Can you get an infection in river water?

Alright lady’s summers here and if you live in Texas then you know what I mean when ITS TIME FOR THE RIVER!

So I will be 20weeks when we go. People keep telling me to worrie about infections because of the river water, but… like prego people are always in the lake and stuff? So my Question can I enjoy my river ride with a mess bottom and enjoy my ride, or should I have a plastic bottom and not have anything but my legs in the water?


U will be just fine girl I went swimming alot when prego and put my whole body in

I went to the river at 30 weeks I asked the same question on here and got horrible feedback as to why I shouldn’t. I talked to my dr and she said I would be fine. I got in the water and on the boat everyday for a week and was fine just drink lots of water and enjoy your self with your family and friends :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve never heard to avoid if pregnant. I’d just enjoy it.

I’m 23 wks and I go swimming… it’s actually good for you, just stay hydrated

Check your local water tests! They perform them pretty regularly when they know the weather is nice :grin:

My OB advised me to never get into open water like lakes or rivers because they normally don’t get tested the way oceans do for bacteria. Now with that said, I know in Georgia they test periodically and the results are available to the public. I think if you dont have open sores and don’t plan on drinking the water you should be fine. Your OB knows the area better, so I would honestly ask them.

Unless your in labour or before 6 weeks postpartum

Your cervix is closed your healthy babys healthy bugger there judgement girl get that seim darling x

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I hit the river on a daily at like 8 months pregnant and never got an infection

I believe it’s warmer bodies of water where bacteria would grow that you have to watch out for. I went swimming in the river while pregnant and didn’t have any issues.

I spent every day of my pregnancy with my first on the river tubing. Since i was pregnant all summer long. My ob said it was fine your cervix is still closed so nothing can get in. Swimming is actually good for your body while pregnant and will help relieve some pressure points were baby sits like hips

Girl go in the river. It’s not like you’re gonna drink the river water

I went tubing recently and I’m 37 weeks. Im sure you’ll be fine

I swam in the lake and i had no issues. Just make sure its not a really gross lake