Can you get a chest x ray while pregnant?

Has anyone had an chest x-ray while around 19 weeks pregnant & baby came out just fine? I had one & my primary doctor today said she forgot I’m pregnant SMH The X-Ray technician did “double” wrap me with protection and said it from her past experiences everything has been fine. I’m just worried now. I am on the search for a NEW PRIMARY as this was my LAST straw with her​:heavy_heart_exclamation: Thank you ahead of time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:t4:


I actually was 24 weeks, got really sick and they needed to check my lungs. Baby girl is 2 fine and extremely smart. You should be fine.

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I’ve had a X-ray on my foot while pregnant. Once 20 weeks hit they can no longer perform xrays as that is where the trouble starts.

I had several chest X-rays and then some with my oldest for a pulmonary embolism. She is perfectly perfect :slightly_smiling_face:

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Me! Baby was perfectly healthy😊

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I had a chest xray when i was early on with my 1st. Was fine as long as they wrap your belly

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Xrays are totally fine as long as you abdomen is shielded.


I did two and my boy is fine.


Yes. I had three…one at 5 weeks. One at 23 weeks and one at 32 weeks
My bsby is fine

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I did! I did have some issues come up not too long after, and became a high risk patient. I still to this day kind of blame myself for allowing them to X Ray me. My pregnancy was fine up I until 18 wks. I had some gallbladder issues which I didn’t know the time was what it was, so they ran every test under the sun including the x-rays. I was induced at 36.5 weeks due to“ measuring small for dates “ but he came out Perfect, 6lb4oz, almost a month early he was not small by any means :woman_shrugging:t3:

I had a chest xray to check for clots in my lungs, and everything is totally fine so far. :slight_smile: they take really good care of you and use multiple shields where baby is.

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i had to have xrays when i carried my daughter the dr wanted to make sure it wasnt twins well we always had lots of problems with her she is bipola also has seizures they done brain scans and said it shows an abanality but they dont know what it is and i have always wondered if the rays from the xray did something to her none of my other kids had any ptoblems but never had xrays withthem all her teachrs in school told me they didnt know what was going on in hr head and knowing my other children they all said if they didnt know better they would not believe she came from the same family i rember at the time my dr didnt wnt to do the xrays but said he had tobut still believe it had somethng todo withit

I had a chest X-ray at 14 weeks for pre-op and baby was fine

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I had an x-ray by my dentist and they covered my belly. I felt like my head had been in a microwave for a whole week after that. Never had that problem before when I wasn’t pregnant.

I had one when to check for pneumonia…i had bronchitis…shes 1 now n has been a healthy happy baby all year lol

I have i have had a lung collapse and 8 months pregnant and the baby and iboth arefine hes 19 willbe 20 next month thankgod everyday