Can someone tell me when to take pregnancy test calculator?

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What is a pregnancy test calculator? Usually you test from 2 weeks from your ovulation or first sign of missed period.

I tested when I felt nausea and sore boobs plus felt really off

I tested negative even at 6 weeks with insane levels. So bloodwork if you feel you really need to know accuracy

Ummm…after your first missed period?

I tested positive at 3 1/2 weeks. Went to the hospital to get a blood confirmation test done and my HCG level was 344

Always track your periods. I do and when I missed mine, I took a test

There has been alot of very “strange” pregnancy and pregnancy test questions that make me believe this person is VERY young, so whoever you are, you can pm me and I can answer whatever it is you need help with. I’ve been thru a whole slew of things that revolve around pregnancy like tracking, testing, miscarriage, complications during pregnancy, natural birth, and nicu time so I’m all ears. It’s scary and it’s always good to have someone to vent to, but you should also be asking for help from someone in your personal life as this is not something you want to go thru on your own.


I used a Clearblue on the day my period was due and it was positive. Drs test was negative…scan confirmed I was. I think there are tests you can use less than two weeks after having sex. The digital ones calculate how many days too. You just pee on it and it will calculate how pregnant you are for you if you’re unsure. You can also get someone to measure the height of your bump…it’s an inch per week I think.