Can opposite gender kids share a room?

Idk what to do about my kids living situation…we have 4 kids…two teen boys, a 10 year old daughter and an 8 year old son…and we live in a 4 bedroom house…my two teen sons cannot share a room as they need their own space and clash too much…which leaves me 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son in the same room together…its working for now but i dont think it will for much longer and someone told me it is illegal to house the opposite gender together…is this true? I am trying my best but we literally cannot afford to move…


Your teenage sons need to deal with it and just share a room. It also depends on your state.


Either the teens have to figure it out or one of them should be sharing with your 8yr old. Your daughter should have her own room.


Either put the 8 yr old with one of the teens or make the teens deal with it and share a room. The daughter needs a room of her own.


Can your 8 year old share with one of the teens since they clash together? I’d either have the teenagers deal together, or have the 8 year old with one of them. Daughter should have her own space at that age as well.


Personally I think the girl should have her own room, especially at that age.


2 teens together or 1 teen and 1 8 year old boy. I think the only girl should have her own room.


I grew up in a two bedroom apartment… My brother and I shared a room until I went off to college at 18. While we had the common sibling rivalry, as an adult, I would not have changed it. When we had our children, my youngest two (a girl and a boy) who are 26 months apart shared a room until they were 10 and 8. Again, same old sibling rivalry and “that’s my side” arguments, but they were, and still are, closer than ever. So I say “yes,” its definitely O.K.


I know people are suggesting the 8 year old to share with the teen, but I also feel like the age difference is just too much. I would make the teens share regardless of their differences, they will bond.


The oldest of the teens gets his own room and the other shares with the 8 year old boy and the girl gets her own room.


Probably not illegal, but you’re right, it will be inappropriate very soon. Time to make some plans for room adjustments. Maybe turn the two boys rooms into one big room for the three of them?

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Do you have a basement one of the older kids can move in to?

Do you have a dining room that can be used as a bedroom?

It really depends on your state. Some allow it to a certain age, others don’t have an age limit. If your younger children haven’t had to share a room before then I’d make the teenagers suck it up. It’s normal for teenagers to clash, they’ll figure out what works for them eventually.

I have 3 boys and one girl and my daughter always had her own room. Put two boys together, either the two older have to deal or one shares with a brother. That’s just the way it is.


Depending the size of the rooms there are many ways to split a single room for privacy. The internet has tons of ideas. Start looking.


Can you put an extra bedroom in the basement?

Depends on your state but definitely look it to it so you can avoid any future issues.
My state they can’t after 5 but because my son is autistic and taking his sister out would cause issues . We can cuz he special needs

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In my state by law the females and males need a separate room. But I will say that I know many people that do that because they have no other choice and as long as you aren’t one of those parents that has to worry about CPS calls you can get away with it. My personal opinion tho because I am the only girl out of 3 boys… at her age now it would be easier on her mentally if she had her own space to call hers to relax and change in private.


It is illegal for foster kids, but not your own children that I have ever heard. May be something new.

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I would build a wall to give them there own space and privacy . It doesn’t have to attach to ceiling or floor make it free standing with legs .


Ideally the girl should have her own room. However there is NO law that controls that in a persons home. Now if renting they can give you trouble or if the state is involved with CPS or foster care etc they can dictate separate rooms. The boys should figure out an arrangement they can deal with to give their sister her own room.

I absolutely wouldn’t do that.

WV a boy and girl can’t share a room once they are 5. Maybe the teens can figure out a mutual way to divide the shared space and still stay out of the others space? Allowing the younger children to have their much needed room?

Depends on your state (where you live). When my ex and I separated (almost 14 years ago) my 9yo(m) and 12yo(f) had to share a room for 6 months. While it wasn’t ideal we made it work and is actually some of their most talked about memories. My question is how long will it be until one of the teens attend college or move out? If it’s not still years away and your areas laws don’t have ages that conflict then I don’t see a problem with them sharing for awhile. They would definitely need their own rooms before oldest one hits teen years at the latest. Also have to take into consideration the maturity level of the younger siblings. If one is more physically and emotionally mature then sharing may not work.

There are laws but they apply to foster homes and the like, not "traditional families. Put up a divider of some sort. I have seen some cool ideas online for creating private spaces.

Renovate and put a wall the middle of both rooms something easy to take down if needed, plywood? My mother did it for us and we were 10 kids in a three bedroom house. Just for clear definition ask local social services about kids different sex sharing a room, I believe it’s age of 4 here in Ontario. Best of luck

It’s not illegal but frowed upon I think it 11 or 12 is the guidelines I had step daughter 11 at the time in with a 5 and 6 year old boys and 2 year old girl and was adivsied to do this of professionals xx

Teen boys have to share a room or one sleep in living room make a divider. Your daughter is at that age where she MUST have her own room. Not her nor your fault the boys clash.

I would put either the 8 year old and the teen together or the 2 teens together . I feel like the daughter should have her own room


In some states the children have to be in separate rooms by age 5. You could check for your state, or just go ahead and separate them so the girl has her own room.

What’s wrong with opposite sex siblings sharing a room? General curiosity. My and my brother shared rooms until we were teenagers. No issues at all whatsoever

If one of the rooms are big enough me and my brother did this at fight what you can do is put a wall up try to even it out just right and if you have the master bedroom I would put that into putting up a wall and making another bedroom and you guys moving to one of the smaller rooms

There is no state or federal law making it illegal, that would be ridiculous imo. The only time there is rules about that is if they are foster children paid for by the state or in state/federal institutions. My kids shared a room until they were young teens and it was fine, although in your particular case with 3 boys I would say it’s more important for your daughter to have her own space than anyone else.

Sorry but two teenage boys can share a room they can get over it


Put one of the teens with the youngest boy and let your daughter have her a room

I never heard that about of siblings opposite sex sharing a room is illegal,…I think it’s fair to have the two younger kids share a bedroom and the 2 teen boys share a room.

All the boys in 1 room. Daughter gets the other. The teenagers need to deal with it unless they are paying all the bills.

The other option is the teens share a room. The 2 younger get their own each. Either way, the teens need to deal with sharing a room together


Your daughter should have her own room for obvious reasons

Teens need to share or one go with your youngest. Daughter needs own room

They can share the same room no law unless it’s a rental then they might question

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Ur daughter needs her own room. The older kids need to learn how to work it out or share with the younger brother

Put the 8 year old with one of the teens.


Put the teenagers together…and split up the younger ones…and tell them to get along…or else

Can you build a room in the basement maybe take out the office for a bedroom.

I would split the biggest room in half and give the two younger one their own space like with a wooden bunkbed that you can build walls on

I don’t think at that age they should b.

It’s definitely true here in Michigan

Buy a room divider and separate their sides of the room

Put a divider in the room

Oldest boy has a room, Daughter has a room, Second oldest teen and youngest son share.


Look up the law in your state. I stayed in the same room with my brother til about 10/ 11ish until we moved in with my birth mother and had our own rooms…we had some good memories tbh. We didn’t fight over the room much, more with each other over stupid shit. I remember once I couldn’t stop laughing and I got him to laughing and my mother came in after the 3rd time and swatted our asses…I laughed through it too. Wish I could remember wtf was so funny :rofl:

Your daughter needs her own room! The teens would have to share! Your the adult the boss! I’m sure you pay the bills. A girl even her age needs her own space


It’s usually based on state by state. Here in Massachusetts any child over 5 can not share a room with the opposite sex

Well put the 10 and 8 year old together. We all shared a room!!!

Could you build a room separating divider in the room? That way they have thier own space more or less? A basement you could redo into a bedroom for one of the teens? Or a garage? Could you afford to take out a small loan to build on a room instead of having to move? Lots of options, just gotta be inventive lol

Girl should have her own room especially at that age


The girl should have her own room

Daughter should have her own room

Your daughter needs her own room.

Tell the big guys to man up and get with the plan. Make them work it out or one can sleep in the shed.

The single gender should get their own room in my opinion.

So far everything ive just looked up says that there are no federal or state laws in Australia or America on siblings sharing a room. Cps “does not approve” of it but that is not a law and lets be fair I dont approve of alot of things but I dont get a say either lol I think your fine to do whatever you as a parent feels is necessary :slightly_smiling_face:

Give the girl her own room, move the 8yo In with one of the teens. And tell them they have to deal with it.

Put 2 sets of bunks in one room and make ALL the boys share! Or let the oldest have his own room, and put the other two boys together.

12 yr old girl needs her own room

It is illegal in many states past a certain age. Your teens can grow up and learn to share space or a teen and the 8 year old can share. The daughter needs her own private space this is ridiculous


The girl should have her own room…
Pretty cut n dry.

It’s not illegal if they are siblings. Blood related not step tho.

depends on your state. put the 8 year old with one of the teens and the daughter gets her own room. no 10 year old girl wants to share a room with a brother . i have 5 kids : 16 yo girl, 14 yo girl, 11 yo boy 9 yo boy and 6 yo girl. i know space can be rough but ya gotta make it work. do you have a finished basement or attic you can make a bedroom for the oldest ?

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Put your youngest son in one of the boys rooms

I was told by a state worker where I am that by 5 years old opposite genders need to be separate but can sorta go until at least 8. So no they shouldn’t be sharing a room.

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All you have to do is Google

My friend had this problem. He has one of each and had a hard time finding a place with a room for each. He said legally after 5 yeads old opposite sex kids cant share anymore

Chile you better fix that basement up and put one of them teens dwn there like back in the day. If not that then one of the older boys should room with the 8 yrs. old boy. Daughter is at the age she needs her own room apart from the boys.

I would keep them together while she feels okay with it. Soon she will grow and then will want her own room. Is there any way to separate the room like put a temporary wall or a curtain between the beds so each have their own little space?

I think your daughter needs her own room. Somewhere the teens will have to share with their younger brother

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Your daughter should have her own room. She’s getting to that age where she’ll be becoming a woman, if she hasn’t already. She needs privacy.

In Texas, if they are opposite genders they can share until the older one is 6 years old. My friend just dealt with this with CPS

Your daughter needs her own room somewhere she can go to be alone and not have to always be around them she’s getting to the age she’s probably going to want more privacy

Have you tried making a dividing wall I’ve seen lots of cool DIYs on how you can do it for cheap that might be a good solution for you

The eight year old should share a room with the youngest teen and your daughter should have a room to herself. X

Each states different. Put a kid in livingroom if nerded

Can one of the rooms be separated into 2 smaller rooms

Can you do a wall partition

I would make one of the teens share with the 8 yo. The girl needs her own room. Especially at 10 years old.

After age 6 in Michigan you can get into trouble (if cps is called) for them being in the same room. So I guess before it came to that my teens would have to get it together or one would be sharing with the 8 year old.