Can you determine gender of baby by heart rate?

My best friend is pregnant her she had a scan done heartbeat is 138 is that a boy??


Nope, all of my kids were the same

this is a wives tale the only way to tell genger is by ultrasound or chromosomal testing

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I always thought that low heart rate meant boy and high meant girl. When we went for the gender ultrasound it was in the 160s and thought we were getting a girl. Definitely boy. I think it’s just an old wives tale.

Nope, my girls heartbeat was 139 last appointment.

I did :joy: my girl was 150 and up i went based off old wives tale. And my 1st ultrasound for my second it was 138 i said “im having a boy” they asked how do i know i said based off the old wives tale. I done the gender ultrasound and Im having a boy in October

Definitely a wives tale. All three of my kids had heartbeats in the 140’s. My first 2 were boys. Current baby is a girl, confirmed with ultrasound and blood test. :slight_smile:

All 3 of my boys heartbeats were around 140. My little girl was always around 170.

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Old wives tale. Could be either a boy or girl. Wait until ultrasound to tell gender.

My son had all the signs of girl. Even in the ultrasound his penis was pressed against his leg.

He’s a boy.

Usually higher rates indicate a boy. All 3 of my boys were in the 160s always. But an ultrasound at the right time will tell you for sure :blush:

Old wise tale not true. I had twins and the girls heart rate was 171 and my sons was 173 that was at 6 weeks pregnant. Then when they were 20 weeks her heart rate was 134 and my sons was 162.

No…one of my boys was 140 and lower and the other was 150s+ I thought for sure my second was a girl and when it came it was a boy

I have three boys all were under 140 and now am pregnant with a girl and she is at 145-153 normally :slightly_smiling_face:

Both of my boys were in the 150s

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I have 5 kids (3 girls and 2 boys) and ALL of theirs was in the 150/160 range.

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My oldest never was below 156 and it was a girl my 2nd one has stayed in the 140s and it’s Definitely a girl

Old wives tale BUT my daughter was in the 170s and my boys were in the 150s

My girls had ranged from 130-160 this entire pregnancy, depending on day… it’s definitely not accurate to tell gender

My boy right now is 166 I’m 18 weeks

It’s all a myth. I had a girl with heart rate of 117 and a boy with 155. Low supposedly means boy and higher than 140 girl but both my boys were over 140 and all but that one girl were over 140 as well. 6 living 1 angel forever 35w6d

My boy was 130s 140s
My girl was 150s 160s

Its not exactly accurate ! My first girl was always 168-172 and now with my second girl she always sits about 135-140 :blush:

125 now at 29 weeks with a girl, 170 at first OB appointment, my girls heart rates varied between 130-180

People are going to tell you no but all mine have been accurate and I have had 9 in total. Mine were lower with my boys and 150+ with my girls

Heart rate does not determine sex


It’s hard. My daughter’s heart rate was 188 when I found out I was pregnant and around 7 months. It evened out at 155

I read (old wives tale) 140 and high is usually a girl, but not always true I’m sure

Determining gender by heart rate is is an old wives tale it’s not necessarily accurate

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No … the heart rate is how active the baby is not it’s gender

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My girl was 161bpm.
My boy was 136bpm.

My kids all followed right along with the old wives tales. My boys both topped out at 149 and my girl at 184

My first ultrasound the heart rate was 175 and my mom swore it was a girl I swore it was a boy my grandma swore it was a boy and it ended up being a boy his heart rate never dropped below 150 until when I was giving birth but that was cuz his cord was wrapped around his neck

My girls always ran higher 160-190. My son was lower in the 140’s.

Heart rate doesn’t determine gender.


My girl-160
The old tales are not always right. Can’t go by what the heart rate is, could be either.

All 3 of my kids followed right on point with the old wives tale, boys tend to be slower. My son just had their reveal party Sunday, the heart rate has been in the 140s and they’re having a boy :blue_heart:

Depends. All my kiddos ran around 150 and I have 3 boys, a girl, and a girl on the way

I have all 3 boys. One was in the 150’s and the other 2 were 170’s.

My sons was always higher than my girls. 150-160 for him 140-150 for my girls.

My first girl was 160 or higher I’m currently pregnant with another girl and her heartbeat has been between 135 and 150. I really thought this one was going to be a boy because of the heartbeat.

Think it’s a boy 140 above is meant to be a girl

It’s just a wivestale

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No. I have 2 girls, my oldest was 160s-170s and my youngest was 130s-140s

No. All mine were low and I have 2 boys and I’m 6mos preggers with a girl

No everyone swore my son was a girl based of his heart rate before we knew the gender

My daughter stayed between 140-160

No you can’t, I have three girls all different heart rates thought one was a boy by the heart rate, nope

Heartbeat does not have anything to do with gender… it’s just an old wives tale

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It’s hard to predict that way to be honest! I had a boy and his heart rate was always around 140-165.

My kids were opposite of the tale. Flip a. Coin , then wait .50 percent chance of each just pray it is healthy

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Nope 7 babies and all of them had different heart rates

It depends on far along she is. The heart rates tend to level out the further along you get. But the consensus says that uo til around 12 weeks low heart rates are boys and higher ones are girls.

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All were low for me, 2 boys 1 girl. My daughters heartbeat was in 140s for most my pregnancy

My kids were opposite of the tale, but my third didn’t fit it at all and went between the two. I’d say nope :slightly_smiling_face:

No, definitely a myth. All 3 of my boys had high heart rates.

At 6w2d my boys heart rate was 179. Not an accurate way to tell gender.

My sons was always 150’s 160’s. My boy on the way has also been around 150’s 160’s

This day and age…you might have to ask the baby what it feels it’s gender is…jk


Boys heart rate is low so yeah could be a boy

From the old wife’s tale yes it’s a boy but it is basio a myth so you can never really tell. When my friends are pregnant we always do all the little old wife’s tales cuz it’s fun but we don’t take it too seriously as Inoo a lot of people it’s wrong for them as it’s a myth x

The only way you will know, is when it is born and has a penis between its legs.

Nope. My baby girls heartbeat has fluctuated a lot

All 3 of mine had similar heartbeats. 2 boys and1 girl

My second daughter averaged 120-140bpm. No indicator of gender. I had three girls. :rofl::joy:

Um no. I have 4 boys and according to heart rate 2 should have been girls.

My son was between 140 and 160.

My son was 168 at 8 weeks, def a myth

I had a boy and his was always between 155-165

I thought forsure I was having a girl because heartbeat was 158-160 and turns out I’m having a boy!! :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughters was around 120, all 3 boys where 150-160

My oldest son’s heartrate started at 150’s then by delivery came down to 130’s. My youngest son’s started in the 160’s came down to 130’s by delivery. Not totally accurate. It’s an old wives tale.