Can you finance a Disney trip?

I want to take my son to Disney, he’s 5 and never been. We are from Canada and I was wondering if there was such a thing as “financing” a trip. I’ve never been on a trip outside of Canada before so this is all new to me. Does anyone know if there is a way to make monthly payments on a trip, sort of like a credit card? Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to afford to go, but if it’s something I can make payments on over a set amount of time it would be doable. Do travel agencies do this? Can anyone help me out?


Pay for it with a credit card and make your monthly payments.

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Usually you can pay a deposit, than by a certain day the travel agency you go through would request the remainder :slight_smile:

Maybe start putting money into a savings account?


You book in advance and pay it off over the time leading up to your holiday. Go to a travel agents they will have all the info u need xx

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If you book with Disney you might be able to put a deposit down. You have to pay the full amount by a certain date. You can call them and find out. Or maybe make a special saving account for the trip and put any payment into that until you have enough and book the trip and pay it in full then.

Was awhile ago but booked with Disney direct for flight, hotel and park tickets and had to put a deposit down upfront and made payments up until time of trip.


You can make monthly payments through Disney or a travel agent !

Yes. You just need to go through a travel agency.

There is it’s called Barrett bus something they go every year look it up on fb

You could save some each month…like you were making payments. In another year your child will be taller and able to ride more rides too.


Set aside an amount from each paycheck and save for it…

Disney actually has a credit card you can sign up for

Honestly I’d wait till your son is a bit older, we took our soon when he was 5 years old and there wasn’t a lot we were able to do

I would wait until he’s older. I went when I was 11 and I barely remember it.

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start saving now and take him when he’s a few years older. there are travel agents though but you only get a certain amount of time to pay it

Save for it. Not sure why you can make payments for “financing” a trip but cant take the payments youd make and just save that money🤔


Disney Rewards Credit Card or you can look up credit cards that have an interest free period for new enrollments

5 is pretty young. Save up (so you aren’t adding interest to a loan or credit card fueled trip) and go when he’s a little older. You’ll both enjoy it more :wink:

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Its called a savings account… take money from each paycheck and set it aside in there. :woman_facepalming: If you have to get a credit card to go on vacation, that’s the universe telling you: you can’t afford it!

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Disney has a pay payment plan just go to the website. No need for a travel agency or signing up for a credit card.


Open a savings account and start putting monthly “payments” into it and then go when he’s older and able to do more. Cash flowing it all would be way less stressful!


Use a credit card or save up. I took my son when he was 2 and he loved it. There is a ton for them to do. He still talks about it.

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We went through an agent and we were required to pay a deposit for each family member, we then had up until 1 month before our trip to make the final payment (5 months from when we booked)

I just went with my 5 year old and 7 now 8 month old and we all had a last. My son was tall enough got almost all major rides and the best time is when their imagination is alive. I put a deposit down and paid the rest toward the trip.

Don’t do it. Pay cash for it. If you can’t afford it now then don’t do it. I’m biased though because I hate Disney world.

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I don’t know if it is just for military but when we went to Universal studios and Disney I called them directly and made all the arrangements and they took a Deposit and then I could make payments on-line. Also you can go to those look at my 90 minute Condo previews and pay about $399.00-$499.00 and stay off properly and take ssd’s shuttle over, buy your tickets online. We brought meal plans it saved for us because we knew our kids were going to he hungry in the park and to pay park prices no. It was way cheaper. You can ask when you make reservations if you go that way. We are go easy pass cut in line and a letter from our doctor. Our children all have medical issues and Autism. Helps with lines too. I don’t know if you card get them in Canada but every payday I also bought Gift cards for the park we were going to. We went one year to one, another year to the other. Going this year to Universal studios. Then back to Disney in maybe two. Hope any of this gives you some ideas.

Why not just open a savings account & put a certain amount in it each wk &then when u have enough, go.


My family went through a Disney planner 200$ a month as long as it’s paid off 30 days prior to trip

Hey Karen! I’m a travel agent with Ears of Experience. Yes you can definitely make payments! Packages require a $200 deposit and when you book with me you can make payments up until 45 days before your arrival date (so we can make sure we get your information packets to you in time). My services are completely free and I can plan everything for you if you are interested! My facebook page is Madison Weaver with Ears of Experience and website is Also, I don’t think 5 is too young at all! We took our daughter when she was 3 months old, and even though she won’t remember it, we will! :slightly_smiling_face: she could ride every ride we could (with the exception of roller coasters)


Disney requires a $200 deposit on a vacation package, then the rest you can pay off as you please. The balance has to be paid 30 days in advance of the check in date. So essentially, you could make monthly payments on it before you even go and you won’t be in debt afterwards.

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costco travel allows you to make payments!

Have a friend that sets up Disney trips…she can give you package deals and then dates for when your able to afford it…Carlee…she would be able to help you with any and all questions for financially being able to do your trip

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I saved for 2 years by buying a Disney gift card every time I went to the grocery store. I only forked our $100 or so in cash when it came to the trip

Most places will offer some kind of financing, but it’s usually credit based and since you are not from the states, I’m not sure u could. I would get a rough price for what you want to do and then divide by how much you could reasonably pay per month and put that money back in a savings account. Once you save enough to cover a portion of the trip (flights, tickets, hotel) pay for each component. Then you won’t be charged out the nose in interest

Wait and save, 5 is really quite young to enjoy… It’s a u.s site but I live in Canada and was able to book my trip to Mexico. They offer a payment plan. Message me if you need help understanding the site

Five may be a bit young restricting the rides and whatnot he’ll be able to try. This would also allow you to start a saving account with auto monthly deposits from your main bank account. By the time you have enough for your trip your son will be at an age he would get to do more things, and you won’t have big bills to pay when you get home. Setting money aside this way is easier than trying to remember to do in manually every month or trying to finance it. When you go just remember to get comprehensive travel insurance as provincial plans won’t cover you if needed.

why not just put the money away monthly ahead of time rather than work on credit? Same same but different


I agree with Cameron☝️

This is the problem with society today. We are willing to use “credit” and rack up debt.

Why not save $100-$200 a month for how ever long you need to save for in order to take the trip. Youll feel much more satisfied doing it this way, and the trip will mean that much more! It’s called delayed gratification, this day and age we have access to everything at our finger tips and we are constantly hit with marketing and finance options so that you think you can “afford” something that you actually cant… instant gratification is a huge thing people need to get away from.

Also 5 years old is definitely not to young but I would have to say from Experience that I went at that age and I don’t remember anything.