Can you breastfeed with nipple piercings?

I have just recently found out I’m pregnant with my first.
I have a question…
Do I need to take out my nipple piercings?
Is best I take them out?
I have tried researching it but I really can’t find a set answer.
Thankyou :revolving_hearts:


I took mine out before she was born so I could feed her. They weren’t a problem while I was pregnant.

I contacted a lactation consultant about it they said it wouldnt affect milke flow or make baby choke. The only concer was the jewellery.

It’ll depend on your body. I kept mine in, just used a longer bar.

I never did. Now if u wanna breast feed u will have too

I had to take mine out due to the fact my boobs grew way too fast & I only had them in for 9 months. I was loosing blood flow to my nipples & the tissue was dying. (I caught it in time before I was in trouble)
Something to be careful about. I can never get them redone.
But I know plenty of women who never had this issue! Keep it clean, use a bar that keep up with swelling, you should be good to go. But watch your nipple coloring. Just remove the jewelry for breastfeeding.

I took mine out. Just a person fear if one of the balls came off the barbell.

I kept mine in my whole pregnancy. I had tiny barbels and just got longer ones. I had to take them out for the csection. By the time I got back to my room etc it had been about 8 hours and the middle was already too healed to push the ring back through and I had mine done for 16 years at that time. I was going to nurse anyway so I didn’t try messing w it too much. Oh and I nursed just fine, milk just sometimes came out the piercing holes too…

I would recommend taking them out before the baby starts grabbing and yanking at things at least. Ouch.

The day I went in with my daughter they made me take mine out. After I couldn’t breastfeed because the milk just came out so fast… i felt like she was drowning

You don’t need to remove jewellery from pierced nipples during pregnancy unless it begins to feel uncomfortable, but if you want to breastfeed it seems on balance better to have them removed

I kept mine in with my first pregnancy until I started breast feeding! And put them back in after I was done breast feeding altogether (My piercings stay open and never close up on me :raised_hands:)

With my second, I got my milk in early! Around 7 months pregnant and would start leaking randomly so I took them out (They would get milk buildup on them If I didnt clean them in time and didnt want to risk a possible breast infection)

But do whatever you feel comfortable with!!

Boobies are beautiful with or without them!! :heart:


Dont take them out. Just take them out during nursing sessions. :slight_smile:
I have my vagina and nipples done and never took them out. Plus other piercings.

I left mine in on my first pregnancy until they were uncomfortable then took them out. Didn’t have them in for my second pregnancy ( was pregnant when breastfeeding my first) and took them out right away with my third pregnancy

I had mine done, and I pumped & it was uncomfortable so I took them out. Having said that, my dr didn’t ask me to take them out, just asked me to get plastic ones in case I had a csection (which I did)

The easier choice is to remove them but if you want to you can keep them. Get longer bars for swelling and nipple growth. Than if you decide to breast feed, you can removed the piercing each feeding and put back in (cleaned) afterward

My body rejected all my piercings every time I was pregnant! I always had to take my jewelry out.

I took mine out as well, but I have a couple friends who kept theirs and have them to this day! They put longer bars in, and i think the switched to a silicone or plastic bar. No issues with breastfeeding either, but once baby got older, he started playing with the bar with his tongue and that can hurt.

I took mine out at my first dr apt where I had to get completely naked and my obgyn who’s a guy had to do a breast exam lol my baby daddy was in the room too and it was just so awkward so I took them out really quick but my dr called me out on the holes anyway :roll_eyes::joy:

I kept mine in and took them out when it was time for my lil man to arrive

Mine got infected while I was pregnant and I had to take them out.

Only if your breast feeding. I got rid of mine cause I thought I was going to breast feed. Ended up not breast feeding. :unamused: Miss mine.

You don’t have to take them out while pregnant. i would once baby is born though. Especially if you’re gonna breastfeed

I took mine out at 10 weeks because it got very sore. As long as its out before the baby comes (especially if you’re breastfeeding) you’re good

I left mine in until time to nurse my kiddos

I can’t imagine they will feel good but I really don’t know. Your boobs are gonna get sore tho and huge and sensitive. Probably for your own comfort take them out?


I would for comfort lol

I took mine out once they got too uncomfortable from my breasts growing.

I didn’t take mine out until my nipple was literally growing over it, I could’ve just got new rings but I wanted to breast feed. I’d keep them until it’s uncomfortable, or if you don’t plan on breastfeeding!

When i was pregnant my body rejected my tongue piercing . it kept falling out . so just to be safe I would take them out…

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You can wear them but if you plan to breastfeed, youll have to take them out when baby is born.

If you plan on nursing then definitely. You can’t nurse with piercings in, that’s common sense

Nope my friend had her nipple and belly ring in the whole time

You don’t. But nursing I would suggest tasking them out. Just be aware I took mine out when I breastfeed and they closed up.

I left mine in most of my pregnancy with baby 1 and 2. I took them out towardsthe end of 2nd trimester because I knew I wanted to pump my breast milk for my boys to have in there bottles. Once I stopped pumping I put them back in. I did have to push thru a little bit from the starting to close in the middle but it didn’t hurt lol not even close to how it feels piercing them.

I’d take them out before starting breastfeeding, if you choose to do that, but if you wanna keep them in while pregnant they make larger special rings for pregnancy

I took mine out about halfway through my pregnancy. If you plan on breastfeeding you’ll have to remove them.

I took mine out and totally regretted it.

i would put in those bendy ones, my nipples got bigger during each pregnancy, not sure how common that is lol. just get a bendy one and you wont have to take it out until you breastfeed if you even choose to

Took mine out with my 2nd, my breasts were too sensitive and I had planned on breastfeeding. It’s more a comfort thing, not a “need to” situation unless your doc directs otherwise.

I would. With the growth. Nipples standing salute most the time and what not. Fir the sake of comfort…take them out! It’ll make breastfeeding easier as well I’m sure. If you can do that with piercings there

You can keep them in. No reason to take them out unless you choose to breastfeed. :woman_shrugging:
If you wanna keep them I would wait to take them out until the last moment you can so they dont risk closing all the way.

You really should remove them when baby is on the breast, choking hazard. Otherwise, it’s completely up to you and your comfort.

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You can wear them but as others have said if you plan on nursing you’ll need to take them out when baby feeds