Can vaping while pregnant harm the baby?

You can get a no nicotine one

Vaping is just like smoking and it’s a bad for you both in long term so you should try to quit. If you want help talk to your doctor they can get you resources to help.

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I was told to stay away from people who were vaping and to absolutely not vape myself.
I am a cigarette smoker and I got so many more warnings about staying away from vape smoke.

I vaped the whole time I was pregnant. My sun is perfectly fine. My dr told me it would cause more stress on me and the baby so to just slow down as much as possible.

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Its not hard to quit while pregnant, first 10 days are hard all about keeping busy i did it when i was pregnant and was smoking a pack a day and had for 13 years…
Its all about mind over matter… it can cause harm to baby so its really not worth the risk… no matter how many ppl have said they have smoked and baby is fine.


I’ve had 3 children and I’ve smoked cigarettes for 16 years. I’ve never been able to quit. My ob always knew and just asked that I did my best to cut back as much as possible. All of my kids are healthy and have no issues. I’m not sure about vaping, there isn’t much research. If you are able to quit that would be best. Slowly cut back on the amount of nicotine and then cut back on the vaping all together to eventually quit if you can. Always talk to your doctor and be honest they need to know what’s going on to give you the best care.

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I quit the moment I found out! It sucked but my pregnancy symptoms were so bad anyways I didn’t really notice the nicotine withdrawal. I stopped wanting a cigarette after about two weeks.

Nicotine is Nicotine yes 100% will harm your baby. Talk to your medical doctor


I weaned down to 0 mg nicotine by mixing less and less of the juice I was used to with a nice free juice. I quit completely within a couple weeks of finding out I was expecting. Nausea definetly helped speed up the process.

Should be fine if you stop now but if you continue Yes it will harm your baby … that in its self should be motivating enough to stop .


Also for people who might tell you smoking is ok if its limited and its" better to cut down so u dont stress the baby "thats all shit ask any real dr what’s worse for your baby you being stressed out ur baby inhaling toxins … it’s the dangerous chemicals .

I went from vaping to chuppa chups and chewing gum

Is cigarettes bad? Is drinking bad ?


My body was a temple when I was pregnant! The easiest decision I made being a parent! 9 months of my life was nothing to give up for the best possible start for my child!


Yes, please do not. <3

I went from smoking 3 packs a day to quitting cold turkey all 3 times I found out I was pregnant. As soon as I saw the pink lines I stopped! Not easy, but definitely able to happen.


I vaped with two pregnancies that ended up in miscarriages. My last pregnancy I wasn’t vaping no more and have my rainbow baby. Not saying that vaping causes problem but it has been my experience.

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My sister vaped the whole time she was pregnant and it never effected my niece not one bit she is a health two year old diva…U can still vape smoke a 3% nicotine and u should be fine

My midwife said in theory it’s better to stop but if its going to cause you alot a stress just cut down as stress isn’t good for the baby its better then smoking cigarettes but was still advised to stop I mangaged to stop through my pregnancy

I woulnt smoke can cause low birth weight.not good for eithetlr of youm

I was smoking 48mg when I found out I was pregnant as soon as I found out at 6 weeks I stopped the first week was rough but just keep anything to do with vaping out of site and keep ur hands busy as often as possible it gets easier
I had to stop twice with both pregnancies and both times it was only the first couple days to a week that are hard

Gum and hard candy can help some people quit. If you can take 3 days off to just sleep, wake up long enough to eat, use the bathroom, drink water, and go back to sleep. The first 72 hours are the hardest with physical withdrawals, so if you can sleep through that part, it should be easier after that.

U can go down over a few weeks to 0 nic and that way u can trick your brain and if u decide to stop after you get down to 0, 5% isn’t bad. Don’t stop cold turkey , good luck :heart:

All I can say is, there is alooooot of scientific research on the subject. Do your own studying.

Any nicotine can harm your baby. Time to quit. And stay quit.


Just go down to zero nicotine

Quit. And then stay quit.

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I vaped cannabis until I found out I was pregnant (about 5 weeks). I went from 3 grams a day to nothing. Need to keep your hands busy but it’s worth it for baby’s health. The hard part for me was I used cannabis for pain and ptsd. Dealing with that was harder than quitting.