Can someone describe early miscarriage symptoms?

Has anyone had brown discharge early pregnancy? I’m seven weeks and have had brown discharge a couple times when I wipe the past couple days. No red blood or cramping. Hoping some
People have had this and had a healthy pregnancy, nervous for it to be an early sign of miscarriage.


I did for weeks during early pregnancy! Turned out to be just old blood and my baby is 3 weeks old now! As long as it’s not bright red and there’s no cramping you’re okay momma!


Yes, I was terrified, it lasted a few days.
Now I have an 11 month old healthy beautiful baby girl.

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My daughter did at 14 weeks but turned out she didn’t know she was pregnant Nd she had formed a blood clot which now is all ok

Yes. Brown means it’s just old. I wouldn’t worry


Brown blood means old blood. Shouldnt be anything bad but u may want to call doc just to make sure.

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I did, as other ppl said it was old blood. If it was bright than you might be concerned but dont be here. Healthy 4 yr old :slight_smile:

I had this at 3 months but mine was due to placental abruption. Just be careful and rest as much as possible. Call doc and let them know what’s happening

I did for like a week around 12 weeks and I’m.22 weeks now and baby is fine

Definitely call your OB and let them know. They will likely have you in for an ultrasound and that will ease your mind. I had brown spotting (and even a little red) at 6 weeks for a few days with my 1st and 7 weeks for 4 days with my second. They are now healthy 2 year old and 3 month old! :slight_smile:

I had brown spotting around 9 weeks I believe. 34 weeks tmrw. :slight_smile:

I actually had super bad bleeding n cramping n my son is 14 months old n I am pregnant at 19 weeks and I also had bad cramping n bleeding with this one to I’m sure your fine :slight_smile:

When I lost mine, I had brown blood that turned to bright red after a few hours and a lot of SHARP, sharp pains on one side. If you just have some brown blood, you’re probably fine but if you’re really concerned, I would call your doctor and ask.

I did at first with my second n he almost 11 month old baby boy had no issues with him

Had it with all 3 pregnancies. OB said it’s old blood.


Very common. Brown is old, red is worrisome. If you are not actively bleeding fresh blood or in pain, don’t worry yourself. :blush: And congrats!

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Whenever I see posts like this that have any shares, I can’t help but wonder who the heck shares this stuff and why??
To answer the poster’s question… call your nurse line or your doctor. If you honestly fear a miscarriage, then you shouldn’t be looking for answers on Facebook.

Brown is old blood. Not a reason to worry. I could be left over making it’s way out from implantation. I bled significantly with both of my pregnancies and they are two very healthy boys.

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Old blood. You should be fine.

Yes, early on the Dr said it was from the egg implanting onto the uterus.

Bright red blood is new, brown is old.
I wouldn’t worry unless its bright red or a lot.

My favorite saying call the Dr not Facebook but u could have a bacterial infection if it’s brown and has a funky smell is common cuz ur pH levels go crazy wen ur pregnant

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That lil baby is burrowing in no reason to be scared unless cramping n more blood red , I had it happen both pregnancies n that’s what my obgyn had told me

Yeah, was implantation or something along those lines, if I remember correctly. . (My youngest is almost 5, but it happened with them all)

I had a miscarriage and two healthy pregnancies with brown blood… just have to keep getting ultrasounds to check on baby

Yes I had that same situation but mine covered a panty liner. It ended up being stress related from work. Got put on weight restrictions just to be safe. Everything was a ok though & little man will be 2 next month. But please just go get checked it will ease your mind & try not to stress out too. Good luck mama

Could be BV. Bacterial vaginosis

I did in the very beginning it was implantation bleeding so the Dr said them towards the end I loss my mucus plug a few times and it was a small amount of brownish discharge.

Yes, doc said it was old blood and not to worry unless its red or painful

Yep. I did ! Healthy baby :two_hearts:

Yes, I did. Called the doctor and they asked what my blood type was. I was about 6 weeks and had my first Rhogam shot. Never had any again.

Get checked to be safe. When I miscarried I originally started having brown discharge then it turned into bleeding.

Yep. At 17 weeks for about a week.

Yes! Was so scary for me. It was brown, pretty heavy at one point and i also had these brown specs in the toilet when i peed. I was so worried. Thank god it only lasted a week and im 19 weeks now with a healthy baby boy!