Can you dye your hair while pregnant?

I’m 5 months pregnant and want to get my hair highlighted, I’ve heard mixed things about the safety of it. What are some opinions?


It’s fine, I got my hair done several times while Pregnant. As Long as the salon is well ventilated

I dyed my hair when I was pregnant. I also was in nail technician school. Half the girls in the cosmetology part of the school were pregnant.

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Double check with your doctor :blush:

I had many clients that were pregnant come in for color services. As long as there is good ventilation, like mentioned above you’re okay. I would also have a small desk fan sitting on my station blowing towards them.

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Yes it should be OK, as your getting it highlighted the chemicals don’t actually touch the skin and your in your second trimester so it will be fine

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Venitlation is what matters. Also dye tends to not stick as well in the hair for whatever reason while pregnant. But no studies have shown anything bad happening.

I always felt “why risk it” I haven’t dyed my hair in 10 years or more :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

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It’s perfectly safe if being done in a well ventilated room, your hormones may cause the colour to come out a different shade then you were expecting but if going to a salon it’s less likely to happen then with boxed dye. If you are really concerned just ask your doctor but hair dye can not harm the child just by putting it on your hair and most salons will have a proper ventilation system so that should not be a concern

My nurse at the Dr office noticed my roots growing out and she told me that if I wanted to dye my hair then I could as long as you are in a pretty well ventilated area.

The issue with getting your hair colored while pregnant is the color may not stick. Lol. I’ve done it a couple times during pregnancy and had no issues though.

Don’t do it. There has been no science to back it up that it’s safe.
Just wait.

It probably won’t do anything, just tell the salon in case they need to adjust something.

As long as you are not huffing up the fumes, you should be fine. Only other concern would be your skin/hair reacting differently to the dye.

Personal experience: it made my head a little itchy, but everything else was fine.

I went blonde when I didnt know I was pregnant yet, everything was fine. I’ve just heard to have good ventilation and your hair my react differently with colors because your hormones are changing

Go for it. As long as you’re in a ventilated area you’ll be fine

Ive asked my dr about it and he said only in ventilated places… Avoid salons bc commonly they are full of fumes but if done at home your able to ventilate well with opening windows and turning a fan on. Unless you know of one that does

It’s safe! The fumes may make you nauseous, and the color may come out SLIGHTLY different but as long as you go to a good professional stylist you’ll be fine :slightly_smiling_face: they’re required to have good ventilation in a salon so the fumes shouldn’t bother you but every women and pregnancy is different

My obgyn said it is perfectly fine

I dyed my hair a couple times, use a vented room and make sure your using amonia free dye!

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I’ve been told by my doctor it’s fine after first trimester as long as your in a well ventilated room.

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Vegetable dyes are available in health food stores even beauty supply stores.

Well ventilated try not to get any on your roots but your fine

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I tried when I was pregnant and it didn’t take

As long as the salon is well ventilated you’re fine.

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Doctor told me she would rather me get highlights then my entire head dyed. If your that concerned, just call and ask your doctor. But I know mine said it was fine :slight_smile:

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I worked in a salon when I was pregnant
Did hair color and perms
Acrylic nails
My dr said it was all fine

Now with that being said, depending on your hormones your hair may not take color
So be prepared for that too

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My specialist for my high risk pregnancy said its fine if in a well ventilated area

After the first trimester colouring your hair is safe

It’s not really a safety concern but the color can affect your hair differently and not look good. I’ve never personally known anyone this has happened too, but it can happen.

I’m almost 8 months and just died my hair not even a month ago… I made sure I was outside when I did it. I’m fine and baby is fine

I worked in a salon and the stylists always said that dying is fine if the area is ventilated and they keep the dye off your roots (scalp). Get that style you want!! :blush:

Do it… don’t do it in a place with no windows or air vents. Obviously! Good luck

I got highlights twice my last pregnancy and he was healthy and perfectly fine just be in a vented area

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you dye your hair while pregnant?

As long as it’s in a ventilated area should be fine

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I heard not to because the dye doesn’t stick to the folical well…

Yes. Hair dye wont affect baby, just make sure to be in a well ventilated area because of the fumes! The only thing is, your hair might not take to the dye or may fade faster because of the pregnancy.


I asked my Dr and he said it was fine

I kno alot of people who have…just make sure u are in a well ventilated area and don’t leave it on for a prolonged amount of time

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Yes you can. My OB said as long as well ventilation you can.

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My OB said yes but after 14 weeks

I did and it was fine however the color may look different due to hormones. I died mine brown but it came out black

I dyed mine while pregnant with my 2nd (I’ve had a lot of grays for a long time now). Just make sure you’re in an open, well ventilated area. I did mine at the dinning room table lol Color came out the same as it always did for me.

Make sure it’s well ventilated. Overtone is safe during pregnancy as well.

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Theirs probably definitely safer alternative dyes. Might just have to dig a little deeper to find them but in this day and age I’d be surprised if they don’t exist.

I’m a hair stylist. It needs to be well ventilated. Which some salons are not. If you are wanted to be extra safe I would ask for foils instead of on the scalp color. They can absolutely do a very heavy foil that covers 90% of your hair but the chemicals don’t sit on the scalp to process.


when I had my kids back in the early 70’s,they said no, They felt the dye will get into our system, which will effect & hurt the baby. But smoking prior to that wasn’t a problem (and no I didn’t smoke) I was a M’B RN for over 28 yrs (starting back in '92) a lot of my new moms dyed their hair, But I would just ask your OB Dr to see what they have to say.

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I did with both of my pregnancies. My Dr said it was perfectly fine. Just in a well ventilated area.

I did. As long as the room is ventilated you are ok.

Coloring and bleaching is fine. First trimester I wouldn’t just because your hormones can throw off the color and change the tone, how well it absorbed into the hair, etc. Like stated above, well ventilated area due to fumes.

Yes you can.
Just make sure it is a well ventilated area. Three pregnancies here, died my hair in each trimester of all pregnancies, all large healthy babies. Just be aware color possibly won’t take as good as it generally would.

A balayage should be fine. Supposedly some dyes get absorbed through your skin/scalp and COULD (unproven) harm the baby. Nonsense like that flooded the internet when I was pregnant, but people have become more sensible again. Do what you want, but if you’re concerned, just don’t have the stylist do your roots and scalp.

Yes. It’s completely safe. Most salons are well ventilated which is what you need to be concerned about. As long as it’s well ventilated you and baby will be fine.

I did I have 3 kids nothing wrong with them

I did mine. I just had ventilation.

They say not to, but my child is fine

I have 3 kids and have colored my hair with each one.

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Yes. Back then you couldn’t because of the chemicals that used to be in the dye. Now ur fine.

Bleached my hair throughout the whole 9 months of my pregnancy

Yeah I don’t see no problem with doing that I think if I can remember correctly I did it when I was pregnant matter of fact right now I have a box of bold red hair dye sitting on my table beside the bed I’m not pregnant though

I did with my two pregnancies but Dr told me to make sure a well ventilated area :grin:

Yes you can but I would wait until 2nd trimester. That is what I was told. I’m 21 weeks. Just make sure room is well ventilated if you do it yourself.

Yes perfectly fine to dye ur hair while pregnant!

Ask your hair stylist. As long as their dye is free of harsh chemicals it’s fine

My granddaughter did!!!

Not in the first trimester

Google it you are suppose to wait until after first trimester

I couldn’t while I was pregnant because I’m actually allergic to bleach, but I’m an A-hole and love my blonde hair… aside from the allergy though it would have been fine, keep it off your scalp and do it in a well ventilated space

Absolutely! Just make sure you’re in a properly ventilated area :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah you can,
Personally I couldn’t handle the smell of hair dye and it made me :face_vomiting: but I was also recommended by a professional to use Ammonia-free dye

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you dye your hair while pregnant?

Yeah after 12 weeks due to the chemicals I dyed my hair thru all 4 of my pregnancys x

Hey there :slightly_smiling_face: I had my hair coloured during both my pregnancies but I did have a skin patch test before the colour appointments whilst pregnant. I think as long as you have a patch test and you don’t have a reaction and your colourist knows you’re pregnant then it’s down to personal choice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I never did. Just waited, not worth it.

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Def tell your hair dresser as I have read permanent hair color isn’t always safe and depending on the Color you go with. I’m just paranoid as this is our only chance having our baby and high risk so after doing a lot of reading I have decided not to and embrace the greys for the rest of pregnancy :see_no_evil:


So long as you are in a well ventilated area you are fine. It’s safe!

You’re fine just no bleach near the scalp and if using bleach it needs to be in a well ventilated area so you don’t breathe in the chemicals x

We inhale so many pollutants on a daily basis, the smell of hair color is probably the least of what we should be worrying about :joy::woman_shrugging:
I would have your hairdresser do a skin test to ensure you won’t react to the hair color on your scalp.


I’ve had my hair dyed but foils so it’s not actually touching your scalp.

After 12 weeks. Safer in second trimester

Yes you can. The way my OB explained it was if it was so bad, then hair stylist would not be able to work while pregnant. You are ok!

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Why die your hair and waste money? You look beautiful natural, why do you need to change how you look.

I did in both my pregnancies. Eldest is almost 4 and youngest is 8 weeks old tomorrow😊

I asked my doctor at 4 months, because I couldn’t stand looking at my rachet hair, and it was a yes. I dye my hair darker because that’s what I prefer. As long as you’re safe with it… should be fine.

Hair color has come a long way. At one point in time, it wasn’t safe to use, due to the chemicals used to make it. But formulas have changed and there are plenty of ammonia free options as well that are usually a safe option. Definitely make sure you’re in a well ventilated area, especially if using bleach.
Also, be sure to talk to your stylist and let them know your concerns. Don’t be afraid to ask what they plan on using, and even ask them to show you. A good stylist will work with you. :heart:

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I bleached my hair and got my hair done at 10 weeks. Wear ur mask if you don’t want to smell chemicals. And I’ve boxed dyed my hair

Totally did, just used a less harsh bleach and colour so its not as potent!

It’s safe as long as you are in a well ventilated area. Just a heads up though, it doesn’t always turn out the way you want with the hormone changes, sometimes the colour doesn’t take to the hair as well or the colour isn’t exactly the tone you want (not always but can happen).

Color won’t catch as good since you’re pregnant

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Yes before your third trimester and in a very well ventilated area

Yes with good ventilation, avoid lightener if possible bc your hormones can react with it and could only make it so light

Color might not turn out the same

I dyed my hair but I didnt bleach it because inhaling too much bleach is bad

Yes it’s safe as long as it’s not a full root dye! They say to try to wait until you’re done with your first trimester though. A balayage is completely fine :blush:

Yes, but they say to wait until your in your second trimester (after 12 weeks). Also, make sure you’re in a well ventilated area and you should be fine.

I did the whole time with all 3…never had a problem

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I did with all 4 of mine throughout each pregnancy. No problems

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Did both my pregnancies using vegan hair dye. Both kids are healthy.

Yes, I’m 24weeks with my 3rd and I have been having my hair dyed blue every 8 weeks, and this last time I had it partially bleached and dyed blue.