Chances of giving birth early?

I’m pregnant with my 3rd child I had my daughter 6 days early and I had my son 13 days early, what are the chances of having baby number 3 early? I’m due June 2


Lol I think it just really depends…I know a girl who had her first baby weeks early but her second was almost a week after his due date

Not necessarily gonna be born early. My oldest was born at 38 weeks, 2nd was born at 39, 3rd was born 38, 4th was 4 days early and my 5th was born at 40wks+2

It depends. Both of my kids came 2 weeks early to the day

All 4 of my kids were a week to a week and half early.

I was always told the odds are higher if the first twp were early but really it all depends on baby my first two were early and my 3rd was a week late

My first and second child were 5 days early. My third child, I was induced on his due date and he still didn’t want to come. It really depends on when the baby is ready to come.

Every pregnancy is different there’s no real way to determine it babies do and come when they want honestly

My first came 40 w 3d
My second came 37 weeks 2 days

Every baby n pregnancy is different so you never know, but there is a chance this one will be early too

Every pregnancy is different. My 1st was 41 weeks, my 2nd was 35 weeks, my 3rd was 39 weeks, and my 4th was 42 weeks

Both of my girls come a week early . My oldest will be 12 in August, my younger is 3 in may

Had my first 37 weeks2 days second 39 weeks and 3rd 38 weeks 6 days

Both my kids were 4 days early lol

Had my first 4 weeks early. Had my second 7 days early & had my third 11 days early…All brought on

I’m sure anyone’s guess is as good as yours

I had my first 10/11 days early so I planned ahead to have my second early too. Which she was born 10 days early also. There’s a pretty good chance your 3rd will come early so just try to plan everything for baby coming about 2 weeks early. Even if it doesn’t, at least everything will be ready.

My first was 5 days early. My second was 12 days early. My third was 19 days early.

Neither of those are considered early…

My first was 4.5 weeks early and my second was born 1.5 weeks before due date

My moms first two were early, my sister was late. It’s whenever the baby is ready.

Take the first child’s year plus it by the second child’s year, then divide buy 3 kids, subtract both days you were early (19 together from story) and then round up one and that should tell you :rofl::rofl::joy::rofl:

Hahahahhahaha I’m just kidding Im not math smart or a doctor. My only answer is

Who knows :woman_shrugging:t4::man_shrugging:t5: :joy::joy::rofl::joy:

my first was early. my 2nd was 2 weeks late and 3rd a week late. babies come when there ready

I had my oldest 16 days early. My middle 3 days early. My youngest was right on his due date.