Child support questions

If im a stay at home mom and I haven’t had support changed in almost 8 years, will filing make my payments lower?

My son is 11 but I’ve been homeschooling him the last few years. His father has “preventative only” insurance on him and the support I do get covers what my husband pays in insurance for my son every month, so his support is literally just payments for health, dental and vision insurance. The support order states that bio father must carry insurance and pay × amount every month and then 55% of all medical bills after I spend $250 OOP. My son had an ER visit and it created a substantial amount of debt that is getting paid off monthly. The “preventative only” insurance also doesn’t cover the pediatrician my son has been going to his entire life and he does not want to change doctors. It also won’t cover specialist visits he needs from said ER visit.

My question is, since I’m homeschooling and work very minimal part time to avoid day care costs…will filing for support lower the payments at this point?