Can you get pregnant several years after a vasectomy?

What are the chances of getting pregnant eight years after a vasectomy? My husband and I want to try and are going to look into a reversal. Just wanted to see if anyone else got pregnant after their husband had one several years ago!


You can, but if you truly want to try I would have him get his sperm count checked

I personally know two women who have

They can reverse themselves…
Not always but they can.
Or if he never went back to get his sermon count checked then yes. Absolutely.

I hope not! Isn’t that reason they get 1


I’ve been in this situation 15yrs ago… the reversal didn’t work for us ( I know not always the case and it works well for others) so we turned to IVF which resulted in twins on the 1st attempt so we were very lucky.


I just had my son Saturday at 34 weeks. My husband had a vasectomy 8 years ago and I was on paragard.


Following. Any info helps

My husband had a vasectomy reversal and 12mths later we fell pregnant with our daughter :heart:

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My dad got a reversal and has had 2 other kids since.

Yes it sure can happen. My friend was longer than 8 years, had it reversed and they had a daughter.