Can you get pregnant after your tubes are tied?

Have y’all or anyone y’all know gotten pregnant after having tubes tied?

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Yes, a woman from here 15 years later after her tubes tied. Yup

I have a friend who got pregnant after having tubes tied

I read a lot of stories of it happening

Only know one person and it ended in a hysterectomy. But shes the only one out of everybody i know.

Yes i have a uncle in his 20s lol im gonna be 32 and my mom is the oldest shes 52

Yes I had my tubes tied,cut and burned in 99 and in 2013 I got pregnant with TWINS…


Nope its been for 4 years

I’m so excited about this thread! I’ve been going back and forth about doing this. I hate birth control, but I’ve also heard to stay on it after your tubes are tied for this reason.

Yes, me. I lost my baby. My doctor told me there is a 1 out of a 200 failure rate. I was at the hospital waiting for tests with a room full of women and the subject was brought up. Six of them besides me had gotten pregnant after a tubal.

Get them REMOVED. 100% effective. No change in period. Prevent ovarian cancer.

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Not me. But I’ve got my tubes tied. On year 5 of them tied!

My cousin did. She had them tied for probably 15 years and ended up pregnant again at 39

I got mine tied,cut and burned in 1999 and in 2013 I got pregnant with TWINS…


Yes it’s rare but you can still get pregnant. If done good it’s like a 1 in 1000 chance.

My mom has had hers tied for 23 years, still nothing lol

Statistic show for every year post procedure you’ve got a 1% increased chance of getting pregnant again.

I had mine tied in 2010 and got pregnant in 2015 - we were quite surprised


Yep, my best friend got pregnant with twins after having her tubes done!

Yup my mother in law…

Stephanie Garcia hahaha

Twice I miscarried both times though

Ask ur doctor about a tube removal, I’ve heard it’s more effective… I have a friend that had hers cut tied and burnt and she is pregnant due this July

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I don’t know anyone personally, but I have heard of it happening.