Child self soothing, by masturbation?

My daughter (8 years old) awhile back ago was caught “self soothing “ In her bedroom (she had her hands between her legs squeezing her legs together) we had spoke about how this was inappropriate to do especially since she has brothers around her, she had stopped doing this to my knowledge with the exception of a couple more times, this past week however , we get a call from her school saying she was “rubbing” her privates against her chair in an inappropriate manor and just making inappropriate “gestures” . My question is have any other mommy’s experienced this and what did you say or do? I searched the internet and it says it’s normal and to “let them do it when they are alone” any advice would be great

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Hi momma. I would sit her down and explain to her that what she is doing is not appropriate to do around others, but that its ok to do alone in private. If you tell her not to do it at all that could make her feel ashamed and I’m sure thats not what you want. Maybe tell her why she feels good when she does it so she understands more.

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Agreed with Amber. Time to have a talk with her and do not shame her. This is normal but she needs to know she can only do it in private and def not around anyone else.