Can you drink coffee while pregnant?

Can you reall ynot drink coffee while pregnant? I have been getting headaches without my daily dose of coffee…its the only caffeine i drink a day…

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I was told 300mg a day or roughly 12 oz a day. I mean my first child I drank a lot of coffee in the first trimester- didn’t know I was pregnant. With this second child I’ll have a cup of coffee in the morning and then evening a small pop (soda)/ hot tea. I’m 19w and 4 days today. The headaches suck but your body should get used to it soon…

My babies 8 next month and I drunk coffee while pregnant

I’m from Canada and when I was pregnant I drink ice capps and ob and doctor both said that as long as I wasn’t having an extreme amount ( 1 or 2) it was okay

You are allowed to drink coffee I think it’s like one to two cups a day but you can drink coffee there’s nothing wrong with drinking coffee while pregnant my mom drink coffee when she was pregnant with her brother and she drank coffee when she’s pregnant with me and my sister the doctor had only said cut back a bit

I drank coffee ob never said anything as long as you aren’t drinking excessive amounts