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Seeking advice and opinions on Disney and Universal for Christmas.

Ok, I’m hoping you all can help me out with this. My husband and I have planned a Christmas trip to Disneyworld and Universal with our toddler (he will be 18 months in December). This will be our first time going with our son, and I’m so overwhelmed with planning, the only thing I’m 100% on is our dining reservations. Plus, I’ve been warned that they are likely to close on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we’re probably going to have to be there all day right? What are some musts for Christmas? For a toddler? What do you regret? What did you love? How much of our time should we focus on toddler things, will my son even care lol?? And I’d like to add that I know the parks will be crowded… Thank you so much if anyone can answer.


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Personally, I think the child is way too young for trip like that. For him to remember anything from it is very doubtful.


My parents took me when I was almost 5 and I remember almost nothing wait til he’s older!

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He won’t remember a darn thing lol save for when he’s older.


Yes don’t go now! He’s too young and won’t care


He is to young in my opinion save rhat money mama


I’m planning on taking my daughter next October. She will also be 18 months. The trip isn’t really for her. We know she won’t remember it but we will remember it :blush:I’m sure she will enjoy the characters/lights/shows. We are going because we haven’t had a vacation in over 5 years! If you want to go to Disneyland mama, you go to Disneyland :blush:


We went to Disney when our oldest was 7 and youngest was 2. The two yr old slept like almost the entire time around the park and the oldest barely remembers lol

Too young for any of you to fully enjoy…

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I used to work at Universal and would never recomend going during Christmas time. It is absolutely the most crowded and most expensive time to go. The parks do not close on holidays though. I’ve seen many families get upset when they are turned away from every ride because they have an infant with them. It is fun to have photos taken that of course the adults will remember forever, but that expensive of a trip probably isn’t worth it until the child is old enough to at least go on a few rides. You’ll be spending more time taking care of the your child than actually enjoying the parks that you’ve paid hundreds of dollars just to enter.


I am waiting for my girl to be older before we take her unless you’re doing more for yourself to have fun vs for your son. I was 5 and I remember snippets of Disneyland when I was that age but not a lot. If you’re wanting to go for fun I suggest Universal for you and hubby as that’s more adult friendly and fun, but less likely to go on rides because of your son’s age and height. Not trying to discourage but definitely rethink to when hes older.

Too young are you both going for yourself? Yes wait til he’s much older…he be too small to ride much

If someone is going to help you with the little one you won’t be able to any adult rides. Or you can take turns and go on alone. I don’t know what the weather usually is at that time. Good luck. :blush:

It’s the absolute busiest time to go. Its wall to wall people! Im not exaggerating! And they likely will close due to meeting capacity. The lines will be ridiculous!

You need to talk with my friend Nedi, she’s the best Disney Destination Specialist there is!! And she is a Disney Maniac!!!

Disney Vacation! To Florida And Beyond! check out this Facebook group they are amazing with helping people and you learn a lot

My experience is that a child that young would probably enjoy an aquarium or zoo a lot more than they’d enjoy rides they’re too small for and characters that they mostly won’t recognize. My little one loves watching fish, though, and a reptile house would be too cool.

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My son’s aunt took him before he was 2. They spent a day at the park (he especially loved meeting Goofy and Mickey Mouse), a day at Epcot (he especially loved the dancing food), and a day at Sea World (he really loved the dolphins). Have patience and enjoy yourselves if the trip’s a done deal. If the place you’re staying has a pool, take swim diapers. Most kids love water, and build in time for naps.

Hes not going to remember. Lol

At that age he really isn’t going to care too much and he won’t remember any of it, that’s why most wait till they are older so they can enjoy it. If you want a family trip that means something then wait till he can have fun there.

Disney is better for a child that age. Be sure to have a stroller or rent one in the park. Check with the hotel if you need a sitter while there. Have fun.

As someone that works in retail ( it is not a theme park, but they are open holidays),i wish people would honestly stay home or go to family’s on Christmas. It sucks for the workers to have to spend time away from their families.
That being said,They ARE open,so it’s not your fault. It’s the company.

But enjoy the holiday, ignore people if they say your child is too young, that choice is on you.

I took my sons to Disney when they were 4 and 2. I regret doing that because they were too young to appreciate it or even remember having been there. I wish I would have waited until they were older as we never had a chance to go back.

Too young for this. He will likely get overwhelmed and irritated. This place is super busy that time of year and the line ups are super long for absolutely everything. I would not recommend this trip for a child so young. I actually wouldn’t recommend a trip there at that time of year to anyone actually.

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