Child support with someone that’s not a American

I need all the help and advice I can get. I’m a mother of 2 and just filled for child support. My children’s father and I have been split up for about 3 years ago. He moved to another city 3 years ago. But in our child support teleconference he lied and said he’s is living in the same city as me and no to mention he said he’s not working. I’m not happy with how the arrangement turn out. Has anyone else gone through this? How can I take him to court if I don’t have proof he’s living in another city?? They’re giving him every other weekend for visitations and he’s going to get them every summer and spring and I really don’t think it’s fair. My kids have always been with me I have been there for them for everything drs visits school meetings everything. I have been doing all the work. I’m just not happy with our arrangement and the lady that filled our paper work is basically saying I can’t do anything about it… if he’s saying he is living in the same city as me they’re not going to grill him about it.