Can they make you come to work if you have covid?

Is it legal to make someone work who has covid? i tested positive and my manager in florida said that i need to still come in and they dont give sick days anymore…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can they make you come to work if you have covid?

I think it depends on the company and if your vaccinated or not. I know technically your only supposed to quarantine for 5 days then retest

The federal mandates ended so its really up to the individual employers to make that decision. I’m also in Florida.

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Report them to the cdc, health department and who…World Health Organization…making you work is illegal.


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You are supposed to quarantine for 5 days, then you can return to work on day 6 but have to wear a proper mask for 5 days.


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Sounds about right for Florida.

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Make sure you get really close to your manager, cough in his/her face, etc.


Covid now is equal to a cold. No one gets extra days off for a cold.


It depends? The federal mandates ended, so at this point it’s going to be up to state and local governments, your employer, and your job itself.

I worked several positions at a few of the jobs I’ve held. There was at least one position on those jobs I could do and be isolated enough to not risk making anyone else sick (even if it wasn’t my primary position).

They can’t make you come to work, but they don’t have to pay you while you quarantine/are off anymore.

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That’s why I LOVE being part of a union!! No way would I work with Covid and my work could kiss my bumm if they think otherwise

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Get a job with a union.

Meanwhile they can fire you if they feel u missing too many days and u can file for unemployment… it’s against the law to fire u.
I wouldn’t go in when sick. It can affect u subtle but for other it can hit very hard core symptoms. U will not be respectful for spreading it at work.

This is misleading and missing information.

I would be willing to bet that the company doesn’t offer paid sick time specifically for Covid quarantine period anymore. Wanna get paid come in, stay home don’t get paid. If that’s the case then it’s definitely legal.

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Well…it’s Florida. So you probably do need to go to work🥴

Technically, they can do whatever they want. They can also write you up for each day you miss, and then for you for missing too much work if they really wanted to. The cdc and health department can only recommend they allow you stay home, but they don’t have the authority to make your employer let you stay home. There are no mandates with covid anymore, unless you have something from the state or county, but most of those have laxxed as well.

Where I work we get 40 hours PTO for covid.
Just had a lawyer in my dept come back mon from being off all last week with covid. She worked from home, but even if she hadn’t she’d still get paid.

Apparently covid doesn’t cause hospitalization anymore.