Can you subsitute name brand formula with the generic version?

I was wondering is it okay to substitute enfamil for target brand enfamil ar when low on formula. I don’t get wic until the 15th just want to make sure it doesn’t hurt her tummy. thanks.

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Yes its fine your honestly just paying for the label


Yes it’s the same thing


We did and actually preferred it because of price and in comparison baby was just as happy!!


It doesn’t matter lol, it’s the same thing

Yes, the label is exactly the same.

Your Peds office probably has a sample to give you. It doesn’t hurt to call and ask :heart:

We did with Walmart brand and actual helped a lot when wic didn’t cut it $20 for the large tub there


It’s fine.
It’s all made the same, just labeled and priced WAYYYYY differently.

Yes we have switched from similac to Gerber to members mark.

Go to the doc office they get tons they can give u extra

We used Sam’s club any went through like 2 container a month 3 when he was littler

I used to do it all the time… My kiddos never had a problem.


I use similac but the aldi brand just like similac

I use it and my daughter had no problems with it(33 weeker)

You should be fine if you buy the same “style” so if u use enfamil gentlease look for the target brand of sensative

I bet if you look at the ingredients it’s the same :slightly_smiling_face: my son was on similac advanced and at about 6 months I realized that the parents choice was the same product with a different label.

I just want you to be aware that my daughter was on similac sensitive and I thought I’d try the Walmart brand that compared to it and she couldn’t tolerate the Walmart brand for whatever reason :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’ve had to do the same. I just make sure I give some gas drops.

We changed to Walmart brand and it saved us so much money. We didn’t qualify for WIC, but formula was so expensive.

So it’s a guess Honestly you’ll just have to try. Some babies handle the switch up some cant

Ours handled the “off brand” switch when we had to wait for WIC fine most of the time, but she also ended up constipated at times. So its a 50/50 toss up to be honest.