Can you use insulin while pregnant?

Any mamas on insulin and were still able to get pregnant and continue to USE their insulin? I have to take a shot every day. I got pregnant and miscarried last month at six weeks and I was wondering could it have been the insulin…


I know it’s hard to cope with, but miscarriages just happen. A lot more often than people talk about. You need insulin to LIVE. It probably didn’t have anything to do with it

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you use insulin while pregnant?

Yes diabetic mama of 4 ! Insulin is the safest during pregnancy! The key is to have tight blood sugar control throughout … good luck mama!


I used insulin when I was pregnant but that was only because I had gestational diabetes! :woman_shrugging:

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Yes with my last pregnancy I had to use 2 different types of insulin plus metformin. I’m type 2 but pregnancy made it much worst. Good luck

I was using insulin while pregnant I have a healthy 13 year old

T1d and have two kids

Yup only used metformin until I became,pregnant then got put on 2 types of insilin you want very good control during pregnancy

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I’m diabetic i was on tablets before I got pregnant but they then put me on insulin as this is far safer, try and keep blood sugar levels down as much as you can xx

Insulin is the traditional first-choice drug for blood sugar control during pregnancy because it is the most effective for fine-tuning blood sugar and it doesn’t cross the placenta. Therefore, it is safe for the baby. Insulin can be injected with a syringe, an insulin pen, or through an insulin pump. › women
Prenatal Care | ADA


Type 1 also😁 it’s perfectly safe

Yes and if you get pregnant you must take your insulin so your blood sugar levels stay stable not to scare you but really high blood sugar levels isn’t that good for you and the baby I was a type i diabetic for 17 years when I got pregnant with my daughter I had to take 4 shots by the end of my pregnancy she was born two weeks early anf she was healthy and today she is healthy but has a mild cause of asthma if you don’t take your insulin blood sugar levels will get really high and complications may happen if you have any more questions you can send me a message

It wasn’t the insulin

10 miscarriages before my now 3 year old because of poor diabetes control and I was diagnosed as a juvenile type 2 insulin dependent :raising_hand_woman: now onto baby number 3 still using insulin safely

Do u have ur bs under control?

I used insulin for 2 of mine because I gestational type 2 but one of my kids pass after birth due to other reasons but the other is perfect she is now 5 it wasn’t the insulin some times your body reject pregnancy I’ve also had 2 miscarriages just relax let ur body an mind heal an if you want try again

I was a Type 1 diabetic since age 11, on 2 shots a day and have 2 healthy children. Keep your blood sugars under control as well as your weight

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you use insulin while pregnant?

I am sorry you have had this experience but Insulin does not cause miscarriage. You need insulin to live so do not stop taking it.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you use insulin while pregnant?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you use insulin while pregnant?

Miscarriages are super common.

My mother had diabetes since she was 8, she was on an insulin pump during all three of her pregnancies.

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Insulin should be fine during pregnancy. My “baby” is 21 and I did fine while taking insulin. My A1c was fabulous during pregnancy. Best wishes.

Call your doctor! Lord.

I had gestational diabetes bad with my third daughter and I took insulin 2-3x a day and was fine.

I was injecting from when I was 9 weeks pregnant and everything was good

Ask your doctor they should give you the right brand and dosage

If you were on it before, you kinda HAVE to continue taking it. If your sugar gets too high it can cause miscarriage, you have to keep a CLOSE eye on your sugar.

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I had jestational diabetes and used insulin through my entire pregnancy with no problems. Just be sure to follow closely with your endocrinologist


Im honestly not sure if your insulin caused it but if you’re wanting to get pregnant then I would have an excellent endocrinologist on your team ahead of time so that these questions can be answered for you and so that you have a healthy plan going into a pregnancy.

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Insulin by itself is harmless to a baby, it’s present in every mother. Difference in diabetic mothers is that theirs comes from a syringe not their pancreas. But it’s the same stuff.

What can be harmful is incorrect levels of insulin. This is true regardless of a baby however pregnancy can alter the amount of insulin required and should be monitored closely with health professionals to ensure suitable sugar levels for mum and baby. However if this mum has a shot daily then they would also hopefully be checking blood sugar levels and would have noticed a stark change.


It’s not the insulin… I’m a type 1 diabetic and would die without it, I use an insulin pump. I’ve got 2 healthy children, one is 9 the other 10 months. Your A1C needs to be in a healthy range before getting pregnant and needs to stay around 5.9 (preferably) throughout the pregnancy. So… diabetes unchecked can cause all sorts of issues, but insulin isn’t going to prevent you from getting pregnant or cause miscarriages.


Your Dr should be able to help you with this.

Type 1 and have had 2 healthy babies while taking insulin. It’s hard to control your sugar while pregnant and you’ll be adjusting your insulin constantly. I was up to 300 units/day by the end of both of my pregnancies. It’s a pain but it’s doable.

Insulin is fine during pregnancy - you really need to see your diabetes educator first. It’s advised to have super even levels for at least 6 months before conceiving


Type 1 diabetic here with two successful pregnancies on insulin :slight_smile:

I’m type 1 and had my 2nd child 2 months ago. Get your a1c levels stable before trying to conceive for your and the babies health. There are a number of reason you could have miscarried. Follow up with your drs both endocrinologist and obgyn.

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Ask ya doctor not Facebook ya peasant


I’m confused by this question. If your diabetic (type 1) you have to take insulin pregnant or not. You’ll die without it


Its more dangerous for baby to have uncontrolled glucose than using insulin. I have gestational diabetes and so far only pills i take…but if needed they will give me insulin

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Insulin is the approved method for gestational diabetes- they will give you a pill if you can’t afford insulin but prefer insulin for pregnancy. So it is fine.

I had to take it due to my pregnancy. I was in a trial group for metformin and its effects on pregnant women. The further along women get the more insulin they have to take due to insulin resistance.


I carried my daughter fine and I am type 1 x high blood glucose is not good in pregnancy and going back 15 years they took me off glargine ( long acting insulin ) as it was to new and not tested enough and put me on a cloudy one and I continued using nova rapid. :heart::heart::heart:I’m so sorry for your loss :heart::heart::heart:

Well your body needs insulin to allow the glucose to enter your cells, so no. It wasn’t.

yes it is safe to take insulin while pregnant. Was on two different insulins with both my kids.

I have been type 1 diabetic since I was 15. Got pregnant at 16 and used insulin the entire time, I had to see my regular obgyn and a specialist so if your diabetic they may refer u to a specialist to while being pregnant and they will let you know everything that is or is not safe to do while being pregnant with diabetes… have any of y’all had trouble getting pregnant with having type 1 diabetes I’ve been trying for years now and have had no luck even conceiving :pleading_face:

I think this a question for your doctor everyone is different and everyone’s pregnancy is different. that being said I never have been on in and pregnant. but my sister miscarriage early on and was on it they told her it was because of the blood sugars more or less and not the insulin. good luck with your journey :two_hearts: sending sticky baby dust your way…

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Sorry for your loss.

MANY MANY MANY type 1 diabetics have children

Doubtful. I was on insulin as a gestational diabetic with my youngest

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Yes you can take insulin while pregnant.

I used it daily for gestational diabetes with 2 of my children. There were no complications.

I’m not a dr, but I would imagine uncontrolled diabetes would be a greater risk than the injections.
I have only ever used insulin pregnant.


I’m type 1 and have a son so yes.

My friend diabetic uses insulin her first baby passaway when she was 5 month pg she did not know she could have kids and it was a surprise it was a girl fast foward to over 10 yrs later at 44 yrs old she finally had her first baby girl she was on insulin throigh out her pg this is her miracle child cuz they said they didnt think she could have kids

Yes… I was on an insulin pump through my whole pregnancy which made it much easier to know what my blood sugars were at all times. The biggest thing is keeping your blood sugars in a healthy range.

I don’t have experience but I would imagine that its okay to take, since it’s keeping your body regulated for you and baby. Your best bet is to ask your doctor about it and see what they say. Best of luck

I’m type 1 and have Two sons … When I found about my pregnancy I called my diabetic doc right away and they Got me on the pump and then I saw the high risk doctor for my pregnancy… but my diabetic doc did tell me that I could lose the baby o,have a stillborn baby or a big big baby… I’m really sorry about ur lost baby

Talk with your doctor and your obgyn


Yes - as a fact it puts babies at risk if the mother’s blood sugar is too high

I’ve been on insulin since I was 10. Now I’m 22. I was on it with my first baby, had two miscarriages after and now due August 8th and I’m on insulin with this one also

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Insulin is the traditional first-choice drug for blood sugar control during pregnancy because it is the most effective for fine-tuning blood sugar and it doesn’t cross the placenta. Therefore, it is safe for the baby.
Problems of Diabetes in Pregnancy
Birth Defects. …
An Extra Large Baby. …
C- Section (Cesarean Section) …
High Blood Pressure (Preeclampsia) …
Early (Preterm) Birth. …
Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) …
Miscarriage or Stillbirth.

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Yes, completely safe

I’ve been diabetic for many years and had three healthy pregnancies throughout that time and insulin dependent it’s just keeping blood sugar in check

I had gestational diabetes and was insulin dependent from 13 weeks til birth. My sons now almost 6 :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I took 6 shots a day

I am a type 1 diabetic and I used my insulin with both of my pregnancies. I would have died without insulin :slight_smile: it has been tested and is safe for pregnancies! Good luck, momma <3

Insulin is better than meds. I am not diabetic outside of pregnancy but my doctors in the counseling said the pills cross the placenta, insulin does not. Uncontrolled diabetes is extremely dangerous for the baby and mom though.

Your insulin regime needs to be super-tight and you need to be checking sugar levels about six times a day. I suspect you’ll need more than one shot a day and you will need to take more insulin as your pregnancy progresses (like four times as much!) You will miscarry at six weeks if you’re sugars get too high :cry::blue_heart: I’ve sadly only managed one beyond six weeks x

The insulin didn’t cause it. You would need to monitor your sugar levels very closely though. If your sugar is out of control that could cause you to lose the baby.

Insulin is the only safe diabetic med you can take while pregnant

Sorry for your loss.
Insulin is completely SAFE. It doesn’t cross the placenta! High sugars are NOT and could cause miscarriage.

I was placed on insulin for slightly elevated bs when pregnant.

Type 1 diabetic here for 24 years. Insulin is 100% safe

I took insulin 3 times a day while pregnant and my daughter was as healthy as she could be.

Yes, I used insulin during both my pregnancies.

I have gestational Diabetes, I take tablets, fast acting and slow release insulin everyday to insure my blood sugar levels stay at a consistent level, And also keep an eye on my diet. Hope this helps

If you’re on insulin once a day it is probably a long acting, and some of the newer ones tend to be formulated different and are not recommended for pregnancy, so it kind of depends on what insulin it is. Also, how was your sugar control within that time frame, that would probably be a bigger factor. I went through pregnancy on insulin and baby had to be in NICU for about 12 hours to regulate his sugar, but all else was ok. I would recommend talking to a fetal maternal specialist.

I had to use insulin instead of pills. I was told by my obgyn the pills are bad because they are absorbed differently than insulin.

Some insulin but not all is approved for pregnancy. Check with doctor or endocrinologist for what you need to be on.

Insulin will not cause you to lose your child…what the heck? I’m a type one diabetic and need insulin to live and have to children.