Can you take Zoloft during pregnancy?

Hi I am wondering if any moms in here are taking antidepressants. I went to urgent care and requested to be switch from lexapro to Zoloft. I have been feeling easily irritated, I want to cry over anything, can’t sleep or eat. I felt I couldn’t go on another day feeling like this. Is
anyone in here taking Zoloft? What has been the experience? Is it safe if I was to become pregnant? How long would it start working? Thanks


I personally didn’t feel effects of it or care for it much, but it’s one of the ones that’s considered the safest to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding

I think these are questions for your doctor xx

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Zoloft made me into a angry zombie

I take 2 50mg tablets of Zoloft per day it works wonders for me and I didn’t have to go off it when I was pregnant took about two weeks for my body to feel better

Zoloft made me super on edge and I cried over everything.

As far as drugs being safe for pregnancy, think about that a minute. The only way they’ll know is by trying it out on pregnant women.

I love zoloft. Took it for my entire pregnancy and while nursing. I truly feel it saved me. But my sister hates it. It effects everyone differently

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I love zoloft, i took it for a few years then weened myself off of it. Now im not taking any. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I was on Zoloft and made me super emotional and on edge, I’m now lexapro

I haven’t been on antidepressants in years but I just did back to back pregnancies &had my last son exactly 3 months ago…after I had him i felt happy but I was very irritable, exhausted, and had a hard time getting out of bed…tried Zoloft in the past, made me insane! I’ve also tried many others including wellbutern…now I’m currently on generic Prozac and I love it. I also have hyper anxiety so along with antianxiety meds the antidepressants help with that as well. Goodluck!!

I take Zoloft. I was started at 25mg 8 1/2 months pregnant I’m now at 100mg 3mo pp. It does take a few weeks for it to actually work and every time your dose is raised. You can take safely while pregnant or breastfeeding. Also was told by me Drs if you have bipolar this will not work

You’re going to have some side effects because coming off one med and taking another one which will take a month to be completely in your system. Me personally, I can’t take Zoloft because it makes me shake and hurt all over. I have to take Effexor and Wellbutrin, that’s the only medication combo that has helped me, because all the other meds didn’t react well with me. But call your doctor and tell them your concerns. And Zoloft is okay to take while pregnant.

I take 100mg Zoloft now. (For a while I was at 200mg.) I also took through half of my pregnancy and had no issues other than it making my morning sickness worse, which is why I stopped it. Baby came out perfectly healthy! I was told, however, that I would have to stop it before Baby was born anyway bc if it is taken up through delivery, the baby may be harder to soothe for a few weeks due to something like withdrawals.

It can take 4-8 weeks to really feel the effects, and even then, you may need to play with the dosage over the course of a few more months to find what works best for you. Like I said, for quite a while (about 2 years!), I was at the max dosage of 200mg, but then that started to leave me feeling kind of numb, so we lowered it to 100mg daily and that seems to be working great right now. I’ve tried two other antidepressants, and for me, the Zoloft works the best. Good luck!

I hated zoloft… sounds like you have anxiety as well… maybe try cymbalta, celexa, effexor, pristiq…

Check with your pharmist,and doctor.

You need to talk to your doctor about this. Everyone is different depending on their medical history. They will be able to better assess what’s best for you.


Urgent care isn’t really the best place to go. You should see a mental health professional.


I was on lexapro and for anxiety, switched to Zoloft because my pregnancy hormones made my anxiety, ocd and depression go NUTS literally.
Zoloft was a life saver. Seriously!! It is also the safest during pregnancy from what my doc and midwife told me.

I’m on Zoloft and I’m pregnant. It’s worked for me so far

I was prescribed Zoloft while pregnant. It worked for a good year, then started making my anxiety and depression worse.

I’m now on Wellbutrin and Prozac.

I’m on zoloft and was for a whole pregnancy its “Safe” to take but if you cant breastfeed or dont want to. Your baby has the shakes from having it on their system from you taking it. Its really hard to watch them go through it. But it only lasts until it’s out of their system. Developmentally hes perfect but the shaking really sucks. I know they say keeping yourself happy keeps them happy but I am not willing to watch that happen ever again.

Zoloft was the only antidepressant that didn’t have “crazy” side effects for me. I took it during pregnancy and my son, now 12, is healthy, bright and happy. It made me a little dizzy the first 3 or 4 days but within a week or so I was feeling sooooo much better! The only long term negative side effect was it kind of shut off my happy gland. Like I could feel happiness and laugh but not like excited happiness. It also killed my libido. I’m going through EMDR therapy so I can’t take it since it keeps me from feeling the negative emotions of my memories, which in that type of therapy you need to be in the moment and actually feel the negative and pain :upside_down_face: anyways, I recommend Zoloft over any other antidepressant!!

I’ve been on zoloft since my son was 6 weeks old and hes 15 months now there’s days it’s better then others

When I was on Zoloft I felt better but when I was pregnant I wasn’t allowed to take them till after I gave birth

I hated Zoloft. I had some odd side effects including visual disturbances…

You should probably handle your depression before thinking of getting pregnant. And urgent care isnt the proper place to change medicine. They dont know your full history, or have a history of seeing you. Find a stable doctor and build a relationship with the doctor so they can help you get the right meds. A baby/pregnancy might make matters even worse.

Ugh I’ve been on Lexapro for over 2 years now but honestly feeling like it needs to be changed or something added or I dunno, just not working very well these days. But I agree with everyone who said that urgent care is not the way to change medication though, you need a close established connection with your doctor

I was prescribed zoloft and currently on it. It makes me tired so I take it before bed but it works really good. Only thing is that it makes me lightheaded during the day sometimes.

I say 100% do not. It caused my son to have 3 heart defects all because i was initially told it was “safe” during pregnancy. I was later told to stop taking it, because my doctor had seen it result in birth defects. It may not be “common”, but it DOES happen. My son had to have emergency heart surgery at 2.5 weeks old because of this…