Cat won't stop eating pacifers: Help!

How can I get a cat to stop eating pacifiers? she always findsa them and i am constantly replacing them…ugh


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Cant won't stop eating pacifers: Help!

Put them in places the cat can’t reach. It will be chewing them for the milky taste. :woman_shrugging:

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They make pacifier cases


:raising_hand_woman:Been there done that. Dogs AND cats. Good luck!:joy: My schnauzer also stole any bottles he could find that my kids would toss. Byron would lay on his back, chew the nipple tips off and have a drink.:joy:

Or these ones close automatically

RaZbaby Keep-it-Kleen Baby Pacifier 2 Pack, 0-36M (Infant-3 yrs), Closes Automatically When Dropped, Silicone Orthodontic Nipple Stays Clean, Built-in Shield/Case, Easy to Clean – Monkey/Elephant

Put them where the cat can’t reach them

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Stop buying pacifiers

Stop letting them sit around where the cat can find them. Or buy a case of some sort for them. That’s really your only option, been there and dealt with that. It’s annoying but you have to be proactive about it.


Put them in drawers or get cases for them

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Put hot sauce on it and wait. Just remember not to put that one in the babies mouth :rofl:

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My cat did this & got them stick in his intestines & needed surgery. He learnt his lesson. The Vet said it was a comfort thing :woman_shrugging:

Also to all those saying “put them away”, my cat figured out how to open our cupboard to get to the container where we kept those & the bottle teats, if they want them they’ll get them unless there’s a lock…

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Put lemon juice on them