Can you have braxton hicks at 8 weeks?

I got my BFP on Dec. 3rd, and my blood test was confirmed on the 11th. I’m about eight weeks pregnant now, and as of yesterday, I’ve been having what almost feels like Braxton Hicks contractions. They’re pretty frequent, I’d say but not super painful, just more uncomfortable than anything else. I had a miscarriage about three months before the start of my current pregnancy, and I also have a year and a half old daughter. I didn’t feel Braxton Hicks contractions until 20 weeks with my first pregnancy. Could these possibly be Braxton Hicks at 8 weeks, and is it something I should worry about? How can I help myself and make them go away?


Nope. But you can get implantation cramps

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If you are dehydration I’d say yes. Drink some coconut water

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No you are barely pregnant. Go to the doctor


Cramps are normal in 1st trimester.

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Not Braxton hicks but definitely cramping


U can habe braxton hicks starting at 11 weeks . I would try drinking some water and relaxing

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You should call your midwife or ob and get seen. It could be something like dehydration which can be dangerous or it can be something like the first signs of a miscarriage. There’s many other things it could be as well. Best to be seen by a medical professional.


Could be round ligament pains. Those are the worst.

Not trying to scare you I had what I thought was braxton hicks at 19 weeks and I ended up having a late miscarriage … Listen to your gut always better to get checked and be wrong I’d say :heart:

Cramping is normal. My oldest is 16 months and I am currently 28 weeks with my second. I noticed that the cramping was a little more prominent this time and I’ve read it can be due to having them closer together. I also started Braxton Hicks right around 20 weeks with both pregnancies. Just monitor it or your symptoms and call your ob if you feel like need medical advice or reassurance.

Girl get to the dr and have that baby checked out!

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You can get cramping just your body stretching out etc. Just look out for any signs of blood and if they’re really strong go and get checked shouldn’t be strong at all x

Go get checked for your own peace of mind

Braxton hicks can happen through out the entire pregnancy. I’d say normal but if you are concerned and worried for yours and bubs health, go to a gp. Better safe then sorry

I was super crampy during the beginning of my pregnancy. I felt like at any minute I was going to start my period. I would think its a little too early for Braxton hicks. But I would maybe call the doctor and get checked out.

Round ligament pain or miscarriage
Either way contact your doctor if you have concerns


It may be ligament pains. I had them so bad I thought I was having a miscarriage especially with my 3rd baby.

Id say ligament pains.

Could be normal cramps, dehydration or a itu… I would suggest calling the nurses line for peace of mind.

You start contracting in the first trimester but you don’t feel them. You are probably cramping and should get checked

I would definitely speak to midwife & get yourself checked out huni, everybody is different but I’ve had 3 babies & never had any pains/cramps that early on x

Definitely not Braxton Hicks but cramping is very normal especially in early pregnancy. Drink lots and lots of water. Dehydration can make cramping worse

Possibly implanting cramping, you may bleed a little

The fact that women are laughing at this when she could possibly be miscarrying. Learn your anatomy.


I had alot of cramping the first two months. Everything turned out fine

Drink lots of water and call your doctor

Drink lots of water and lay down on your left side. That’s what my doctor told me to do if I ever had bad cramping or signs of preterm labor. Also said if it doesn’t subside after an hour to call them.


Cramps can be normal at the beginning, but not Braxton hicks that early.

Possibly implantation cramps! Keep an eye on it (gets any worse, Bleeding) etc etc! Have you had a scan yet? Could maybe also be a ectopic pregnancy worst case😬 please get checked out as they are really dangerous for you!!!


I just suffered an ectopic pregnancy. I was having slight pains. I would get checked to be on the safe side

No that would just be your uterus contracting and growing.

I’m currently 12 weeks. From around 7 weeks on, it is still happening, I have been cramping and feels like Braxton Hicks. This is my third pregnancy, I have been to the doctors and everything is normal. My doctor says it’s just stretching of the muscles…

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Drink water with electrolytes
Or Gatorade
Or vitamin water instead of simple water
That will stop the cramping

You’re more likely experiencing implantation cramping. Just take it easy and drink lots of water, if they get too uncomfortable you can take Tylenol

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Round ligament pains are common but just get checked out

If something doesn’t feel right, always err on the side of caution and get checked out. That said, it’s likely normal. I felt crampy in early pregnancy both times.


How the fuck are women laughing at this and/or responding rudely?!

Instead of being assholes how about constructive advice.

Honestly makes me sick that women can be this gross🤮

OP- No, I don’t think you are experiencing Braxton hicks but none of us are experts. You mentioned you miscarried recently, it’d be best if you went and saw your Dr regarding this even if it’s just for piece of mind. I hope everything is fine and you’ll be welcoming a new member to family next year. Merry Christmas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wow people laughing get your self checked out hun x


Keep an eye on it. I had some awkward pains at the beginning of my pregnancy but my constant nausea is a wonderful assurance baby is fine lol it is scary in the beginning we worry over every little symptom it is hard to not stress. Hang in there and call your doc when they open up

Go to your obgyn. Just to be sure

I would for sure go in

Its way too early to get Braxton hicks. Those don’t usually occur until 2nd/3rd trimester. Light cramping on and off is normal during the beginning as you’re body gets used to hormonal changes. If you’re worried, just go to your obgyn or call them


I would go get checked out. It’s very early for that. My first thought before finishing your post was a miscarriage, which I pray isn’t true. Could be round ligament too

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I had cramping at the beginning of my current pregnancy. With my daughter who is 19 months i had no cramping at all pretty much the whole pregnancy. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and everything is fine. The cramping was quite painful but now it went a way and everything is fine but definitely go get checked if you have any concerns.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water

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Yes you actually can. But I’d be thinking more dehydration then anything. Drink plenty of water. And discuss this with your doctor or midwife.

You just need water!

It’s probably just late feeling on implantation or your uterus stretching again for the baby. Make an appointment with your ob just to check it out,but dont worry too much.


Its normal to have cramping early on, especially after your first pregnancy. Lots of rest, don’t over do it, lots of fluids, water and pedialyte, take 1g of tylenol, if the pain doesn’t go away with that then seek medical care. I had the same problem, this is everything they told me, and as long as you’re not bleeding and the tylenol helps it should go away with a few days

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It can be normal to have a lot of cramping especially in the beginning. There’s lots of growth and changes in your uterus. I would personally go see a doctor if bleeding started with the cramping. Otherwise there’s probably nothing they will do for you.

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It’s way too early for Braxton Hicks. Could be round ligament pain, try Tylenol & go to the ER.

My BH started from 8 weeks and have not stopped since.

Pls go get checked it might be another miscarriage

It could also possibly be an ectopic pregnancy. Definitely should get checked out

You should get checked sometimes you have braxon hicks when the embrio is being engaged but this seems too much if you can feel them that bad… Talk to your doctor

Everyone has different experiences during pregnancy. I would go get checked out. I know we are living in scary times but better safe than sorry. Even try calling telehealth for medical advice

Do you have your dating ultrasound booked?? That could tell you if baby is in right spot! I would call your doctor if the pain is pretty bad! If it’s just regular cramping I wouldn’t worry to much as it’s just your body stretching for baby! I’m pretty much going through same thing but I’m 5 weeks and I suffered a miscarriage end of October I’m cramping a lot and I just relax and take Tylenol and it goes away! But if you start bleeding or spotting def go to emerg is what my doctor has told me

GO DOCTORS!!! Im not trying to scare you at all but i had this at 16 weeks pregnant and as the days went on it got worse and worse pain… and it turned out it was labour pains. I ended up loosing my son. Now im not saying this is whats happening at all but just for your piece of mind and to potentially avoid any worries in your head go get checked… Im praying its nothing at all!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Could be ligament pains due to uterus stretching


I’ve had those growing pains

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I’d say ligament pain.


Could just be your uterus stretching.


Call your doctor to make sure

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I had an ultrasound at 18 weeks and they had to wait for approx thirty minutes bc I was contracting to be able to do my cervical measurement. The nurse told me it was normal bc it scared me. Make sure you are hydrated and don’t have any sort of infection though, if I were you I’d call or go and speak with the doctor just to be sure.


I would call and just check with your doctor.

Its common to have cramping early in pregnancy. As long as there is no heavy bleeding, you’re fine.

More than likely it’s ligament pain had it my whole pregnancy eventually they turned into Braxton Hicks due to being late in my pregnancy

Drink lots of water. I had alot of cramping around that time. Currently 17 weeks and still get cramping but I know its from not drinking enough water.

Braxton Hocks actually start very early in pregnancy, but at only 8 weeks you shouldn’t be feeling them. You should call your Dr. That’s what they are there for.


I think they’re growing pains, ligament pains. Everything is just growing. If you start having spotting or your pain increases I’d call your doctor.

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Id say round ligament pain, but Fb is not full of doctors. Go see your midwife/obgyn

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Could be dehydration. Your uterus will cramp if you are dehydrated. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. I work for an ObGyn and this is a common concern/question. Cramping can be normal. Any bleeding or pain that is worsening I would go straight to the ER. Try to rest and relax as much as possible and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. But for your peace of mind call the after hours on call doc just for advice. Also mention your recent pregnancy loss. They may want you to go ahead and be checked out.:slightly_smiling_face:


If you’ve recently had a miscarriage, I HIGHLY recommend that you contact your doctor. Please don’t look to Facebook for serious health care issues. And I say that with the utmost respect.


Don’t freak out yet you don’t need the stress but definitely see your obgyn as soon as you can as a lot of people said it can be ligament pain but better safe than sorry especially if you have a history of miscarriage

Call your Dr, I started going into labor and dilating at 16 weeks. Just stay hydrated, relax, and go in to see what Dr says.

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i had the same kinda feeling around the same time this pregnancy & asked my doctor if they were BH & she said my uterus was still too far down for them to be BH & that they were just my muscles & ligaments stretching!

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It’s cramps, ligament pain.


My mom had to take medication to stop contractions for her whole pregnancy all 4 times. Call or go in to your dr and talk to them, it could be nothing but only they can tell you.

At 5 months I had them at work then I started to bleed… went to my obgyn ASAP and it was from doing too much vigorous walking. I almost put myself into early labor.

See a doctor asap and tell them of your previous loss and any other complications you have had a long the way.

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Anything is possible, but I doubt it.

definitely contact your health care provider

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If you experience 6 of these contractions in an hour, call your Provider & go in promptly.

It’s probably your uterus growing causing cramp like pains. But definitely too early for Braxton hicks. They usually don’t start till after 20 weeks.

Call the on-call midwife or OB.

No definately not at 8wks,id call the midwife or your doctor x

From the University of Buffalo and LSU…
Braxton Hicks contractions are sporadic contractions and relaxation of the uterine muscle. Sometimes, they are referred to as prodromal or “false labor" pains. It is believed they start around 6 weeks gestation but usually are not felt until the second or third trimester of the pregnancy.

Definitely not Braxton hicks that early on. I would call your OB’s office to see if they want you to go in

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I had cramping starting at 5 weeks of every pregnancy my dr said for me to be concerned if I started bleeding, other than that he chalked it up to round ligament pain. Make sure your hydrated though because it can make them worse, some women get these pains earlier than others but if it’s really bugging you then it’s best to reach out to your OB.

I had BH since 14 weeks with my 1st baby, had them as early as 9 weeks with my second… but I also have an irritable uterus. I find it funny women are telling you it’s not possible just because they didn’t experience it themself.

It’s probably implantation cramps, as someone else said above. I would drink lots of water and call the on call doctor. Just because you recently had a miscarriage, you want to be super careful and cautious.

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They only problems i had whas with my first. My uterus was flipped the wrong way and was giving me stomach pains. If you just had a miscarriage, if i read it right, its way to soon to be having another baby. Your body isnt healed and your uterus is still big. I would definitely go to the doctor or even the ER.

I guess its ok after a few weeks.

You coups be cramping as your uterus grows. That happened to me this tome around

Currently 34weeks with my second and experienced the same thing also thought they might have been but they were just round ligament pains.

Go to the doctor, Sweet, not FB. Lots of love… X :heart: