Can you ask for a membrane sweep?

When can you request a membrane sweep?

My doctor started offering it to me at 38 weeks

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My doctor never could because I wasnt opened any.

My doctor told me I was getting one :joy::joy: I dont see why not tho.

I got mine done at 39 weeks. I was only dilated to a 1 when he did it.

Have hubby do it every day, mom x5, we always did our own and it hels induce labor!

38 weeks went into labor 3 hrs later

My doc did on my 2nd and 3rd. On my 2nd it never worked. On my 3rd it worked 16 hours later. Both were around 39 weeks.

Usually once you’re considered full term, I believe…

Mine started at 37 weeks because my daughter was growth restricted and we were trying to avoid induction at 39 weeks. We did it at my 37 week appt and once at 38 weeks…didn’t work … but she ended up coming on her own at 38 weeks 6 days…2 days before scheduled induction :blush:

I think around 37 weeks. Got mine done at 39 weeks, it hurts but it sure worked.

You can request it. But my dr said they aren’t able to do anything before 39 weeks due to new laws and regulations. I had mine swept with my first son 2 years ago at 37 weeks and 5 days and gave birth at 38 weeks and 2 days so it was a nice way to induce.

My doc was going to do one on my due date with youngest started labour 2 days before his due date