Can you see the sac at 4 weeks pregnant?

Hello, can anyone tell me if they have had a sonogram at four weeks and they weren’t able to see a sac or anything? I have tested positive on four different pregnancy tests. Thank you.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you see the sac at 4 weeks pregnant?

Normally you can’t see it until 8 weeks

I only properly saw my baby at 8 weeks. Heard the heartbeat for the first time also.
I had a scan at 4 weeks but couldn’t see anything as it was way to early. U can generally see from 6 weeks up. Alot of women I know saw their little ones from 6 weeks up

You should be able to see it by a vaginal ultrasound but you won’t be able to see baby till about 8 weeks.

Yes! With a vaginal ultrasound. I have pics of my baby at 4 weeks.

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It’s still too early. Not sure why they’d even do an ultrasound at 4 weeks. Technically you’re only about 2, but they count it from the first day of your last period. If your bloodwork comes back positive, I’d just go by that.


Had an ultrasound at 5 wks only had gestational sac… went back two weeks later at 7 wks and there was a baby, yolk sac the whole nine. Also heard the heartbeat. Just be patient, I had to learn that while freaking out. And pray.

I had my first ultrasound when I was 4 weeks. I found out at 3 weeks. We were able to see the sac but not baby until around 6 weeks❤️

I seen my sac at 4 weeks then 10 days later I saw baby in the sac and saw the heart beat fluttering

Saw my babe at 6 1/2 weeks! Don’t worry about not seeing it that early on it’s pretty common!

I saw the sac and my daughter’s heart fluttering at 5 weeks

It’s very common to not see much at 4 weeks. I didn’t really see anything until 6 weeks. :crossed_fingers:t3: I was nervous too Bc I couldn’t really see anything at 4 weeks.

No . I thought I was 8 weeks and ended up only being around 5/6 weeks and they couldn’t see anything . I went back two weeks later and was able to hear heartbeat and see sac.

This was mine at 4 weeks

My previous doctor wouldn’t Take me or do any tests till 3 months. Just wait and they’ll show up

Mine at exactly 6 weeks

It may be ectopic in your tube please make sure

I seen an heartbeat at 5 weeks and sack

I had to have an vaginal ultrasound at 4 weeks and only saw the sac.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you see the sac at 4 weeks pregnant?

I couldn’t see mine at 4 weeks…

No, I went in several times and it wasn’t visible vaginally until 5 weeks and even then they can’t see a fetal pole always. I was so worried there was no heartbeat for that reason, then week 6 I had another ultrasound and there was a heartbeat, week 8 there was no longer a heartbeat…what would have been week 9 I had a miscarriage. But 4 weeks is extremely early.

Week 6 for an ultrasound is the best time to have one

Usually, the earliest a scan can detect a sac is around 5 weeks.

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Can I ask why you’d get a sonogram that early

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At 4 weeks a pregnancy test sometimes cannot pick up a few cells in the uterus a sonogram wouldn’t pick anything

At 5 weeks, sac only. No heartbeat. She’s about to be 6.

Maybe if they did a trans vagainal ultrasound but not 100% sure it would be so small.

there’s not a detectable sac that early… idk why they would use a sonogram knowing you’re that early.

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They saw a sac and a tiny rice grain basically, maybe a smidgen bigger than that, at 5 weeks 3 days and 4 tests said positive and I was indeed positive.

No I m afraid you can’t after 4 weeks you can…at this current state just a heart beat is what you are able to hear…Blessings a d Prayers to you and baby…

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you see the sac at 4 weeks pregnant?

In my case, she was able to see only that I ovulated heavy . Had to get a blood test to be 100% sure .

It’s possible. Everything is so tiny at that stage. The best time for ultrasounds is around 8 weeks. At 4 weeks, you’ve only technically been pregnant 2 weeks (they add 2 weeks to include period week and ovulation weeks since there’s no sure way of knowing when implantation occurred) so it makes sense that you wouldn’t see much, if anything, at that point.

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They saw nothing on my first sonogram bc I was around 4 weeks. I was so upset and stressed out waiting for results of HCG levels every week. Now I have a 22 pound 5 month old!

Way too early sorry you won’t even hear heartbeat

You likely won’t see anything at all. Still too early. 6 weeks minimum and sometimes you won’t be able to even see a fetal pole.

Its too early the best is between 7/8 weeks

Dr didn’t even have me come in until 8 weeks

For me yes but no heart beat tell 9 weeks that was the longest wait in my life.

Its to early for them to see anything

At 6w 5d we barely saw the sac and the spec of a baby and the little yolk. Nothing discernible as a baby without a professional pointing it out lol

I got one at 5 weeks n they couldn’t see or hear anything they found her at 7 weeks 3 days don’t stress yourself out

You can get a vaginal ultrasound and still see it, I got one done around 5 weeks and we saw the sac. If it’s a regular ultrasound then you cant see anything until around 6-8 weeks

I seen the sac when I was 5 weeks

Take it easy, try not to stress too much. I was 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant and they weren’t able to see anything until I was 7 weeks

If HCG levels are above 2500 you can

If i remember correctly… with my 2nd I was implantation spitting when I was suppose to be on my period and they did an ultrasound and could see the sac but weren’t able to see baby yet.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you see the sac at 4 weeks pregnant?

Yes I had an ultrasound at 4 weeks and she was just a little white dot on the ultrasound

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Congrats… They can usually see it😊

Everybody is different I’ve had four different pregnancies and with each of them visibility was different a different weeks for them all. Make an appointment to see your doctor 4 weeks is kind of early for an ultrasound

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My levels were low and they saw nothing at 4 weeks. They claimed I either got a false positive or was miscarrying. I went back at 5 weeks and saw a tiny spot and confirmed I was pregnant. Took a bit for my levels to rise and at 6 weeks was for sure pregnant.

No they cant. I went to a clinic that did an ultrasound after a test confirmed I was pregnant and they then thought I had a tubular pregnancy then said I could be in process of a miscarry. Well needless to say, I called McFarland and told them what all was going on and they did a blood test and based off my count they were able to estimate how many weeks I was and reassured me that everything looked good. I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and the baby looked like a tiny bean

What’s your hcg levels?? They should at this point be between 1400 and 2000. And the sac can be visible in some, yes some woman as early as 4 weeks. But tends to show more in the 5th and 6th weeks. Hope this helped.


I took 10 preg. Test because 1/2 said + other said -. Blood test had to confirmed

I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks. I had a transvaginal ultrasound at 4w 4d, you could see the sac but no baby.

My daughter not until 7 weeks

Why are you getting an ultrasound so early? They usually make an appointment for that about 8 weeks after you tell them your OTC pregnancy test was positive.


They couldn’t tell for mine until 8 weeks

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This happened to me! I went in around 4 weeks after many positive test, they told me I wasn’t, and then I came back a week or so later and they confirmed I was.

It happen to me, plus no HB at 6 weeks. Doctor told me to wait 2 more weeks for another ultrasound… Went back the little heart going strong. You might be just really early… stay positive :heart:

Why ask on Facebook call a doctors office


Yes they usually can see the sac at 4weeks but most private scan clinics won’t scan until 7weeks and then if they are unsure protocol would be to scan a week later again

No you definitely can’t see anything on ultrasound at 4 weeks. Best way to tell is with lab work, looking at hcg levels. If wondering if pregnancy is viable, correctly located (ie not ectopic), they will usually do a sequence of these labs about 48 hours apart, each, to make sure levels are increasing appropriately.

Most common is 6 weeks and up. Some Drs won’t even see you until 6 weeks for this reason.

I was 4w5d and seen a sack. 5w6d seen the heartbeat. My hcg levels were also in the 6,000’s

Me! I had a positive and wasn’t able to see anything. Dr believed I was closer to 2 weeks than 4 weeks like predicted. About 3 weeks later saw the sac and baby

Sometrs they can see a yolk sac but not usually. Keep in mind you may not even missed a period at 4 weeks.

I was 4 weeks 6 days with my first ultrasound & you could see the sack.

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