Can my toddler safely say popsicles?

Is it safe for my 15 month old to have a popsicle brain safety wise? We get sugar free and sodium free but she will eat the entire popsicle to numb her gums and then hand us the sick when she’s finished eating it but I feel like the cold from the frozen popsicle or even getting brain freeze might hurt her little brain or am I just over reacting?


Mom it’s safe they may hate u when they are older for brain freezes but love u for the sweet treat💞


What? Is this a real concern/question?


Holy shit what did YOU eat as a toddler

Do they let people this dense have children :woman_facepalming:


Let the poor baby have the popsicle!

If she was getting brain freeze she would more than likely crying while eating. So it’s safe to say she isn’t. And please ignore these hateful women in here. This use to be a helpful page. If you have more questions feel free to message me.

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If she gets pain you’ll know AND she’ll be fine
Why worry about issues that clearly don’t exist?

Very safe, for bubba to eat . , I have given to 6 months Olds to aid teething

Brain freezes are harmless they won’t hurt you…if it helps her let her eat them…the only thing I don’t like about popsicles is all the gums that are in them…I freeze juice…as young as she is though I’d cut the popsicles up in a bowl and give her so she doesn’t get hurt with stick…I rammed a stick (not a tree type stick) into the roof of my mouth when I was a kid and I bleed from my mouth and nose and my sinuses are messed up from it

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I’m not a doctor but if it seems to help her without her crying I don’t see any harm. Not being mean but it’s not like she’s slurping down a milkshake in 5 seconds.

Lol the hazard with Popsicles is choking, not freezing your baby’s brain.


Omg she just asked a question. If you feel it’s beneath your expert mom experience to answer her, keep scrolling.

Yes mama, they can have a popsicle. If you’re worried it too cold, they do have minis now that are about a third of the size and perfect for a little one. I recommend those.


Yes. And you could buy ones with 100% juice rather than sugar free.

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You’re overreacting. Even if she does get brain freeze, it’s temporary and doesn’t do permanent damage. I would be more concerned with the stick than brain freeze. If she eats the popsicle and hands you the stick when done, she’s good. Not to mention, if she is teething, those popsicles probably feel amazing on her gums.

Stick with sugar free, try to stick with more natural choices, like fruit bars, and just make sure you’re brushing her teeth regularly so avoid cavities.

She’ll be fine. Just don’t leave her unattended (which I’m sure you know). Brain freeze won’t hurt her.

Yes…n We have always had them on hand…they help to bring down a fever

Brain freezes aren’t harmful, just a temporary headache from nerve stimulation. Yes, your 15 month old can safely eat a popsicle :slight_smile:

Your def overreacting lol

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Smh you can’t be serious :woman_facepalming: if you ask this question you probably shouldn’t have kids :woman_shrugging: