Can you get pregnant on Nexplanon?

Have any of you ever gotten pregnant with the Nexplanon implant? I got the implant put in May 2016 and I am due to have a new one put in about a month. The past week or so I’ve been absolutely exhausted and overly emotional for no real reason and ive started having out of the blue unexplained nauseau today and frequent urination.My obgyn had told me that recent studies have shown that Nexplanon is effective for up to 4 years and that it is the most effective form of birth control so I guess I am really wondering should I actually be concerned about possibly being pregnant or am I probably just being paranoid?


No birth control is 100%. If you’re sexually active then Ofcourse theres a chance.


I got pregnant 2.5 yrs in. I lost my baby. Take a test.

I had the nexplanon implant but it was only good for 3 years. Worked great for about 2 1/2 years then I started bleeding and bled for almost 3 months until they took it out, which it was almost time anyway by that point. But I never had a period on it until then. I did like it better than any other forms I had been on.

Towards the end of my nexplanon I started to get super bad headaches and felt terrible all the time. I had it removed and another one put in and bled for about a month off and on but that’s stopped now. I think once you’re body gets used to it and it starts to lessen you hormones your body can be a little weird.

But of course it’s possible to be pregnant

I had the Nexplanon. I went 2 years without a period and then they started out of the blue. Made me concerned in case of hormonal changes, so I got it removed first chance I got. Even the doctor agreed it was not normal.

I have used it for years now and just had another put in during April. My doctor says they only last 3 years. when it starts to run out, I always feel bad. You should go ahead and get it changed out.

It’s a slim chance but if it makes you feel better…take a test and see.
I had the Nexplanon put in June 2017 and it’s due to come out June 2020… I started off having a period every two weeks and sometimes sooner to now having it every month like normal but I don’t worry about getting pregnant on it.

Meet our nexplanon twins! Yes it’s :100:% possible ladies it happens. It’s very rare but it happens.


My husband was convinced on it. It’s always a possibility on any birth control.

I had mine in about a year and half over 3 years and never got pregnant I did have a time around the 2 year mark when I thought I was bc of the same symptoms you listed but I wasn’t

I don’t know about nexplanon but I’m currently 22 days late with mirena and getting positive pregnancy tests. My strings are in place so it makes no logical sense. I have an appointment Friday to see my OB


Yes I sure did. Doctors have me on double contraception now and I haven’t had the implant since. My boy is 4 now.

Guess what - no birth control is 100% guaranteed. You think you’re pregnant? Get off FB, get yourself a pregnancy test then set up a doctors appointment. You’re welcome.