Child Support Question

My boyfriend and I live together. We have a child together and one on the way. He doesn’t help me financially hardly at all. He pays for rent, usually late so I have to cover it until he pays me back. I pay for daycare out of pocket. I pay for groceries, utilities, our child’s clothes, her birthday/holiday presents & activities. He always has some excuse as to why he can’t help me with anything. He makes over double what I make working. He is always spending his money on himself.

My question is, since we live together, am I able to collect child support from him? I have tried to set up our own personal payment plan but it’s been two years of pulling teeth to get some sort of help from him but he always has excuses as to why he can’t help out. So, I’m considering making a stop at our child support office - just wasn’t sure if that’s a type of fraud since we live together?

Thank you in advance!

I would go & talk to someone at the office. I would assume that no, you won’t be able to collect since you live together but it might be possible. What I would personally do is leave his ass, & once he (or you) moves out then go for child support. There’s no reason that he makes more then you but can’t seem to help with bills or his child. Please leave him because it will not change after this new baby is here.