love… then I’m wondering if he actually had more of a leg to stand on it court.

I’m tired of walking on egg shells my whole life, but I more or less submit b/c nothing is worth losing my children over.
I’m ready to live my life! But my bd keeps me in constant fear.
My bf is starting to get impatient and wants me to tell my kids.

I feel stuck.

Technically he could fight for sole custody for any reason. But you dating a felon who is actively on probation, isn’t gonna look good in court.

Janeylauren91 is right, he could go after sole custody for any reason…he might not be granted it for it but he can go after it for any reason. You dating a felon who is on probation isn’t going to help because it might look in the courts eyes that you are in fact put your children at risk.

Personally I don’t blame your husband. If it were me with kids and I found out my ex was espousing my children to a felon who is on probation for drugs and mistakes? (he made a choice so they aren’t mistakes) then I would go for full custody to. My guess is if he is still on probation then he hasn’t been out of jail and reformed for very long. Why would you risk having your kids around someone who could potentially relapse and make those “mistakes” again.