Can Nexplanon cause irregular periods?

I’ve been on nexplanon for 2 years now. (It’s the birth control implant in the arm). Well I normally have gotten my periods just fine. Some are a little heavier than others but I always get them every month. Then I was supposed to start Feb 24th and I had a few spots of blood but then haven’t had anything after that. I took a pregnancy test a few days after and it came out negative. Has anyone had any similar experiences with the nexplanon implant that goes in the arm?


I had mine for almost the whole 3 years, and this happened to me a couple times about half way through.

I had irregular periods the whole year every 2 to 3 months always different days and severity

I dont have periods on the implant im on my 3rd one , sometimes have cramps n spotting but thats all x

I’ve got the Nexplanon. And I’ve been on it since April 2018. I barely get periods and when I do there very light.

I didnt have one at all for awhile with my first one just maybe 2 or 3 periods. I got another one a year ago when it was time and havent had a period since like a few months before that

Heres my issue. Sometimes it does fail because of course no birth control is perfect. But nexplynon is very iffy when it comes to periods. Even if your body is pretty consistent sometimes nexplynon does overpower that clock. If you start noticing other pregnancy symptoms then take the test again. But it could honestly just be an odd reaction to the amount of hormones released into you at the moment.

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I have been having irregular Periods. This is my 3rd implant . It’s due to come out in October but I’m thinking of having it out sooner.

I had bled for 6 months straight on nexplanon so I took it out since then my periods have been increasingly irregular since

I got pregnant on the nexplanon, anything is possible

I’ve had 1 period I get mine out in Nov of this year

I get no period at all with it.

I have no period with mine

Yes. I never got pregnant

It’s normal I believe. When I was on that birth control i never got a period so idk for sure. I’d ask your health care provider to be sure. They can give you more helpful advice then us since they know more about it

A month after getting mine my periods totally stopped altogether

I’ve had periods and gone months without them as well. Totally normalz

I just recently went threw this, I’ve had mine for 4 years and I was 20 days late with lite spotting that went away bought a pregnancy test and when I went to take it my period had come back with a vengeance lol super weird cause I’ve been regular, not sure why this happened :woman_shrugging:t2:

I had the opposite. For the first 2 years I had no periods. Then they started up again out of the blue. My doctor agreed that it was not normal. I got it out first chance I could after that. I swapped to the pill. After a few months, I stopped taking the pill to plan a baby and now I’m almost halfway through my pregnancy.

I didn’t have a period for the first 4 months I had it in, now I get a period for a few days every 2 weeks or so.

I got mine and had no bleeding spotting nothing for my first 3 months went to family doctor and found out i was 15 weeks and 4 days pregnant and had it taken out…my thats been my only experience with nexplanon…i still got pregnant…if you do your research on it…it doesnt really prevent an egg from being fertilized it mostly prevents it from being able to attatch to the inside of your womb which is how you end up with pregnancy and a baby…it doesnt prevent pregnancy just a step tht may or may not work for some…it didnt for me

It’s normal for them to stop your periods at any point

When I had the nexplanon it stopped periods after awhile.

I have had it since June and all I do is spot I do t actually start

I don’t get periods at all with it but I was sporting like 3 days in February then it stopped idk what caused it but no pregnancy so I’m not sure

I’ve had mine for two years and never had my period

I never had a period on Nexplanon. Doubt you’re pregnant.

U didnt have periods at all the whole 2 and a half years I had it in

My periods have been completely random since being on nexplanon. I’m on the third year lol

My first 3 years with nexplanon I didn’t have a period at all until they took it out and when they put the new one in all I ever have are periods. It’s annoying. It gets removed in September

Have had it for a year and all of a sudden the period has been going on for like 2 weeks now.

I got my tubes cut, because bc isnt enough to keep my anxiety at bay lol

when my periods were bad it turned out it was because the implant had traveled and left the origional spot and was dispensing hormones improperly…ended in surgery, super ugly scar, ajd medical debt