Can you get pregnant after a tubal ligation?

is it possible to get pregnant after tubal ligation ? 10 years tied, and regret grows more and more each year :disappointed_relieved::disappointed:


Same boat… :disappointed: mines been almost 5 years.

I think if you’ve only gotten them tied and nothing else you can still get pregnant through IVF…if you’re wanting to have another baby that is.

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They say the tubes can come untied and you can get pregnant.

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Look up Invocell, it’s much cheaper than IVF.

I got a tubal 4 and a half years ago. I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant !!


It’s been two years for me & I regret it as well.

So many end up pregnant after getting them tied yes. I see it on some of the groups I’m in. Almost every week I see a post of someone posting about how they had them tied & then found out they’re pregnant haha (& even with men, if they get snipped & don’t follow up sometimes they can still reproduce haha)

You can have a reversal done…

I just had mine done in December. My doctor told me that it could be reversed but insurance companies will not cover it and it’s expensive. Also she said after about 5 years, you have a better chance at getting pregnant without a lot of complications. 10 years is a greater chance. But she said if I were to get pregnant now, I needed to contact her because it would result in a tubal pregnancy.

As long as u didn’t have em burned u can get them untied but u may have pay for it. Ivf a option also but chances of getting pregnant with tied tubes is slim its possible but rare

I have ZERO REGRETS ! I’m so DONE and so glad I went through with it, I had a DEPO and PLAN B fail so I’m hoping this doesn’t fail me


Here they clamp your tubes. I’ve had several friends get pregnant cause their tubes are no longer clamped.

Bern 9 yrs since my tubal and I’ve regretted it. I’d always hoped id have been one of those lucky few who woulda got pregnant but those days of that are numbered since I’m close to forty☹️

I knew when I got pregnant with my second that I didn’t want anymore so I made the decision to have it done. My then husband was fine with it. People would ask me “Well what if your husband wants another one?” I said he can fine someone else because I don’t. Been divorced for 3 years and my boyfriend has 3 of his own and my ex husband has a toddler. My boyfriend and I don’t want one that’s ours together. Was the best choice for me. I wouldn’t tell anyone not to do it but to make sure you understand the choice for future plans. It is expensive to get it reversed and I thought I read it’s still not a guarantee you will get pregnant after it’s reversed.

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I got my 2 boys and 2 girls.
No regrets.
Now that my youngest will be 16… I’m at that moment where I can enjoy my life as an almost empty nester .

I went to a dr named Richard livine that i found in kentuck to have my reversal.I have a beautiful healthy 9 years old! You can find him on line. Good luck

I pray everyone day i dont have my own boy but i lray ever day god will give me one being fixed

It can happen. Which is o e of the many reasons I refuse to have it done.

I have 5boys and 4girls …i got my tubes tied without hesitation this time bcuz i know i do not want anymore kids. Im almost 31yrs old and now its time to just enjoy them grow up.

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My friend was looking into untying her tubes. It is reversible.

I got a hysterectomy at 23 due to other complications. But being a single mom I’m happy with my two girls no regrets at all :heart:

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It’s very possible, but it’s likely to end up an ectopic pregnancy.

You can get them reversed, but you’ll have to pay out of pocket and I think whenever I looked into it the procedure costs roughly around $10k. I’m sure that depends on the area you live in, the doc, etc. but it’s expensive.

Absolutely 100% possible :heart_eyes: I had my tubes tied after three children and then had two more children after my reversal. Fell pregnant easily without any medical intervention :blush:

Mines tied been that way since 2003 and i do not regret it

My mom had 4 before she was 21 she is 84 now had to have a hysterectomy in.January she had unterine cancer

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Could u get them untied, talk to your dr

You’ll have to pay out of pocket and it’s around $10K to get it done. (Where I live.) And, it’s only a 50/50 chance of getting pregnant after having it done.

Depends if they were just cut or if they were cauterized.

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Yes you can nothing is 100% unless you have a hysterectomy or just don’t have sex

My husband was born after his mom has her tubal reversed.

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You can have it reversed or do IVF
I had mine removed but they told me if I ever changed my mind there is IVF

I cant believe people are laughing at this. Wow. Yes you can get a reversal. Women are so god damn mean to eachother .

I wish i didnt do mind…my new hubby of 6 yrs would have me a beautiful child.

I had my tubes cut tied and burned in 2012 so it’s still possible?

If u get them tired y would untired known men can act like an ass 28years tired

My sister had hers re-attached and got pregnant. So yes it is do able!! Good luck!!

Yes, its not a 100% guarantee birth control and its potentially reversible

Yes, my mom got pregnant with me three years after having hers cut tied and burned

They can become untied. I know someone who had theirs cut, tied, and burned and STILL got pregnant. If the tubes are removed they can grow back.

Regret medically like you have symptoms or regret because you want more children. Sorry just curious

I got mine tied at age 22 because i had 3 kids but i also had precalmsia with my youngest im now 24 and i do regret it sometimes but then i remember almost loosing my daughter n how bad it was n getting told if you arnt on oxygen untill you give birth or the baby could die yeah i kinda decided i needed it

A womeni know. Got hers tied. Never reveresed. And her husband didnt think he could have any. She is mid 40 he is mid 50s. They got pregnant 6 years ago outta the blue and now have a healthy 6 almost 7 years old.

My mom had it done and got pregnant still. My sister is turning 13 at the end of the month and has had no health issues

I know someone that got that done and hand a healthy baby boy

I was thinking of doing this but don’t really want to pay 8 thousand dollars, I’d much prefer to buy a new dog :blush:

I had Tubal Ligation done(my follopian tubes were cut in half) this October it is 3 Year’s ago sorry to say but My Gyno said it’s a Permanent Thing…But that’s what I wanted so made my decision knowing there was no turning back once I woke …