Can you get false negatives?

Has anybody been pregnant when tbey have taken 2 tests and both negative?! Cuz my boobs hurt (not terribly) but im tired and ibhave this strange rash that i ONLY have had with my previous pregnancies so idk what to think…


My sister took multiple tests and all were negative… she now has a two year old daughter.

I took my last pregnancy test 4 times before a clear positive. I thought I saw a very light line with the earlier tests but my husband said I was just seeing things

Urine and blood was negative with my 1st I kept pushing for an ultrasound and when they finally did 1 I was almost 14 weeks… she is now 16 yrs old

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I tested for four days in a row after my missed period. Fifth day got my positive and have a four year old boy now.

Anything is possible! Until the period comes, you’re still in the ball game!

Good luck :two_hearts:

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You could still just be too early doll. Try testing again I’m a week or so

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I took 5 tests. The first 4 were negative, the last was positive and only 2 days after I took the 4th negative one.

:raised_hand: my first didnt show with 3 pregnancy tests and I was 7 weeks pregnant… took a blood test for me to get a positive. My 2nd it showed a light line and I was 5 weeks pregnant.

Every test said negative until I was 12 weeks along

It took forever to get a positive with my second. I knew for a week before I got that second line to show up.

My second daughter I kept getting negative. I was almost 4 months when i finally found out.

Yes. 3 tests all negative. Told my doc I couldn’t be pregnant, that I wasn’t stupid and I knew how to pee on a stick. My son is 16.

Yes if it’s early sometimes that can happen i didn’t have a positive pregnancy test with one of my daughter’s till i was just around 3 months along but in knew i was pregnant…third child.

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Sometimes it takes a while to get a positive. There are soooooo many pregnancy tests out there!

Yes. I knew I was pregnant with my 3rd but all home test and test done by my doctor came back negative. Sure enough a month later the positive test finally came.

When i thought i was pregnant i took 4 different tests and each came back negative so i put my missed period down to stress i was having, and I’d not even thought about it til later colleague at work asked me if i was, and i was like “shut up” and there it was, positive and was 10 weeks pregnant.
So just wait a week or so and try again.

Yep. Two negative tests and I was more than a month along.

My first two were negative with my pregnancy now, I waited a few weeks and took another test and it was positive.

This would be my 4th baby and i just feel off… im just feeling like maybe its in my head

My sister kept taking pregnancy test. All negative. She finally went & got a blood test. Bam! 4 months pregnant with triplets


Took three before they registered my last baby

Many neg testers until after 3 mo along

Yes I had all negative pee test so that did blood work to tell me I was pregnant n my dad knew before I knew he knew just by looking at me at 1 week pregnant I said no I couldn’t but he was right

Urine and Blood test came back negative for my pregnancy. The only reason I knew I was pregnant was because they were doing an ovarian scan for cysts. I have PCOS, so tests are not always initially accurate.

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I think maybe call ur doctor and have them do a bloid test.

Go to ur dr have blood test done it could be what they call a false pregnancy but I call me having 3 miscarriages