Can you help guide me on how to find a free pregnancy test near me?

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Dollar Tree is only $1. Or planned parenthood used to be free I think!


Planned parenthood.
Honestly the dollar tree ones work too.


Yes I was going to say dollar store ones. They work great


I bought my first, last, and only pregnancy test from the dollar tree and it was 100% accurate lol.


Your county clinic usually has them for free or discounted price

Try local health deparment.

If you can’t afford a pregnancy test you can’t afford a baby. Look into adoption


Pregnancy center or go to the hospital tell them something happened to you and that you think your pregnant

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Pregnancy tests aren’t that expensive unless you get the fancy digital ones. Walmart has them for 88 cents and they work just fine :woman_shrugging:


Dollar store or find an OBGYN near you.

Try Walgreens, it’s not free but, if you are. The $ is worth it and it’s only the beginning

Dollar stores are everywhere. 1 buck that is cheap

Health dept or pegnancy help center near you

Don’t ever go to planned parenthood…


Planned parenthood or any other pregnancy resource center in your area. If you are going to Google it, make sure to put low income pregnancy test


Are you serious???

Google “free pregnancy testing in my area”

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This can’t be a real question. If this girl is really pregnant then the pregnancy test is the CHEAPEST part of it all.


Seriously?? Everybody wants something for nothing. If you have to ask for a free pregnancy test, there’s a good chance being pregnant is the WRONG answer for you. TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE!

Please don’t judge. You don’t know the whole story and it is none of your business anyway. She just asked a question.

Your local Department of Health and Human Services should be able to connect you with services to help you. Also, look for a local pregnancy center. They can help support you during this time. :heart:


You shouldn’t be having unprotected sex if you are just gonna come one here and ask questions like this.

Such an old technology… dollar store works just fine. Just wait until you are past your Last period


If you can’t afford a pregnancy test, why are having unprotected sex?

I once heard the dollar store carries them not free but pretty close. Most county health departments should be able to help as well.


Planned parenthood. They always worked with me when I was just a tweet for free pregnancy tests, condoms and emergency contraception. :two_hearts:

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Does anyone know that age is the person asking? If she’s is a minor she can’t go to a Dr office or planned parenthood to have anything done unless they do testing without worrying about age.

Wait a couple of months and you’ll definitely know the answer…Just kidding. The dollar store is the best option!

Go to planned parenthood or a women’s care center you won’t find any free at home tests

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The dollar tree ones work! Same ones they use In the clinics

Dollar tree their tests are FDA approved good luck😊

Can get 1 @ Dollar tree for $1. Unsure how reliable it is.

They are a $1 at dollar tree and they are the same tests used in doctors offices.

Unsure where you are located but if you are pregnant and you choose not to keep it I can care for it

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.88 cents plus tax at Walmart making them less than a dollar.

There are some Family Planning Clinics you could visit. They don’t do abortions.

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Go to the $ store they have them there for 1.00.

Maybe a Planned Parenthood center

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Walmart has tests for 88 cents

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Dollar store. Not free, but just a buck.

Your local health department.

Walmart has one for 88cents

The Walmart ones for like 88 whole cents work just fine.

Heres my answer for “free” local health department.

DG and dollar tree have them for $1.

Go to your doctor get yourself a blood test…free

Keep your legs closed


If you can’t afford a pregnancy test, you might want to rethink pregnancy! :joy:

Dollar tree sells em for a 1$ like :expressionless:

If anyone don’t like my answer don’t read it just pass it

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Some of these comments. Ugh

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Dollar tree/ Dollar General have tests for real cheap but , wait at least a week or 2 after missing your period . They’re cheap but not very good at detecting early on in a pregnancy… but if you have a planned parenthood/ health department nearby make an appt. Either place can help with birth control options if you’re negative and if you’re positive they can help with with options after that , more so the health department can help with W.I.C., parenting classes, and family planning or adoption etc… good luck