Can you find out the gender at 15 weeks?

Has any one had one of the 3D gender scans around 15/16 weeks pregnant? I will be 15+6 when I have mine just wondered how accurate they are and of they can see much on the scan???


I got one was clear enough and found out the sex xx

Yep. I did. Found out immediately shes a girl.

Waste best time is 28-32 weeks


Yes you can find out clearly by then

Make sure you have a full bladder!!! Like as full as you can possibly stand. Makes for better image. Had one at 15 weeks and one at 17. Both accurate.

They don’t do 3D that soon but they will do a 2d gender scan and give you a preview of what a 3D will look like. I went at 13 weeks and it was accurate I’m 32 weeks and they’re still so far right


I had my first at 25 weeks and it wasn’t as good as my second and third pregnancy 3d scans…which I waited 30-31 weeks for my last 2. They say the longer you wait the better the photo…which was true for me

I found out at 16 weeks that my rainbow baby was a girl. She is 1 now. It was fun to find out!

I had a 2d one at 16 weeks and the sex was correct. I later had a 3D scan which wasn’t great as she was facing her back towards us and we couldn’t see anything & she wouldn’t move x

Found out at 15 weeks with both of my girls and they were right!

With this pregnancy I got it done at 14 weeks…found out he’s a boy and he isn’t shy. Haha. :heart::heart:

They let me see what she’d look like, as you can see it wasn’t really clear x

15 weeks mine well clear a little princess she now nearly 4 weeks old x

I found out i was having a girl at 14weeks. 33 weeks now they were accurate

30 weeks with my second

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Yup I did mine at 13 weeks super clear! We will go back in a week for our second one!

31 weeks with my third


I have a 3D one of my babys foot at 20w1d. The ultrasound technician said you cant really see much til later on. She tried to get one of my babys face but the umbilical cord was in the way.

My sonographer mentioned her gender at 12-13 weeks but told me it’s still not clear but she sees a girl and indeed it was a girl

25 weeks with my first

I had mine at 16 weeks

I paid to have an elective done at a 3/4d ultrasound office where I live and he does them as early as 11 weeks. He’s never been wrong yet for any of his clients and if he isn’t sure he will reschedule to do a recheck. He was right with ours at 11 weeks which was also confirmed at 20 and birth. I’m sure not all places that do it are correct because nothing is ever 100%, but I’d just look up reviews and things and If your still skeptical you will always have another in a couple weeks

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I had mine at 14 weeks. 2d an one 3d. She could tell he was a boy within the first minute

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Better to wait till 19ish weeks they dont do gender scans in newzealand until between 18-20 weeks so they know they are accurate

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I haven’t had one, my baby days were years earlier…lol…but the ones I’ve seen, some look accurate, some don’t…I guess it depends on the quality of the equipment…I do wonder about radiation and possible harm to the unborn thou…

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I did the bloodwork test and found out at 10 weeks!

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With my first pregnancy at 15 weeks I was told it was a boy and they were correct, with my second at 15 weeks was told it was a girl and that was totally wrong haha definitely another little boy!

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I had mine at 15 weeks 4 days and it was super clear it was a girl. I’ve always had the 3D gender scans around 15/16 weeks and so far they have all been super accurate.

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I did mine at 13 weeks. Penis clear as day :joy:

I got my gender scan with some 3D scans at 18 weeks gender was plain as day on the regular ultrasound but the 3D scans looked kinda like mashed potatoes for some reason I was told it was where she was at and most 3D scans that early on don’t look the best 🤷

I was 20weeks when I had mine

I was 18weeks for my ultrasound and it was very clear that it was a boy lol :yum:

I had mine done at 14 weeks and it was accurate

Mine was at 16 weeks and they got it spot on

I did at 15 weeks they said girl. I’m high risk so I’ve since had a ton of ultrasounds. 25 weeks, 4 ultrasounds later and she’s still a she lol

Yes I had one that’s him I think around 28

My son n daughter in law did a 3D it’s amazing … you will be so glad you did…

We didn’t have these when I was pregnant so gender would be a surprise. I kind of liked that.