Can you feel baby move at 6 weeks pregnant?

Im 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and i honestly think i can feel the baby fluttering around. Could this be?


Gas baby… Unfortunately… But congratulations… Just wait they will be kicking you in the bladder here soon enough and making you pee yourself. Pray that they’re not taking you in the cervix cuz that crap hurts!

Everyone told me no but then I could see baby moving at 10 weeks and even caught it on video, if it’s not your first and your a thin person than it is very possible for you to feel quickening early and big movements early as well like rolling over


No, the baby is the size of a pea and doesn’t even resemble a baby yet…

Likely just gas.


Not that early. But you will feel baby #2 move earlier than you did baby #1.

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This is what a baby looks like at 11 weeks. They are too weak to make your stomach move.

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No, not til 16-20weeks for movement to be felt

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Pamela Lucy-Elizabeth Moody when did you feel this one?

I’m currently 11 weeks with number 3 and swear I already feel kicking. Everyone is telling me it’s gas or I’m crazy but oh well. I can feel it they can’t.

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that’s probably gas that early on flutters usually start 10 weeks could start later on the first though

Gas, dude. You’ll know.

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I personally think 6 weeks is too early, but I do believe that you can feel them earlier depending your size, weight, and even number of pregnancies. I told my Dr I felt my girl I’m currently pregnant with at 12 weeks and she even said it’s possible to feel flutters at that time considering this is my second.

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Lol. No.
Baby is the size of a pea!


No way baby is a tiny little seed

Read that u can actually feel it sooner ur second time around

No. The baby don’t even have legs yet. There’s no way u can feel baby at 6 weeks.

I think 6 weeks is a bit early… I felt my second son move at 13 weeks. He will be 4 weeks old tomorrow

Probably gas. I’m 22 weeks and started feeling her last week

It’s fine to think it is💙 just smile, rub your belly, and say hi


10 weeks was the earliest for me.

Probably not. I’ve had 5 kids the earliest I’ve felt anything was between 10-12 wks. Nd I def know the difference between gas and something bumping into the wall of my uterus lol.

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With my 2ed baby felt first flutters at 9-10 weeks first baby 17 weeks

At 6 weeks baby’s cells are still deciding what will become the head and brain and heart

I have 5 kids. Which each one I could feel them earlier. But not at 6 weeks. Could be muscles growing stretching but no way the actual baby itself. I was about 12 weeks-ish when I felt my 5th child. When you know what your looking to feel it’s easier to know but 6 weeks the baby looks like a teenie tiny hairless hamster. They can barley switch yet. But it is an awesome feeling

Not a possibility. I felt my second around 14 weeks. And today shes two months old

Maybe satans baby? I hear they grow quick


Probably gas bubbles, but I felt the same at like 8 weeks I think.

Just smile and enjoy!

Probably gas yes it’s your second but it’s still to early! You could start to feel them earlier though then with your first, just not that early :slight_smile:

This is number four for me and I’m almost 9 weeks and I can feel mine punching my uterus